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topic vs theme of the text

by whatchamacallit

hope you have your Chromebook muted,
so ms d doesn’t become notified of this message as well lol


...mushroom! is typing

we’re going over topic vs theme again and I’m bored out of my
tell me something funny to distract me, pl
what are you learning about in geo?

mushroom! says:

omg gurl how did u knoww
it literally pinged right when she was explaining
the frickin “microscopic ecosystem” of dirt or some crap

okay but like the ants are building condominiums
a fragile layer of soil away
how do you not find that fasc

lol sounds boring as

looks like ur right where you belong, mushroom :)


...mushroom! is typing

mushroom! says:

shut uppp
im not even wearing my hair
the way u claim makes me look like some sorta
fungi, rn.

you’re the one who called yourself a mushroom
in math class
I just went along with it ‘cause it’s tru

I mean, we’re all just lost in the shade of the forest
tryna wrap ourselves in comforting moss
and figure out what’s poisonous and edib

I only know a fungal!


mushroom! says:


mushroom! says:


mushroom! says:


...mushroom! is typing

mushroom! says:

with the corny jokes!

ur a pescetarian though, I thought corn was allowed

actually, corn is an inverse sunflower
instead of hard black seeds clustered together
you’ve got soft yellow kernels
crowned by listless whitened hair -
crap, I dunno where I’m even going with this metap

I’m literally bored out of my mind
we’re reviewing topic vs theme AGAIN


...mushroom! is typing

mushroom! says:

lol it’s ok
ugh she’s telling us about ants
and how if u keep them in ant farms you can see
their little apartments
snuggled against the glass

do you think

do u think ants eat corn?


...mushroom! is typing

mushroom! says:

why the hecc would i know?
ur the one who pays attention in class

yeah, except I’m texting you right now
so I guess that’s not what I’m doing
so maybe you need to reevaluate that specific
impression of m

lol yeah
I should go back to doing that
have fun being a bored mushroom in geo :)


mushroom! says:

will do

I wonder if my english teacher
can tell me just what exactly
the topic and theme of this convo was

I’m at a loss,
but so are the mushrooms
living in dim forests &
curled up under damp lichen
with small, shiny, black ants as friends
that eat inverse sunflowers
and dodge poison with antennae crossed.

see ya at lunch :)


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Sun Oct 18, 2020 2:39 pm
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Euphoria8 wrote a review...

Awwww I don't know if this is just me but I find the narrator's first responses to mushroom's messages so cute XD the whole describing mushroom as a corn and how they're fascinated by small little things but it makes me kinda sad that they're too afraid to actually voice the thoughts :( but then again this is so relatable, we're all scared of showing the goofy, wild and childlike versions of ourselves, aren't we?

This was a wonderful read, one that was surprisingly original and hilarious but beautiful at the same time!

Thank you for sharing and keep growing <3

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Sat Oct 17, 2020 9:06 pm
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Wallflower23 wrote a review...

Ok so to be honest Im usually quite dense with poetry so I am apologizing in advance if any of who I say is not what you were going for.

I actually really liked this. I liked the strikethrough portions. It felt like the two people messaging were typing something out and then changing their minds and erasing it. It felt like a comment about how we overtaking and never say what we want or what we really mean.

I got a mild flirtation vibe from this that I really liked. It was in the teasing and the way that the deep things that the people wanted to say were deleted. I think that touches on the fact that when we like someone we are scared to show them those weird, deep, thoughtful parts of ourselves. The parts that are almost profound, out of fear that they may reject these scared portions of our personality. So we force those parts to grow in darkness.

I really liked that all the random topics (mushrooms, corn, ants) came together in the final little deleted poem. I also really loved the portion about being "lost in the shade of the forest
tryna wrap ourselves in comforting moss" I just really love that image and I feel like its true.

Anyway, not sure if that makes any sense and I can't really comment on the whether or not structure or other is "right" but Overall I really enjoyed that!

Thanks for sharing dear!

Thank you for the encouraging words!

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