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Reminisces of Jack Frost the Third (Chapter 2)

by Gravitem

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language.

Chapter 2

A faint glow from the sky above lit the room. The throne's imposing presence glistened with crimson light, which shone in through the open roof.

The red eyed King loomed over his subjects with the sky's sanguine glow illuminating his face. He sat at the peak of the steep dais, where his gaze fell upon the entire Kingdom of molten rock and scorching horizons.

On either sides of the throne, in a straight line that extended to the centre of the small mount, the King's puppets lounged.

A slender man stepped forward and bowed. "Speak." Said the King in a firm tone. The man spoke.

"I am Dexil. I work with the espionage team at the edge of the Universe. I am here to report some unusual activity."

The King beckoned, and a woman brought him a glass of orange liquid. "Would you like some... Dexil, did you say? It's never a bad time for wine."

The man's face was sullen. "My lord Zian! This is serious. This is a sign that the Mutonians or rather, the people of Arachnion, know of a safe passage into the other Universe. They have found a way to pass through the black hole's horizon!"

King Zian rose from his royally exaggerated chair and spoke. "I think the espionage force and the technological force need to cooperate a little more. I've heard from one of my ministers that you refused to cooperate with the technology crew you took along. People like you, who kiss my ass and then demand from me... I hate people like you."

He drew his finely-tipped sword. Runes engraved on its curved blade emitted yellow light. A ruby-like stone glowed at the pommel. "I thought I'd have some men take you to the middle of the star system and cast you into the fires of Helios, but that's not any fun now."

He looked at the minister closest to him. "Is it?"

"No, my lord," replied the hooded minister.

Zian didn't reply. Instead, he pulled at the red stone in the pommel and instantly, an identical sword appeared in his left hand. He buried the blade of the second sword into the ground.

In an instant, the hill began to tremble. The sword blazed with a blinding light, but it didn't bother Zian. When the glow died down, the entire hill was in the shadow of something as colossal as the core of a planet, and just as monstrous. A dragon.

The shadow was dark on Dexil's face.

" Any last words? Oh and, this isn't for lack of cooperation. I hope you know that." He said in a calmer tone than before.

Dexil's brow furrowed. He roared, "LONG LIVE THE KING!" And before he could say anymore, a fiery beam charred him to death.

Zian's eyes glowed red as he spoke."Scum from Arachnion again. I don't have to be eighteen years old to figure out who's from around here and who isn't. You want to know the 'legendary' secret of this peak? The legend of Raw-Si-Der? Here you go. This sword lay under the mountain, waiting for me. I was destined to wield it. That fool of a king - Richard f***ing Frost - had my father killed! And yet, he denied the act, and the kingdom of Arachnion backed their "loyal" king. That scum was no king. His son is no king. He is a boy..."

A minister stood forward and interrupted the barking King as he spoke. "DON'T UNDERSTIMATE HIM. He may be a boy, but DO NOT forget. So are you."

Zian took a deep breath and turned back. He walked to the throne and blew it up with red hot plasma like gysers from his hands.

"Can I have a normal chair tomorrow, uncle Felix?" He said, looking at the minister who had just spoken to him.

Felix raised his hood, revealing a plain and calm physiognomy, a thick white mustache and a thicker grey beard. He spoke in a calm tone. "My lord, meet me in my chambers after noon tomorrow. I'm afraid your behaviour has been most inappropriate in the recent chronics."

Zian looked down. "I apologize uncle."

Felix replied with the same plain expression. "If you want to call yourself capable of even dreaming about defeating the third Mutoking blood born, you have to act instead of speaking. Apologies are for toddlers who can't crawl. I take you for a man. Or have you given up on your dreams and spirit of vengeance?"

Zian continued looking down.

He felt guilt. And that's all he felt anymore.

                                                                     /// \\\

Zian walked into his uncle's chamber. He was nervous and there was no hiding or denying it. His uncle was looking out the window at the ocean of smooth lava that gave the sky its red glow.

"There is a beauty in that lava that made people look beyond the hellish heat and build this kingdom." He paused and looked down. He continued, "Your will can get you much further than just fulfilling some stupid prophecy. Both you and I know that prophecies can be twisted and broken. You were never destined to destroy the Mutonian empire. It was your father who was meant to do so. I am the only one who read the prophecy and so I know. Destiny works in twisted ways. When we talk about destiny, there are two types of people in the world. The ones who fulfill their destiny without knowing it, and those who understand their destiny and fulfill it either in an attempt to prevent it, or by their own will. The trick is to live by your own terms. Your own principles.

