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The moon witch- 1&2 + extra

by Sunflowerdemon3712

So this never got seen the last time I posted it so I thought why not try again with another chapter plus extra stuff since I'm probably not gonna post the whole things, btu who know's if people like it I might.

Chapter 1

I gently pour the bright pink dye into the bottle while Arkeyle snooze on the window sill

letting out loud snores that make me chuckle. I finally fill the bottle and place a cork firmly into the top before placing down the pot. I had plenty of dye left over so I could finally dye that skirt I had been meaning to finish, I had been wanting to color it purple but pink would do just fine. I maneuver over to the shelf and pull out a tiny drawer on my shelf that holds my business cards and the label for the bottle. I scribble out the label before pasting it on and tying my business card to the bottle with a ribbon.

“Finally done with all the orders,” I sigh letting my hair down from it’s ponytail.

“Sir you still have prayers,” Arkeyle tweets, staring at me with her piercing green eyes.

“I know I know but those can wait,” I say, gathering up all the orders into a neat little line.

“You’re going to put them off until the last minute again and lady Floresa is going to be

disappointed in you,” Lady Floeresa had been bogging down on me more due to the upcoming triple full moon.

“Oh but she’ll be getting the most lovely ceremony in a couple nights she won’t mind,” I

insist as I spin over to my spice rack which was stuffed full due to the upcoming triple full moon.

“I think he should do what he pleases,” Maragold purrs as she appears in the doorway.

“I agree with Marigold,” I joke as I place the pot on the stove to begin dinner. “Plus lady

Floeresa loves me,” I laugh opening my chill box.

“The other gods don’t think as highly of you,” Arkeyle huffs, fluffing up her feathers.

“They wouldn’t dare do a thing so out of lady Floeresa’s favor, they would be in to much

trouble,” The gods could threaten him all they wanted, they could storm in and put knives and spears to his neck but as long as lady Floeresa stood over him they wouldn’t dare push farther. “Now Arkeyle be a doll and go get me one of the zuccinies,”

Despite what Arkyle said he had remembers lady Floeresa’s prayers and he even did a

rosemary burning for her which he could feel she much appreciated. Arkeyle scoffed at this but just another reason for me to smile. I began the dying of my skirt before bed knowing due to the thickness of the fabric cand the spell I was weaving into it I would have to leave it over night.

I dance through my cabin as I clean up after my ongoing widdling and carving projects, it

would probably be easier to clean as I go but I enjoyed listening to te sounds of music filling my ears as I went along room to room. I flicked my fingers and books rearranged themselves on the shelves and my potion bottles settle themselves neatly where they should. I touch up the gears on my leg and my arm before taking them off and settling myself into bed. I would have deliveries the next morning so I had to sleep earlier.

The next morning I gather myself up wrapping up in just enough clothes to be warm in

the early spring morning and so that I could be cool in the spring afternoon. I carried my morning tea in the canteen Icihko had kindly crafted for me at their forge. I sipped the sweet tastes of lavender and cinnamon as I walked lazily through my forest. Most birds sung for themselves others for lovers and some for me. I granted those who sung for me good health as a thanks.

A wolf mother came to join my walk not speaking at first. I let her scratching behind her

ear as we strolled through the wood I knew well before she finally pipped up asking my assistance in healing her young cubs.

“I will do anything for my children,” She tells me a say look in her crystal eyes.

“I would do the same for mine,” I pat her head once more. “Lick each of your cubs

behind their ears and they will be well in four days time,”

“Thank you sir, how can I repay you?” She asks and I tap my chin.

“Loyalty is all I ask in return,” I smile and she gives a slight nod before sprinting off back

into the woods.

I finish my walk with no other interruptions and arrive in town where people are just

beginning to start their days. I walk to my usual spot in the center of town pulling my folding table from my bag, a couple of the people on the street stop to stare but most continue walking for they knew who I was. I begin my set up and while I wait for people I begin my drawings.

I sketch the new people who will visit. One in particular catches my eye, he is going to

be a man shorter than I with a grumpy face. I wonder if he’ll be as sour as he looks, most aren’t btu there’s always outstanders.

“Maggie!” I cheer as the kind old woman approaches my stand clutching her shawl.

“Hello, Sele! How are you, dear?” She asks as I place the cloth bag holding her arthritis

potion on the table.

“I am most well, very excited about the moon festival,” I smile handing her the bag.

“Oh I imagen, have you ever seen one?” She asks sliding coins onto my stand.

“I’m afraid I haven’t, despite my years the last happened while I live abroad,” I

click my tongue shaking my head which causes one of the pins in my hair to come loose.

