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Far away

by LostWriter

Often in midnight I wake up from my sleep,

My eyes cry in grief,

It just wants to see you in brief,

To get it's needed relief.

But what do I do? I have no way,

Because you're just so far away.

Often when you, I miss,

On your lips I just want to place a soft kiss,

And make my heart fill with bliss,

And all the pain I suffer from will decease.

But what do I do? I have no way,

Because you are just so far away.

Often in this world find myself alone,

I reckon all my happiness to be gone,

In pain, my heart just groans,

In such time, your warm hug is everything i want to own.

But what do I do? I have no way,

You're just so far away.

Often, this world does nothing but disappoint me,

From me, all my peace flees,

From this world I want to break free,

And receive your love in Glee.

But what do I do? I have no way

Except asking, why are you so far away?

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Tue Feb 01, 2022 1:04 am
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pineapple321 wrote a review...

Hi, LostWriter, Pineapple here for a short review!

I absolutely loved this poem. It was short, sweet, and heartfelt. You paint a beautiful story about not being close to your love (either literally or figuratively). I found it relatable and it touched my heart.

My favorite line from this was "In such time, your warm hug is everything i want to own." It was so powerful. This line showed how even something as simple as a hug can mean so much to someone.

Overall, I thought this was beautifully written and you used excellent vocabulary. Keep up the great work!

Pineapple :D

LostWriter says...

Thank you for your appreciation pineapple! ^_^

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Fri Jan 21, 2022 7:47 am
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Shayna Basu wrote a review...

Hey There!!!!
Here for a quick review!!!
Tremendously Fabulous and romantic poem, emotionally rich and filled with longing and separation That's why readers relate to it immensely ....
Overall it was a wonderful experience to have relived that same rush and thrill and excitement when we see our lover during disappointments and solitude....

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Wed Jan 19, 2022 4:51 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

This is a nice and detailed poem you made here.This actually reminds me of some characters I made,which is pretty cool.I think we all lose that one special person in our life and regret it.We try everything in our power to get that person back,but no matter what we do,that person is gone.I hope you have a wonderful and lovely day and night.

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