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An Incomplete Drawing of Billie Eilish

by lulon

so um the table cloth messed up the background and went through the paper and it’s kinda blurry so ignore that. but yeah. feedback please.

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Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:40 pm
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LadyBug wrote a review...

Hi, Lulon! Im here to leave a review on your drawing. It seems you already have quite a lot of good feedback, but why not?

It's so professional, I love it. Billie Eilish is one of my favorite singers, and this is pretty accurate. One thing, though, is her hair. While it is incomplete it is very unrealistic, it looks lifeless and rather flat, and while her hair in real life is very shiny and pretty flowy, I would say.

Her eyes, one is perfect, very pretty! You captured the look in the left one very well, but the other is very oddly done, uneven, and the same can be said for the eyebrow,

Her lips are a bit off, as well, the top one is a bit too plump and is maybe too prominent. Also, I personally think that the 3/4 angle, you'd see a bit more of them, and the nose would be more rounded.

Other than that I'm in awe! It's so pretty and if it's completed then please post it on here! The detail is awesome and the shading, though a little lacklustre, is very impeccable.


lulon says...

hi! thanks for reviewing, and thanks for the insight! have a lovely day!

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Sat May 02, 2020 3:41 pm
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ShannKenn wrote a review...

Most of the comments I would have given on this have already been mentioned in previous reviews. I agree with AlyTheBookworm on the eyes and brow facing more of a 3/4 view while the lower section of the face does indeed look to be more of a profile. I think this is a factor that is making the proportions look a little off too; if the features were on the same plane I think it would balance out much more effectively. Overall, your shading is going in a great direction and I love the detail in the eyebrows and lashes - those tiny little hairs do my head in when I'm trying to draw them. Good work so far, and I look forward to seeing how it looks finished!

lulon says...

thank you!!!

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Thu Apr 30, 2020 3:14 am
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AlyTheBookworm wrote a review...

Hey harper!

I've never reviewed art on YWS before but I'll do my best and try to be as helpful as possible.

I think the strongest parts of this portrait are actually the shading and details in the eyes, eyebrows, and brow. The eyes are really lovely and are, honestly, my favorite part of this portrait. I also like the shape and shading of the lips. Each of these details gives her a very steady, calm, and pensive expression. The wavy strands of hair to the right of the eyes are a small detail I thought was really lovely and the spot of darkness in the hair adds some good contrast. Nice job!

As for constructive criticism, I think the proportions are probably the weakest area of the artwork. Some parts of the face (nose, bottom lip, chin) seem to be part of a side profile, facing directly towards the right of the picture, while other parts (eyes, brow/forehead, top lip) are turned more towards the viewer, like in a 3/4 view of a face.

The bottom half of the face is also a bit too large and long compared to the eyes (or the eyes are too small compared to the rest of the face). This could maybe be improved by making the eyes and eyebrows longer (extending to the left side of the picture) and larger. Individually, these features are well-drawn and look good, but taken together it doesn't look proportional.

To be honest, the only way I can think of improving proportions and more accurately drawing from life or from photos is just endless practice. My art teacher calls this skill "growing your eye", being able to see the subtle differences between your own drawings and the reference photos they're based on. She taught me a trick of using a handheld mirror to look at the reflection of your artwork. This helped me to notice a lot of flaws in the proportions of my sketches- I had a pretty serious problem of making the right sides of faces droop.. lol. Anyways, that might be helpful to you, if you ever want to try it out.

Overall: This is a great portrait and I like it a lot. You have a real talent for small details, lips, and eyes. I'm not great at reviewing art, but I hope this was at least a bit helpful. Keep it up! :)

- Aly

lulon says...

wow i%u2019ve never realized how small her eyes are! part of it is that her lips and nose are quite big, but i still agree they are a little small for her face. i%u2019m going to use your review to finish this! thanks so much.

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Thu Apr 30, 2020 12:03 am
JellyRose wrote a review...

Wow! This is already really awesome! I love the shading and how you blend. Your anatomy and structure is already really good.

Now, the only issue I see is the hair. But hair is also really tricky. So what I've heard is to block out a section of the hair at a time and work on it individually. It's kind of awkward to explain, but there are plenty of tutorials on like Youtube and some art websites like DeviantArt, that go into a better-detailed explanation and with more tips and tricks than I ever could (I just mostly draw cartoons haha).

Anyways, this is still really awesome and I hope to see more of your work soon! Have a great day!

lulon says...

thanks! i enjoyed your advice! this drawing is incomplete because i didn%u2019t want to draw the hair. :). i%u2019m learning how to do shading with hair better. thanks for the review!

JellyRose says...

Hey that's totally fine. With my own work I get lazy with hands haha. But hey take your time with learning how to do some things with art! I wish you luck!

lulon says...

thank you!

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