“I was only three durring the last, I’m glad I’ve gotten to live long enough to see it again,”

while I don’t look it I’m years older than dear Maggie. “I presume you’ll be at the festival to perform and such?” She asks as he hands her her change.

“Why of course it would be a crime if I didn’t!” I smile pushing golden hair out of my eyes.

“Wonderful I look forward to seeing you, now have a good morning,” I smile as young

Daisy bounces up to my stand.

“I thought she’d never leave!” Daisy grins as she places a small jar on my table.

“Is this your healing salve?” I ask opening the jar and scooping out a bit of it.

“It is! How it is…wait that’s not right-,” she pauses before smiling once more “-anyway

what do you think?” She asks, bouncing on her toes.

“It’s amazing for your first try! It could probably use a bit more Cornglow,” I say handing it

back to her as she gives a determined nod.

“Selene do you think I can be good a witch as you?” She asks putting it back in her bag.

“If you find a patron that fits with you and practice you’ll be an amazing witch,” I say as

she runs around the cart to wrap me in a hug.

“Thank you Selene, have to get to school but can I come back later for another lesson?”

“Of course, also you don’t have a thing to worry about with that test,” I chuckle with a

wink making her burst into a smile, she thanks me one last time before running off to join her friend Mida.

So I continue my day doing my morning sales before my morning performances. People

gather as I draw rues in the dust with my foot tapping them lightly once I’m ready for the finally of my act which many gather to see. People tip with coins but it’s always those who tip with notes and prayers that I like best because while money was something I had plenty of it was stories and more personal things I treasured. I played my lyer with a traveling singer who had magic flowing in her voice. A seamstress asked if I could sew a blessing into her clothes and I accepted. My friend Salima came with sandwiches for lunch and as always I offered him pay but he only accepted a fortune reading or a story.

I finally finished selling the last special order when I decided to do one last performance

before I gathered my things to go home. I pulled my tamborine from my bag and began my dance. The night crowd gathered and as I allowed balls of light to begin floating I heard a shout through the crowd. I flicked my wrist and the person shouting at me was illuminated much to their surprise.

“Can I help you?” I ask not stopping my dance as they storm through the crowd.

“What are you doing! You can’t be doing magic like that without a permit!” The man was

the grumpy man I had drawn from this morning, I chuckled at his scrunched up face as I finished my twisting and appeared through the mist I had set off.

“You must be from the city, we require no permits darling,” I chuckle tapping his nose.

“That’s ridiculous how could they let a witch of your like run around in such a way?” He

huffs his bright blue eyes narrowing as I chuckle softly.

“Oh because they know I will do what I please with or without a permit, if we had them!” I

giggle giving him a wink as the crowd drops money flowers and notes into the bag I had set out.

“And why do you say that, you’re a performance witch,” He huffs, folding his large arms.

“Am I? Vonarin of Coldstein,” I smile as his face goes slack with shock and the few

people still remaining, chuckle. “I think you ought to think before you speak,” I say as I begin packing up my stand.

“Well then why not wear an aura stone?” Vonarin asks, sticking his nose in the air.

“I haven’t a single need to,” I say as an young woman hand me a flower in return I give

her a cursed stone for her husband and his mates.

“Your just a red witch aren't you? You probably own none,” He rolls his eyes, I do as well.

“I own them in forms of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings I just haven’t a use of

them since I settled,” I say as he pulls a green aura gem from his neck with it turning gray shortly after he removes it.

“Well I am a green witch, care to see if you fare well against me?” I smile, most

assumed green and cyan was as far as witches went, he was one of those people.

“Oh please sir tell me if a fare!” I laugh as the stone turns shinning violet.

“You…,” his eyes are wide and my smile is as well.

“First impression are so misleading don’t you think honey?” I say as I shove my table

into my bag. “Tell me it’s not my performance that made you stop is it?” I turn to him as he looks me up and down.

“I know I’m handsome darling, no need to stare,” I chuckle as he goes lobster red.

“I-I- no that’s-! I'm just I’m rather shocked is all! And I um..” He stutters as I close my

bag and pull a pin from my hair allowing my hair to fall out of it’s bun.

“You need to talk to me, but you’re not in the right state right now. Come find me when

your ready to be civil,” I drop the pin and his stone in his hand. “I expect that pinback before or at the moon festival it’s one of my favorites,” with that I turn on my heels and I’m gone before he can speak.


I can’t get the violet witch out of my head, I could even before I met him in person. For

days I had been having dreams, they filled my head and my mind was muddled with the shinning face of a stranger. The dream always went the same.

