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Cold Friday Nights

by CaptainJack

if i’m not causing you some gender or sexuality confusion, as we stand here tonight in this family life center and i hand you the ticket that you didn’t know you needed, remember my phone number when the effect hits you later on tonight.

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Thu Jul 22, 2021 12:35 am
winterwolf0100 wrote a review...

First off, I want to say that this vibes with me a lot. My ultimate goal as a genderfluid individual is to confuse everyone around me. Nowwww, onto the actual review! XD

Soooo, this is clearly all one sentence, but I'm going to attempt to split it up in a way that makes sense anyway.

if i'm not causing you some gender or sexuality confusion, (...) remember my phone number when the effect hits you later on tonight.

I already stated this, but I absolutely love this concept. I also notice that throughout the entirety of the poem, you don't capitalize anything, which is a really nice choice for this particular poem in particular. It makes it feel more personal and close, and also makes it less formal and again-- more personal. For this sentence in particular, the phrasing of "gender or sexuality confusion" is a bit chunky in a way. I'm trying to to think of a better way to phrase it-- 'if i'm not causing you to question your geender or sexuality', perhaps? Just something to think on, I suppose! I also love the idea of remembering a phone number, because it means the narrator is there for the reader if they ever need that help.

as we stand here tonight in this family life center and i hand you the ticket that you didn't know you needed

Now this is certainly interesting! The first thing that I'll point out is that family life centers, in my experience, are strictly confined to a church setting. I'm sure you realized this, so I'm just pointing it out for any readers, because it really gives the meaning a twist! I love the idea of an older LGBTQ+ individual being able to offer guidance to a younger church member who may be questioning, especially because some churches have a particularly stifling environment for young LGBTQ+ people. The idea of handing them the ticket they didn't know they needed is a beautiful concept, especially in the church context. It's the moment of realization when you go
"Nothing's wrong with me."
"There are other's like me."
"There's a word for it."
As a queer individual, had I seen someone like that at my church, I feel certain I would've figured myself out quicker. This especially ties in beautifully with the gender and sexuality confusion, because really, it's not confusion at all, but a realization of one's self. It's coming to terms with yourself sooner. Most people don't realize they're searching for something until they discover their identity or sexuality, and finally, everything feels right. You don't realize you need it until you have it.

Overall, the beauty of this piece is the simplicity but also the impactfulness. It's truly a masterpiece, and I felt torn taking it apart into separate pieces because it all flows so amazingly. It's such a powerful story and message, that when you're in a place you don't feel you belong, when you're searching for that missing piece of yourself, there'll be someone there who'll not only help you find the missing piece, but will help you pick yourself back up and make a life for yourself afterwards. Again, honestly, what a masterpiece. Thank you so much for sharing it!

I'm so happy I clicked on this and checked it out. My mind is truly blown at the absolute brilliance of it all. For now, stay strong, stay safe, and stay proud of who you are. Like for everyone I review, my dm's are always open to talk writing, the piece, or to vent about life. I'm here, and feel free to ask for a review if you ever want one in the future. I'd be honored to help out. I hope this helps, and thanks for being amazing! : D


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Wed Jul 21, 2021 5:26 am
Vervain says...

sometimes you just gotta vibe ♥

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Fri Jul 09, 2021 4:37 pm
silented1 says...

So sad and angry. Pensive too. It's like a soliloquy, maybe you could do something with it like that.

Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.
— Sylvia Plath