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Veni, Vidi, Vici

by nymphasita


Regulus Black was many things. He was a boy. He was a Black. He was a cousin. A brother. A son. Regulus Black was also a coward. He was weak. He was small-minded. He was easily swayed.

Regulus Black was not strong. He was not brave. He was not the good kind of stubborn and he was not noble. Not honourable nor loyal. Regulus Black was nothing.

He was only a star within a more illustrious constellation. He wasn’t important; a mere shadow in the flame of the legacy of his family. He was quiet and meek and had thoughts that he was too afraid to show others. He was a part of a long line of people who would do great things for even greater evils.

And he would follow in their footsteps.


A rose has bloomed,

inside my veins.

It heals my wounds,

it soothes all flames.

The colour of my rose,

it is not gold.

Instead, just like the blood that flows,

it is a dark, ugly, dirty

hue of red.

I- Family By Blood

Walburga and Orion Black were never in love. They were in an arranged marriage, as were the pureblood customs, and not a month later had been asked for an heir. Lucky for them, their first born was a boy. He had shaggy black hair that resembled more of a dogs' compared to their rigid laid-down styles and eyes as green as sparkling emerald. If only they had known how much of a disappointment he would turn out to them.

They pretended to love the little boy, but how could they truly? For he was not borne of two hearts connected. He was a product of carefully selected breeding. To ensure that the blood that ran through his veins was as pure as innocence itself. As clean as the waters of a fresh spring.

But how could that be possible when those before him were filled with the dirt of guilt? It would not happen, not when his father's father and his mother's mother were evil. Not when they had heinous crimes that sat upon their shoulders, pushing them further into the muddy ground every day.

Ergo, Sirius Orion Black grew without love, but that would not limit the love that he would show to others. In fact, it only seemed to strengthen it. So much so that he would eventually end up dying for love. Love that he fought hard to give and to get.

They showered him with their riches, the only thing that they knew well enough to do. He was raised by elves instead of parents, in a bed with silk sheets that cost more than the average wizarding family's annual income. He had toys that cost hundreds and hundreds of galleons, that could speak and move and brought the idea of imaginary friends to a whole new level.

Yet he was so very lonely. In a cold manor with cold walls and cold portraits that disciplined him on how to walk and talk and breathe and be. Only two years old and he was detached, quiet and seemingly depressed.

So two years after the birth of their heir, Walburga and Orion had another son. And they named him Regulus Arcturus Black. He looked like his brother, but his face was sharper, and his eyes were duller. Almost as if he already knew his cursed fate. And the pureblood that ran through his veins was not molten gold. It did not declare royalty, or wealth. For he was only mortal. And his blood was a deep, tragic, shameful shade of red.

Despite this, he and his brother had a connection that was unusual. They were so very young, but there was true love that was shared between them. Out of all the Blacks, the most ancient and powerful house, they were the only two that could truly be called family.

All the while, their parents planted little seeds inside their little heads about the outside world. How they were superior, because of their blood. Because of their family tree and their status and their name and a bazillion other factors that contributed to the greatness of these two brothers.

But none of it truly had any effect. Their father shouting ruthlessly at the house elves did not make them any less kind to the magical creatures. Their mother sniffing her nose upwards at any mention of 'muggles' did not make them think twice of the unknown term.

And their love grew.

In spite of this, everything still changed in the year of 1970. When Sirius went to Hogwarts. Disheartened that his brother would be leaving him, Regulus was mellow, a mirror image of two-year old Sirius. It was unimaginable, how the two brothers were so alike in looks and behaviour yet so very different.

He waited eagerly for mail from the castle, rushing excitedly to any owls that he saw tapping at windows. It wasn't until one day that he was summoned into his father's study by a house elf did he know what had become of his older sibling. He sat on a chair far too big for him, sitting on his hands to avoid fidgeting, as it was not seemly of such highly members of society.

His father had dark, scary eyes, and you could never look into them long enough to determine what colour they were. "Your brother is a traitor." He had told Regulus, who immediately tried to protest but was shut down as his father yelled violently. "He is a traitor! A shame upon the House of Black!" Regulus blinked rapidly. It was the first time his father had ever shouted at him. In regards to anything.

He would only trust the words from his own brother, so after escaping from his father's bitter clutches, he ran to his room and wrote a letter to Sirius. Smiling faintly, he sent it away using one of the owls.