I woke up at the base of a large mountain, I was beginning to climb with no ropes or even

my wand when a figure, a fairy, would appear first holding her hand out to me. I knew her face so I didn’t take it and I kept going. Over and over I would die weather it be by avalanche, freezing to death, exhaustion or falling. I called out for my team but no one came, instead a stranger would appear offering help, that’s when I would wake up in my bunk with a start.

Emora would ask what it was and I would say nothing going back to sleep. For month

over and over I kept having it until the night after I begrudgingly took the two person job in Ithiraca. I didn’t want to take it but something in my gut told me I had to even though I would be going with Kevona.

So now I sit in are fancy hotel room as she rants at me about curfew. It was so stupid

we’re adults like we need a curfew just because we’re in a new place. I've been to a million new places and none of ‘em are anything special.

“Why were you even out so late!” Kevona snaps putting her hands on her hips.

“Got stuck in a conversation with some street witch kay?” He mumbles taking out his

glass eye.

“Street witch? You mean that weird guy with the cart?” She asks tossing a pink braid

behind her shoulder.

“Yes, he’s a witch,” I say turning away from the mirror.

“Really? I though he was some bullshit fortune teller or something,” She says as I walk

over to one of the beds. “What kind is he?”

“Just an orange witch,” I don’t know why I lie, why shouldI care about that guy?

“Oh, alright. He gave you a hair pin though?” Can she stop talking? I'm tired.

“Yeah, want to talk with me I guess,” I flip over promptly ending the conversation.

The whole time I tried to get to sleep thoughts bounce around my head. I felt bad for

yelling at the witch, not just because of his violet witch status but because my outburst was unwarranted. My day had been full of stuffy travel and filling out paper work for the mission and when I saw what I had assumed to be illegal activity I finally snapped. I felt bad that I took it out on some radom person I had never met but what was done was done and I doubt I can fix it now. So I just lay waiting for sleep to take me so I can get my mind off this madness.

The next morning I get up before the sun. I drag myself out of bed for a morning workout

before getting dressed, then telling Kevona to get out of bed. She takes a half hour before we’re finally out hunting for the stupid voloka the king wants. The forest is thick with life and a pack of wolves snaps at us as we past, Kevona does a sleeping spell to get past them and all the other animals.

I hate every part of the journey, the animals seem to especially hate us and I ended up

dressing to lightly and was half way to freezing. I also don’t understand why the king want’s this voloko so badly, it wasn’t all that special only granting defense against birds as far as I’m aware. But none the less we trek through the forest as the sun finally begins to come up.

It reminds me all to much of the therchourse hikes my father dragged me on in the dead

of night, the dirt floor the steep trail and the animals that now seemed like they had a serious vendetta against us! But finally as I’m about to say we should move onto the next section I hear a shriek.

I run forward and quickly a burst of air nearly knocks me down. I immediately singal for

Kevona and she begin weaving a spell while I begin distractions. My hand crackle with lighting as the scaly bird like creature inches forward. It’s shining bright red and blue with eyes darker than midnight. I dodge around it’s poisoned talons and finally get a good hit on it with a zap of lightning promptly knocking it out of the air. But just as Kevona is about to finish he spell theres a huge flash followed by wind that rams me straight into a tree.

“You dare invade upon my forest and attempt to harm one of my children!” The tone is

booming but I recognize the honeyed voice from the night before. “Who dares?” the man from the night before steps into view as my vision finally begins to return.

“The king has demanded the beast's capture!” Kevona shouts rising from the ground.

“The only beast I see here is you!” He snaps as I finally manage to pull myself from the

ground. “If the king wants to kill one of my creatures in my forest he can come and do it himself!” He snaps picking up the voloko from the ground and placing it on his arms, claws digging into it.

“Sir please if you attempt to stop us we will have to report this to are king,” I say and he

looks over at me, his electric yellow eyes narrowed in rage.

“Go ahead tell your precious king that he has trespassed in the forest of Lady

Floeresa’s guardian witch!” when the words meet my ears I nearly fall back down out of pure shock.

“Sir please we can’t go back empty handed!” I say as his face softens slightly.

“I understand that and you won’t, but your hands will go back filled with a letter from me

and some gold as compensation. If he has further issue he can come speak with me personally,” He smile pushing golden hair out of his face. “Now how would you two like breakfast?”

Soon despite are initial hesitation, we sit in his kitchen with a literal lioness sitting in the

door way. He throws her a slice of some of the meat he was cooking while laughing at something I apparently couldn’t understand.

“Why…why do you have a lion?” I ask looking at the lion in the conner.

“Because she’s sweet, why do you have pets?” he says as he sets two pitchers on the

table. “What’s the name of your bird Kevona?” he asks after patting her shoulder.

