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inconsistent temperature

by whatchamacallit

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Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:22 pm
izzywidgeon wrote a review...

I'm not sure what this poem is meant to talk about, but hey, I'll try my best, yeah?
I think this is meant to talk about the tumultous mess that 2020 was, which sort of links with the frantic tone I was sensing. Finding a balance between hot and cold temperatures to find a medium is a perfect allegory for what this year was.

I hope this helped a little bit.
Here's to 2021, I guess ^w^
Also, I loved the format this was put in! It was gorgeous!



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Tue Jan 12, 2021 11:38 pm
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cidrianwritersguild wrote a review...

We at the guild appreciate the light-hearted tone of this poem. You don't often see something like that in 2021 (course it's only been twelve days). This pail intrigues us. Our world is filled with sword and sorcery acts, however, it does not feel like that is how your world operates. We believe the pail to be some sort of metaphor for something, or perhaps, such as the case is with other poems we've reviewed, it is meant to simply be ridiculous (another thing we greatly appreciate).

"my pointer finger darts in before quickly retreating"

We like the personification, as well as vocabulary, of this sentence. It conveys the movement of our narrator's hand very well. We can see them in the mind's eye, tentatively jabbing a hand at this mysterious bucket. Very well written.

We also appreciate the alliteration of the "polar plunge" line in the very first verse. It rolls off the reader's tongue very well, giving a bouncy, jaunty feel to poem, lifting the overall tone of it.

As a whole, we like the feel of the poem, while at the same time being slightly confused by it. Everything a poem should do!


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