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at least i'm not oblivious

by mothbroth

i am a being of skin and bone
and i am a writer of allegorical words.
i don't remember how i got into poetry,
but maybe it's better that way. i know
i was young, so that means i was stupid.
everything i write is fake, but this is for sure words!
i am only a writer if i can write something enigmatic.
i forgot what that word meant a long time ago,
so that means i've lost my purpose.
i guess that's what happens when you can't handle
the fact that you are now an adult with a real adult life;
you grow out of the things you love and you forget
where you came from. i am a product of my
surroundings. i am alone as always.
i am completely out of ideas.
i am trying to make this worthwhile. 

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Sat Aug 20, 2022 12:34 am
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shatteredstones wrote a review...

Gem he is reviewing again. He's not the best. Lol

I love the title it gives the poem a sardonic feeling. Another thing that caught my eye was this line:

'i am a being of skin and bone'

It is simple and straightforward but also impactful. It sets the stage for the rest of the poem. The narrator seems to be detailing their feelings on themselve and poetry feelings of not being enough. Not being good enough not meeting x standard and feeling like maybe they aren't a poet after all. They relate themes of depression to life, but then they go on to admit they are still trying.

And in making this poem they are still doing.

Or he is still doing, proud of you chi lovely poem. <3 Mobro you are a great poem.

Keep writing and stay safe.
This is gem closing his review.

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Fri Aug 12, 2022 1:28 am
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pineapple321 wrote a review...

Hi, @mothbroth, Pineapple here for a little review!

First off, I apologize for the lateness of this review but I just came across this poem recently. It is a beautiful poem and an enjoyment.

Your poem captures the frightening reality to grow up and change and touches on the mind of a writer a little bit. As writer's, we are our biggest critics and you showed that in your poem with the line "everything I write is fake, but this is for sure words!" (I'm not sure if you were going for the interpretation I got from it, but that's what I thought of when I read this!) At the end of the poem, the narrator seems to be admit to their flaws and show that they are trying to push through and the best thing they can do is TRY. I found that very inspiring.

My favorite line was "the fact that you are now an adult with a real adult life; you grow out of the things you love and you forget where you came from." This is absolutely true! We are constantly changing as people, mentally and physically.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this! Keep up the great work!


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Mon Aug 08, 2022 3:27 pm
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nymphasita wrote a review...

This is such a touching poem! It's amazing how it captures the fear of growing up and abandoning what you grew with. It's actually something I'm struggling with now. I think I am a writer, whilst before I used to know I was one. I doubt myself and my works and force perfection upon myself. But I am now learning that it's okay to not be the best at the things I dedicate myself to, that it's a learning curve, and i'm learning no matter what position I am on.

I love how the persona deems themselves as worthless because they can't seem to let their writing consume them anymore. I love how in the end, they accept themselves as someone of substance, made of different components, and that no matter the results, they are trying.

Looking forward to seeing what else you write.

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