“M-margie, how did you know?” He chuckles, setting out a bowl of chopped up fruits.

“Well come you’re both at least yellow witches surely you can tell at lest simple things

like patron animals,” He says as I hesitantly reach for a strawberry. “They’re not poisoned dear,” he laughs popping one in his mouth.

“That’s reassuring,” I grumbles popping and apple slice in my mouth.

I gaze around the kitchen, it’s a large with plenty of counters, cupboards, shelves and a

table in the middle of it all. Spices hang from the window sill where jars of various liquids sit, some covered others not. He can smell a pricey healing salve and he saw a blessing stone on the tiny table by the fire palace. The house smelled of lavender, rosemary and honey along side the smell of baking bread. The whole place made him feel tired.

“You should really be getting more sleep,” He says placing a loaf of bread on the table

along side a plate of meat and jars of jam and butter. “You need a bit more iron,” he says pointing at Kevona who raises her eyebrows at me.

“Right and you’re…” I’ good at detecting the lack of vitamins, most green witches are, but

there was nothing with him. “You might want to stop prying,” I grumble taking the slice of bread Kevona hands me.

“I’ve been told that,” he chuckle sliding into a seat at the head of the table.

“So um I…didn’t catch your name,” Kevona says as she sips her bright orange juice.

“I never gave it would be why, my name is Selene but you two may call me Sele, it’s only

the youngsters that call me by my first name!” he laughs, pouring himself water and juice.

The breakfast is nearly silent not because of lack of topics but because we were to busy

eating. Much to my surprise the guy could cook and bake just as well as he could dance. He finished before us and promptly began working clean up, thanking them when they gave him compliments.

“Though I can’t take all the credit, my friend Aoba makes the jam for me!” He smiles

after I said something about the strawberry jam.

“Sele I must ask with a witch of your capabilities what are you doing in a town like this?

You could have made a huge name for yourself,” Kenova mumbles after swallowing another slice of bread.

“I could have, but I’ve always liked being a silent help,” he explains as he takes my plate.

“But you could have so much more glory than this!” I add which just make him laugh.

“Glory is far too overrated! Living a life that satisfies me and helps other people is the life

I wish to live-,” He pauses, turning back to them “-I would rather help people in the dark than stand alone, useless in the light,” he explains before turning away again.

“Glory always separates you from people, from my experience. I wish for the opposite,”

He asks them after if they want to stay for a game of cards, Kevona choses to go saying

she needs to go write a letter but I chose to stay. He was an interesting fellow and has a fantastic poker face. Through out I wanted to ask him about my dreams but every time I came close my throat closed up nerves creeping up and stopping me. I also was tempted to apologize for my actions, but I didn’t know if that would make him mad so I kept my mouth shut

As the morning shifted to afternoon he explained he had to get started on work and said I

could stay and watch if I wanted he didn’t care either way. I knew I should get back to town but I couldn’t help but want to listen to him talk, he could speak of the most mundane things and I wanted to listen. I asked him about the clothes he dipped in a white potion and listened as he explained the blessings he was weaving into it. I hadn’t heard of half the things he explained and when I asked he told me the same thing.

“Floeresa allows me a very loose definition of magic. It allows me to do more than other

witches, it’s like this for all guardian witches,”

After the conversation would drift elsewhere and by the time they were barely quarter of

the way done with talking the sun began to set. He was sitting at the loom as he told a classic hero’s tale while I watched him work a spell into the cloth.

“I really must be on my way,” I say, pinching my nose as he nods.

“You really must, I’ll be at the festival in two days but if you wish to see me sooner I will

be here most afternoons and evenings,” he says not looking up from his loom. “I ask you to remember my pin please,” he looks up at me, the warm light of the fire making it look like his lavender skin glows.

“Of course, yeah I’ll return it at the festival, Kevona wants to go,” He says as he steps

over the lioness that slept in his path.

“I look forward to seeing you there, Vonarin,” 

Chapter 2

The next few days are filled with rushing to get together all of the preparation for the triple

moon festival. I not only have foods to prepare but music for my performance and all the sacrifices and prayers for Floeresa. She was resting till the ceremony so I hadn’t heard from her for a week. Back when I was young this made me worry she had left but now I understood that usually just meant she was asleep.

I worked at my garden perfecting it before the moon knowing they would grow even

more beautifully if I do. I cleans the entire house head to toe reorganizing every nook and cranny. I finish all of my work before finally beginning my sacrifice preparations. I love Floeresa so much because she hates live sacrifice and prefers jewelry or food be laid out for her, so I found one of the best necklaces someone had given me along side her favorite wine as well as other odds and ends.

