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by Pranav Pothanis

This is a test. Sorry for wasting your time. 

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Fri Dec 03, 2021 6:55 pm
MailicedeNamedy wrote a review...

Hi PranavPothanis,

Mailice here with a strange short review, I guess? :D

I don´t know how to review this and I´m only here to kick this out of the Green Room. So I think alliyah has already mentioned pretty much everything you need to know here on YWS, so I guess I´m trying to watch this from a more theoretical construct. :D

First off, I was pretty amazed to see the short story as Action/adventure, because it seems to me, that the whole thing looks more like a Mystery to me. :D One can assume that these few words are the last words or even a note of a hero who has fallen into the clutches of an evil organisation. One can insert some interpretations as to how the second sentence is meant; is it more of a joke for a very clever, shrewd, and also self-satisfied protagonist or is this more of a personality that is reserved and filled with fear?

Combine that with the title, and I'm already very excited about how the story will develop there. Does "TEST" refer to an abbreviation of a secret organisation or plan? You raise a lot of questions with your text, which gives me a fair amount of curiosity and I think I will be very disappointed that we will probably never get the answers to the questions.

In summary, I would advise you to expand the story a little further. You don't have to answer all the questions you've given, but at least some of them, so that the reader has a bit of an overview. :D

Hmm... maybe I've given you a little incentive to write another short story here! :D

Have fun writing!


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Sun Oct 31, 2021 3:16 am
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alliyah wrote a review...

Hi Pranvan, welcome to YWS! I'm going to send you my points from this review, because a person usually starts with 200 so that they can post at least 1 work, but since you used yours on this test post that might be difficult for you. :)

Here's some basics about YWS:

Spoiler! :

> To post a work you just click that publishing center button at the top, put your text in the text box then post. Be sure to rate your work appropriately - content rating guidelines here and if your work is more than one word, don't use all caps as that's seen as yelling across the internet. :]

> To post a work you'll also need points! Each work, costs 200 points, which is roughly the amount of points you get from reviewing 1 or 2 works. You can find works to review by clicking the "All Literary Tab" or the "Green Room" tab. Green Room works get more points for reviewing because they currently only have 1 or 0 reviews.

> To write a review you can find a lot of tips here and how to avoid review spam here but basically you just give the same type of feedback you would like to receive. Some critiques, some praise, an interpretation, make sure your comments about the work, and not just "general" comments, and you should be good to go!

And that's basically how YWS works! :) Other important rules can be found here but you'll find your way quickly enough.

I hope you enjoy it here!

~~~~ Now on to a short review of this piece ~~~~~

* As I mentioned earlier sometimes all-caps is considered shouting, so that might be something to look into for future titles.

* And so far there's not a story here, but quite a concise comment.

* I'm intrigued that you clicked "Action / Adventure" story for Genre! Is that the type of thing you like to write? I think you'll find many other authors in that genre as well. @HarryHardy is one of the most prolific on the site, you might check out some of his writing.

* Good usage of capitalization and punctuation in this short piece ~ good editing always makes a piece easier to read for sure.

Good test work! I'm looking forward to seeing your real writing.

Hopefully some of that was helpful,

~ alliyah

MaybeAndrew says...

Alliyah over here being a good samaritan. This is what makes our site run

alliyah says...

:3 just trying my best ~

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