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The Thought

by Stringbean

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Wed Dec 08, 2021 5:25 pm
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PoetryMisfit wrote a review...

Hi there!

This piece is very beautiful and poetic. There is almost a stream-of-consciousness style about it that really adds to your musings of twilight. Twilight really is such a beautiful time of the night, and you captured it very well. You used very descriptive imagery when describing the ocean and the refraction of light. One of my favorite lines is this one: "they were all very amateur and they all carried an essence of horror that I couldn't blend out of them." I just love the way you described being unable to remove the horrific nature from the faces you drew.
Great job and keep on writing!

Poetry Misfit

Stringbean says...


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Tue Dec 07, 2021 8:28 pm
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TheMulticoloredCyr wrote a review...

Hey, I don't review so often anymore so excuse my rusty dusty reviewing skills, but this concept interested me so here I am.

Let's begin with the simple stylistic choices you made. The double spaced short paragraphs in what looks like it might be Georgia or a similar font makes the aesthetic of the piece stand out, not just on this site - which does, admittedly, offer very little in the way of font choices and other such aesthetic touches - but also just in general. Putting it in as an image was very clever.

The actual tone of the piece was rather mysterious and engaging and well put together. I'm not quite sure how I would categorize this piece, in genre, type of writing, or anything else really, which, it appears, is a struggle we share. Just generally a fun read. Thank you for sharing it with us all!

Stringbean says...

Thank you! Yeah, no idea how to classify it XD

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Tue Dec 07, 2021 6:40 pm
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Haileyg21 wrote a review...

HEYO! Nox here with a review! This is really good. I think its really well worded and it speaks well. Its got deep feelings behind it and Makes you think about what your reading. You use words in a way that make it seem more intense then before.

Honestly its a striking way to write something. Its galvanizing. I also like the font. (If this is a weird way to say this I'm sorry)

Anyways thank you for writing this piece and sharing with YWS this Beautiful piece.
With many thanks, enjoy this review (its a good one I promise).


Stringbean says...


As the notifications drift in I stop and wonder. Why do they take so long? Do they have adventures we don't know about? I bet they do. When they come I will ask myself. What amazing adventure has this straggling notification been on? How far did it travel, and why didn't it take me?
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