When the day comes I drape myself in his best clothes, deep purples, golds andn

silvers. Jewelry hangs from my ears wrists and sits on my finger, I wear a singler necklace and it is the thin circle of gold engraved with the seal of Floeresa. I pull my hair into an intricate bun and put a temporary silver pin until Vonarin brings me back my favorite pin. I spend the whole morning doing my prayers and the sacrifices before finally at noon setting off to the town.

I arrive to find food vendors and trinket sellers setting up in the spare and down the

streets. Most people are at the temple but others like me finished early so they could begin setting up before the festival begins. I take my usual spot across from the water fountain greeting Jonna who is in the middle of setting up her paintings. She waves at me with her only free hand before cursing in Beblin.

“Do you need a hand Jonna?” I ask placing my bag down.

“I’m quite alright Sele, you excited for the festival?” She asks as she flys up to place one

of her larger paintings high up.

“Well of course, Floeresa is in the best of moods today,” I grin as the wind whips past.

“I can tell, you look lovely by the way!” She says landing back on the ground.

“As do you!” she dresses in bright blues that compliment her black and yellow striped

skin, even her thin wings are dressed in thin gold plates.

“Oh thank you! Me and Vera-Lin are matching!” Vera-Lin was her wife who was most

likely still at the temple due to her job as a priestess.

“I can’t wait to see her!”

This afternoon my stand is not for selling trinkets, instead tonight I have my best roshi

buns, teliki soup, floraina juices and a couple other sweets that Floeresa took a liking to that I usually only brough for special occasions. I watched as the band began to set up tuning their instruments as they eyed the others around. Some of the fire dancers began to arrive all dressed in bright red and harsh golds. A couple wander around greeting everyone in broken Kelvish.

“Onari!” I say as one pokes around my stand.

“Onara, kelictic de vas?” How are you? She asks with a grin.

“I’m very well, are you well?” I ask in Velcorin.

“I am on the fence, this place is much larger than I expected,” She laughs as she points

to one of the floraina juices.

“Boy do I know, if you need any help though everyone in the town is perfectly willing!”

She smiles as I push the cup towards her and shake my head at her coins. “My treat,” She thanks me before running off to join her fellow dancers who were enjoying their lunches.

But as I’m finishing my set up I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn to find Vonarin standing

holding my hair pin. He’s dressed in deep blues and silvers that complement his caramel complexion and a necklace with the symbol of Horic, god of strength, hangs at his neck along side his aura necklace.

“Here’s your pin,” He says as I take it from him taking out my silver one.

“Thank you, so tell me are you ready to talk or do you still hesitate?” I ask as I push the

pin tipped with a crystal moth into my hair.

“I…I honestly don’t know why I need to talk to you-,” He sighs, shifting from one foot to

the other. “-I know that I need to but I don’t know why,” He doesn’t meet my eyes so I just shrug.

“That’s not something I can tell you Vonarin,” I say as I take my seat behind my stand.

“Come on you can find my name literally from nowhere but you can’t do this?” He sighs,

folding his arms as I shake my head.

“That’s something that was information already known to your mind and the wind herself.

This is something that would require me to look into the future to find and I don’t even have a clue how far I would be looking, you’re a witch are you not?” I say narrowing my gaze.

“I…I just thought maybe you could-,”

“Solve your problem for you when you bareilly have a clue what problem you’re tryign to

solve?” I ask and he shrugs. “I can do lots of things but creating a conversation that neither of us seem to know what about is not one of them,” I say, pouring soup into a bowl and handing it to Jonna.

“Right, well I don’t know maybe it’s stupid,” he shrugs turning away from my stand.

“Perhaps, now if you don’t mind there’s someone behind you,” He shrugs and walks off

while another one of the fire dancers asks for a juice.

Soon enough the festival kick into full swing, people dance and run around the streets

laughing and joking. I get up a couple times asking Jonna to watch my booth, doing the same thing for her when she wishes to walk about. I do my usual tricks but it isn’t until I go to the stage that I really show people what I can do.

I love the thrill of setting my fire fans ablaze and beginning my dance that involves so

many spells that it probably would have killed a red witch. I watch the crowds shocked faces each time a new spell is set off and I weave around just as I always had. But as I dance I can’t help but look out at the crowd and expect my mothers face to be there in all it’s unsatisfied glory. So I did more despite the fact she wasn’t there and I knew that, but I couldn’t help but think that I wasn’t doing enough.

By the end of my performance my hands were glowing hot due to the sheer number of

spells. Despite that my hair stayed in place and all my jewelry remained, that was one good thing that came out of the hours of practice he went through. I smile at the crowd as I catch some of the flowers thrown up for me.