Two weeks later, and he did not have a reply. Assuming that Sirius was rather busy just starting a new chapter of his life, or that the letter may have fallen off the owl's leg, Regulus paid no heed and wrote another letter, this time securing it twice around the owl.

After two weeks, two months, then twenty letters later, Regulus gave up. It was at this time that the words that never seemed to affect him started to bleed into his ears. It was at this time, without the company of his dear brother, that Regulus Arcturus Black was corrupted.

And when his brother eventually left the family home to go and be safe with his friends... that was when all hope was lost for his counterpart, who looked like him but with a sharper face and duller eyes and sadder thoughts and no friends. It was when Sirius left that his younger brother's heart finally broke. His father always preached to him, about family, and how the Blacks' were connected by their blood. Their pure, pure, pure blood. That this blood was the only thing that made people family, and that he had lucky stars for him to be born into such a prestigious one.

But if they were family by blood, then Regulus was entirely sure that it had long gone cold.

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Thu Aug 25, 2022 11:18 pm
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vampricone6783 says...

I’ve come back to this fanfic.I can’t wait to see Regulus’ villainy come into play.I feel sorry for him.I’m sure Sirius didn’t intend for his younger brother to be hurt like this.He probably has a good reason too.But they’re not going to reconnect.They will never be the brothers they once were ever again.Forever apart for forevermore.Lives separated by circumstance.Family ties run dry.With that being said,I hope that you will have an amazing day/night.

nymphasita says...

Thank you so very much! Sorry that I've only just now gotten back to you, I've just had a lot going on in a short time and so my writing has been put on a back-burner. I'm still working behind the scenes so hopefully I'll be able to put more work out soon.

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616 Reviews

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Mon Aug 08, 2022 3:49 pm
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RandomTalks wrote a review...


And a late welcome to YWS! I hope you have an amazing time here!

I am RandomTalks and I am here to leave a quick review to your work!

I am always interested in reading new Harry Potter fanfictions and I was intrigued by the fact that you have decided to base your story around Regulus Black. He was such a misunderstood and tragic character, that I am already excited by all the grounds that you can explore in the story! I am not very sure if you are planning to portray him as a villain or a hero, but either way, I think that you have a lot of space to really develop this character and add your own shades to his story.

He was a part of a long line of people who would do great things for even greater evils.

The prologue was interesting and mysterious and it makes it seem as though the main objective of the story is a character study of this person. That would be a wonderful way to proceed with the story as I am already invested in this character. You also manage to cause a sense of apprehension through your short prologue by citing all the shortcomings of this character and you make us wonder where you are actually going with this.

A rose has bloomed,

inside my veins.

Coming to the second part, you have titled it as 'ACT 1', although I am not sure if the story is in the form of a script/play or prose. If its the former, then you should change the category from 'Novel/Chapter' to 'Script' as you will be more likely to get a target audience that way.

Now coming to the poem, it was ambiguous and exciting. The image of blood seems central to the poem and I wonder if that is something you plan on exploring in this fanfiction - the misconceptions and discrimination based on blood that fueled the Wizarding war.

Overall, this was a good start - it just needs a little more clarity so that the readers can invest in the journey from the very beginning.

That's all!

Keep writing and have a great day!

nymphasita says...

Hello! Thank you so much for reviewing my work! It truly helps a lot. Ok to answer all your questions from the beginning, I do not aim to portray him as either hero nor villain, but rather as a person who did both good and bad and ultimately made a decision to lean more to one side.

Furthermore, I am not writing it as a script, but I can see why it would look that way (I just took some creative liberty with the formatting of it haha) And yes, the idea of blood is very central to this entire work. I'm really glad you like it so far. I hope you enjoy all that is to come.

Thank you once again, and have a great week!

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401 Reviews

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Reviews: 401

Wed Jul 27, 2022 9:33 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

I knew Regulus Black was from Harry Potter,but I didn’t know much about him till I went on Google.I guess that says something about who he is,eh? The only people I know in the Black family are Sirius and Bellatrix.This series looks interesting.I’ll look out for more in the future.I hope that you will have a magical and amazing day and night.

nymphasita says...

Thank you! Very sorry for the late reply, I just wasn't expecting much engagement. I hope you enjoy the instalments I put out in the future. Have a wonderful week :)

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