What I wish to tell you from this is that you must look beyond the power you have. Tomorrow, you may lose all of it and one day, you definitely will. I want you imagine a situation like that and use your powers without all that showing off you do in court. Why do you wish to give people the impression that you're a spoilt brat?"

"Because I don't give a fuck what people thi....." Zian was cut off by his uncle before he could finish. "WHAT? YOU ARE THEIR KING! THEY DEPEND ON YOU! YOU MUST SET AN EXAMPLE FOR THEM. If you do this, imagine what will happen when you're gone. The powerful will show dominance over the weak. Children and men will be butchered and women raped. Your actions determine this kingdom's future. Dragon Eye was not made by just metal and hardwork. It was also made by humble minds. It was made from peace. You cannot let it fall into chaos and the way you act in court, you are going to do just that. I believe in you. I know that you will execute just what I taught you to. Just act like a king. NOT AN UNENCUMBERED SWINE!"

Zian nodded. As he turned to leave, Felix turned around to face Zian's back and said, "You're going with the technology team to inspect the black hole. They have found a way in without getting annihilated in the process. I'll take care of things here while you're gone. That spy could've tricked you into telling him about our advancements. Your power is supposed to be your strength and NOT your weakness!"

Zian walked out. He was a little relieved. 

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Sat May 23, 2020 4:55 pm
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thepages wrote a review...

This is great work, not that i wasn't looking but i have no correction to give, the first review was all you needed.
I like the twist in this story, first i think Zian is evil and i am wondering what his devious plans might be but then as his ankle speaks i find room for posibilities. Also the fact that the two parallel kings are boys gets me offguard. Your gramma on point i've loved this and can't wait for the next piece, makes me want to post my own adventure. Plz keep up the thrill.

Gravitem says...

Hey, I love that you feel that way! Thanks!

Gravitem says...

Hey, I love that you feel that way! Thanks!

Gravitem says...

Hey, I love that you feel that way! Thanks!

Gravitem says...

Hey, I love that you feel that way! Thanks!

Gravitem says...

Hey, I love that you feel that way! Thanks!

Gravitem says...

Hey, I love that you feel that way! Thanks!

thepages says...


Gravitem says...

Oof I didn't mean to post that so many times, sorry!! ^^'

thepages says...


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Fri May 01, 2020 5:31 pm
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EthanHoover wrote a review...

Hey Grav, it's Ethan here for another review.

I haven't read chapter one, or the prologue, but from what I've seen here, you have a very interesting story! Zian is an interesting character, the chapter started with me disliking him, but then as the chapter progresses I started to understand him more. I see the seeds of an interesting plot brewing, and I'm looking forward to seeing your future chapters.

As always, though, I want to give a little feedback of the things that maybe need fixing. Your story was pretty much clear of major errors, so here are the minor things I noticed;

Not so much an error, but I was thrown off by the entire chapter being in italics. I know it's just a stylistic choice, but I thought I should note that I was initially confused by it.

Also, in the line, ''He sheathed his finely-tipped sword,'' did you perhaps mean to say 'unsheathed?' 'Sheathed' would mean putting it into his sheath, and as far as I can tell he was drawing it, not stowing it.

Finally, just a general note to pay extra attention to commas. Commas are one of the fine points in grammar that are very commonly misused, so it's not a big issue, but you definitely feel it when they're missing/misplaced. An example is in the line "Tomorrow, you may lose all of it and one day, you definitely will." There are a few ways to make this flow better, the simplest is just to add a comma after 'all of it'. But I know commas can get complicated, so don't sweat this one too much.

All in all, a great chapter! Well written, I'm starting to get a feel for the characters, and I'm looking forward to finding out more about the world in later chapters. Great job, and as always, keep up the good work!

Gravitem says...

Thanks Ethan! Yeah and I was picturing the sword's scabbard and so I wrote sheathed. Boy, I do need some more experience with them commas. :D

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Fri May 01, 2020 10:58 am
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Gravitem says...

I'd like to thank @Morrigan @ShallowHouse @IconspicuoslyAlpacaing @LadyGemstone and @whatchamacallit for helping me out with edits and rephrasing, and @FlamingPhoenix for giving me company while I wrote.

Spoiler! :

Hope you guys like it
@LittleLee @Honora @Necromancer14
(Neck, I got you back to your place)

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