I give a light health blessing to the crowd as hI walk off stage passing a ground of

young dancers dressed in white. Once I emerge I hadn’t expected Vonarin to be twiddling his thumbs waiting for my arrival. I had seen him among the crowd but I hadn’t seen him leve.

“Hello,” I smile shifting my flowers from one arm to the other.

“Hey-,” He walks up to me pushing his midnight blue hair out of his eyes. “-I want to talk

to you,” He says, reaching up to touch the aura stone that hangs at his neck glowing a soft green.

“Alright, walk with me then I’m hungry,” I gesture for him to follow and he does.

“I wanted to start with an apology,” He says running fingers through his hair. “I’m sorry for

my outburst at are first meeting, and I wish to apologize for the harming of the voloko I have nothing to offer for my apology but I hope you can still accept it,” he stops to bow to me and it send a shiver down my spine.

“No need to bow, I am no emperor or king. And thank you for your apology it is

accepted,” I pat his shoulder and he nods. “Is there something else?” I ask as he opens his mouth before closing it.

“It’s stupid,” he mumbles as we get in line for moon cakes.

“Being concerned isn’t stupid,” when I pat his shoudler I could feel the anxiety pooling in

him like a hole in the concrete.

“I just have a strange feeling about the earth, like they’re angry or…sad?” My ears perk

up when I hear that, I hadn’t walked outside without my sandals all day could I have missed something? “I just feel like there’s something wrong with them,” He mumbles, rubbing his arm.

“I’ll check when I’m walking home tonight,” I say, now itching to remove my sandals.

“Okay, um…I don’t know if this is weird but could you tell me if somethings wrong?

Tomorrows my last day here so I would um…appreciate it,” he doesn’t meet my eye but I nod.

“Of course, I’ll be in town shopping around noon perhaps I can meet you in the square?”


The festival is wonderful and bright, lanterns are released and fireworks explode in the

sky towards the end. At one point once I put up my sold out sign a couple people invite me to dance with them. I take the hand of a stranger who must be in town only for the festival, the wind whispers her name to me and she grins when I speak it. I change partners over and over until the song finally comes to an end and I go and take a seat for my leg has begun to ache.

I look down at my faux leg that looks as if it’s made of delicate porcelain, it is in fact

made of porcelain but it is not delicate. When I first lost my leg I had nothing but the standard wooden leg they gave to everyone but I hadn’t been satisfied with that and was kindly gifted my hand and leg by Floeresa. When I first got them it was a plain white with the gold joints, that was until I painted it a light turquoise with detailed roses on both my arm and leg. I freshen them up every other month and I had touched it up just last week while I was painting Tonaira’s false hand.

After I sit I’m back to dancing and walking around, I bye an intricately painted pin wheel

that looks like it has a crane on it when it spins. A woman asked me for a signature saying that apparently years ago I had healed her mother, I asked the name and when she spoke it I recognized her and said as much. The woman was ecstatic and thanked me nearly in tears. I spent the night after that walking around to the booths before finally watching the last of the fireworks.

Unfortunately once the festivities were over and I was packed up I walked to the edge of

the forest where I took a deep breath before slipping off my sandals. Once my foot touches the soft earth my eyes fill with tears and my knee buckles. The earth weeps ever so badly that I couldn’t help but allow my self to join her. I sit on the ground pressing my hands to my eyes.

The gods rarely cried like this. I had felt them upset when a mortal they liked died or if

they had a fight with a lover, but this was different. The ache was so bad that my chest hurt and I understood how even Vonarin had felt it. Finally I manage to rise to my feet and slip my sandals back on, the pain isn’t gone for something terrible must have had to happen, I couldn’t contact the earth for she was not my patron but I could call upon Floeresa who must know something.

I reach home and rush to my shrine where I begin to ask for her presence. I blow out my

candles so only the moonlight lights my sitting room. I sit on my knees hands clasped together tears still falling down my face until a hand is placed on my shoulder.

“My dear, you called ever so urgently are you alright?” I turn met by the concerned face

of Floeresa her face was pale as the moon due to it being in it’s full state, her dark hair falls around her like space with jewels twinkling in it like stars.

“Floeresa the earth, she cries,” I say as she helps me from the ground.

“We have not heard from her in days, she has not come to the council meetings nor had

anyone seen her in the city,” Floeresa whispers as she brings me into a hug. “Do not weep my dear, it will be alright,” She whispers as I lean into her embrace.

“You feel as if you must contact her, correct?” I nod numbly.

“I have a way to contact her, but it is my mothers,” I mumbles as I pull away.

