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Lovely Assassin Letters (4)

by WishIHadASword

Amanda Charlotte

18607 Robleda Ct

San Diego, CA



I accepted your challenge and I found a picture of you. I don't know when or how it ended up in my picture album, but it was there. So I took it out and I'm returning it to you. I'm pretty sure I win. You're even doing your Witch Laugh!

Ahh, I had almost forgotten about that moment. Thank you, I guess. Telling you I was an assassin was probably the most terrifying thing I have ever done, and the most terrifying thing I will ever do. Your calm response really helped, so once again, thank you. But hearing that you were scared of me...that makes me want to vomit, Amanda. I am so truly sorry that you felt so afraid. Feel free to scare the life out of me any time.

And ugh, please don't remind me of that day. I didn't mean to say that your voice made me happy! It's not like I cower in fear whenever I hear you speak, but I like it the normal amount. Just as much as I'm supposed to. Well-- ugh, never mind. This is a train wreck, isn't it? You truly are impossible, and you do have a love for embarrassing me in any way possible. Usually involving the things called emotions I'd been told I didn't have until you began using your witch powers against me. It's almost like you have the power to give people emotions, and you usually do it to fluster me, unfortunately.

Of course you would ask about the female assassins. First of all, they want absolutely nothing to do with me. They're always training with their guns or polishing their daggers, and believe me, you do not want to mess with a trained assassin woman with a weapon. Every time I try to strike up a conversation to ease the painful silence, they just shoot me down with more sarcasm, snark, and downright rudeness than even I could muster. And you knowing me, that's a lot. But to truly answer your question--No, Amanda. None of the lady assassins in my group have particularly caught my eye. I'm not all too worried about romance either. I have a job to do, and you know that.

And in case this letter gets to you on time: Happy 18th Birthday Amanda.

-Blake Thornton

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Sun Apr 11, 2021 7:06 pm
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PaigeFantasy wrote a review...

hi, once again, I REALLLLYYY like this! me in my head rn: “EEEEEEP THIS IS SO FREAKING GOOD!”
I like how you write in his and hers personality, that makes it....unique.

I also like how you created that little backstory thing, that really explained some things that can be a bit confusing.
reminds me of Gacha Life “emotionless assassins”, except the storyline is different, and i like it. :)
could you maybe write another part? no rush or anything, but this is so good!

haha, thanks so much! I'll get right to racking up some points so I can publish the next chapter!

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Thu Apr 08, 2021 9:34 am

Oh wow, this is an amazing piece. Do you have any advice for writing ; I started yesterday and I really hope to improve my fluidity and imagery through here. Great Letter, i look forward to seeing more of you!!
Love Rubes
AKA Your_Virtual_Quirky_Friend08

Thanks a bunch!! I might not be the best person to give advice because I'm a young writer haha, but I guess what I do is I just imagine it as if it were happening in real life, and write it as such so it seems realistic. Then, if you're trying to describe stuff and use imagery, I would describe it just enough that the reader understands what they're seeing, but not so much that they're overwhelmed or can't imagine it they're own way.

Wow, you are extremely skilled for your young age. I'm 13, what about you (u dont have to answer lmao). Even just typing, your grammar is incredible.
Great advice also!!

Stay safe
Love Rubes :)

Haha, thanks so much! I'm also 13 actually! But I have been writing for a long time, so I've definitely had practice :)

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Thu Apr 08, 2021 8:57 am
NivedaJames22 wrote a review...


Wow! This letter was amazing!

I really like your idea of Blake being an assassin, and how through his letters, you give him a human touch instead of making him a cold, aloof sort of guy.

I really like this line:

Feel free to scare the life out of me any time.

I feel like it really highlights their amazing relationship.

I also like how you give Blake this blunt yet dutiful side, like in this line:

I'm not all too worried about romance either. I have a job to do, and you know that.

On the whole, I really liked it.

Can't wait to read Amanda's response.

Keep writing.

Thanks a million!

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Thu Apr 08, 2021 4:13 am
Angel90 says...

The story is powerful; I like how it was presented. Good

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Thanks (:

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