“If you feel like you must you should go, but I will be sure to inform you if we hear from

her,” Floeresa and I have a mutual understanding that doesn’t require words. I am closer to the earth because she resides in the sky and heavens, therefore if I as well as other witches feel as if something is wrong we must act.

“I know I must, maybe it will resolve first but I am packing for I will leave soon,” I say as

she puts hand on my shoulder. “I feel as if this is rushed, but I also am sacred what could happen if I don’t act,” I shiver as I think of my sister.

“Your instinct is why I chose you Selene, trust it,” She smiles, her eyes glowing softly.

“Thank you Floeresa, that’s really all,” I whisper as she wipes a tear from my face.

“I know, goodnight my dear Selene,” with that there is nothing but a single raven feather

left in her place and I sigh.

Extra stuff that's kinda out of context but I had fun writing so here:

I stare down into the river that I knew too well. A chill runs down my spine as I think of

the house we would be coming upon. I remember the day Anita swore she’d never touch the river again.

We ran through fields that belonged to are mother and are two neighbors smiling and

pushing each other around. It was a hot day and was laid in nothing but are shorts and with are hair tied up. Mother explained how she was going out to the town and if we needed anything we could go to the neighbor Vale,she told us to do nothing stupid and we noded waving her boodbye.

“Why don’t we go and lay in the wood it would be cooler there,” mother didn’t allow us in

the house while she was gone so it was up to the outdoors to provide us shelter from the sweltering heat, this was before I could even think of weaving spells only being a mere twelve.

“But the river Sele,” Anita said, hitting me upside the head making me chuckle.

“If we use that branch we can make it,”

So soon I hung from a branch watching as she tapped stones with her toes before

walking across them to the tree branch the tree bench I had managed to grab. She stood twisting the bottom of her pants racked with nerves.

“Sele I’m far shorter than you I'm afraid I’ll fall,” she rasped lacing her fingers.

“It’s alright I’ll catch you Anita!” I grinned, so she jumped and I reached out my hands

when her fingers missed the branch, but like water her fingers slipped through mine.

Eventually she managed to climb out of the water. She coughed so hard she threw up,I

held her hair back for her as she did and after I hugged her as she swore she would never touch water again. She would touch water for she had to bathe, but she never swam, but she did drown.

I look down at the river flowing softly, as if my sister wasn’t taken by its uncaring waters.

I whisper a curse to let the spirit of this river it has an enemy of me, it did then and it does now. Rin puts a hand on my shoulder and I’m snapped from my thoughts. I turn to him and I wish I could return his soft look, this is the place where I wasn’t allowed to be soft.

I remember people would tell me, what I went through made me kinder, this isn’t true. I

made myself kind, I chose the path opposite to my mothers for I wished to opse her at every turn. I chose to be kind and soft because it allows people a comfort,because the rest of the world is not. Many will mistake my kindness and softness for weak, but they are the most dull and idiotic for just because I care for people it doens’t mean I am not willing to fight others.

“Are you alright?” He asks the eyes that stare so harshly softened.

“Not really, but the cabin is near so we must carry on,” I pat his hand taking it in mine.

I lead him over the rocks to the field where I could practically hear laughter filling my

ears, yet the screams drowned it out. The grass is long and filled with blooming wild flowers, yet I have to stop to slip on my sandals for the earth at my feet is so sad I can barely hold back my own tears. The river held no remorse but even now the earth weeped with sorrow over her fallen sister. I place my hand on the ground and whisper her a prayer, she was already going through so much and the sorrow was worse here.

Soon we came upon the three cabins that made my stomach twist and I could practically

feel my bones aching. The cabins look fine all things considered, the paint only chipped slightly the doors still intact and on their hinges, only one window broken and only a few spider webs here and there. Each step up the porch of the middle most cabin feels like a step closer and closer to my mother. It didn’t matter if she was long gone, she would always be here.

The interior was even more un touched my mothers spells living on long past her. The

carpets untouched by dust, the paintings clear and unbroken and ever piece of furniture in the same place.

“This place looks neat,” Rin says glancing at the painting of me as a child.

“It’s disgusting, if I end up in one of the hells this is what it will look like,” I hiss as my

mothers painting stares at me. Her midnight hair tied back wile she drapes herself in deep reds making her look like any other beautiful woman one would wish to paint, but it is naught but a lie. The paintings are not her, she should not be remembered for her beauty but the blood on her hands and the pain she left in people's hearts.

“Oh… that bad?” Rin mumbles as he stares at my mothers portrait, as all do.

“That’s my mother, she is the reason I’m missing my arm and my leg,” I say putting my

hand to one of her paintings wishing I could drag my nails down it tearing every fiber. “She left me to bleed out and die in the scoldering sun, but I had to watch my sister's death first,” My hand presses into the canvas.

“Beaten and drowned in the river we crossed,” I whisper tears meeting my eyes.

“Is that why…” He trails off as he turns to look at my sisters portrait.



You want context...oh well : )

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Liminality wrote a review...

Hi there! I don’t see many differences in the first chapter between this version you just posted and the version I’ve already reviewed, so let’s just get into the second chapter!

First Impressions

Second chapter – I like Vonarin’s development here! I find his character so interesting because he seems to be struggling with this issue of the Earth calling out to him, but unlike Sele, Vonarin doesn’t have the knowledge or ability to figure out exactly what’s going on. He’s out of his depth, and as a reader, that is interesting to watch. Sele is interesting in a different way. He has a lot of facets to him, and somehow is cold and closed off even while being warm, open and expressive. It’s kind of contradictory, but he feels like he’s the sort to be full of contradictions.

There were a couple of things that were unexpected. As I mentioned in my previous review, I kind of thought the moon festival would be far off in the story and be like a climactic event, so I was a little surprised that the issue of the pin was resolved in this chapter. Still, it raises more plot threads, so I’m curious to see what will happen next.

Additional scene – I found myself sympathising with Rin here, even though he’s not the main focus of the scene:

“This place looks neat,” Rin says glancing at the painting of me as a child.
“It’s disgusting, if I end up in one of the hells this is what it will look like,” I hiss as my

It’s always awkward and difficult to say the right thing when you don’t have all the information!
This part feels like it belongs to a later segment of the story where Sele’s past becomes super important. The tone shift from Chapter 2 is rather large, I think. Still, Chapter 2 does mention Sele’s need to go and see his mother’s house, so maybe it’s not as far off as I imagine it might be.


Something I like about Chapter 2 is how you develop the conflict. Vonarin doesn’t get it right on his first try talking to Sele, but then he has to give it another go, which creates tension. Then as it turned out, he really did have something important to talk to Sele about, and Sele started getting concerned. This information about the Earth or the Earth goddess seems ominous. Having this plot lead to Sele having to confront his past again could also show his determination to do the right thing, even if it causes pain for him.


An observation I have about the worldbuilding: there is a lot going on in the way of immersing he reader into this world. We get to find out every step of Sele’s preparations for the triple moon festival, and all the different languages being spoken there, as well as the people that live in this world. I think in comparison there is less information being given about the magic elements that seem key to the plot: for example, Sele’s pin seems to have some significance – I can infer it has to do with communication seeing how he gives it to Vonarin so Vonarin can come and meet him again – but that’s not said explicitly in the story. So when he discusses the pin, it’s difficult to understand right away why it matters. That left me feeling confused and kind of ‘waiting for the whole thing to be explained. Same goes with why it’s important that Sele is a ‘violet’ witch. Is that the highest rank? Does it make him naturally gifted or did he climb through the ranks somehow?


Something I think is very strong in your work is the attention to characterization. Sele and Vonarin each have a distinct way of talking and behaving.
“Okay, um…I don’t know if this is weird but could you tell me if somethings wrong?
Tomorrows my last day here so I would um…appreciate it,” he doesn’t meet my eye but I nod.

Vonarin is more awkward whereas Sele is smooth and witty. It tends to feel like Sele is in control of the conversation and decides when it starts or stops, if that makes sense. And that helps convey how Sele is this powerful forest guardian whereas Vonarin seems to be a less powerful witch who works for a mortal, not a god. Sele’s characteristics and this power dynamic seems to carry over to his interactions with Rin – but not with his friends at the festival, Floeresa, or his sister in the flashback, which I find interesting.


This chapter left me with a lingering feeling of tenseness and anxiety, like something is about to begin. I hope Vonarin will continue playing a role in the story, as I’m interested to see how his character changes over time. I have a gut feeling that this story isn’t so much about Sele changing as it is about him reflecting or rediscovering, since he already seems to know who he is and who he wants to be.

Hope some of this helps and feel free to ask for more feedback!

Sorry for this rather late response, but to answer the question about the 'violet' witch thing, that something that will be answered in later chapters which I may or may not post. But I thank you for your kind comment and really appreciate it! I hope you have a fantastic night/day!

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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

I will guess the context.Selene lives in a magical kingdom where people have different colored skin and hair,Gods and talking animals exist, and men like Selene have feminine names.Selene and Anita’s mother must be this sadistic entity in the form of a woman who only gave birth to torment her children.Or maybe she’s just a cruel woman.I liked the story.I hope that you will have a fantastic and lovely day and night.

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