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My Unconfessed Love

by theescaper020

Sitting alone under the moonlit sky, 

you made me realize,

my love wasn't enough for you to make a COMPROMISE.

EVERY TIME I wanted to turn to you

I was afraid you would find someone who would lean on to you .

I never said and you'll never hear

my untold words of insecurity are my DARKEST FEARS.

EVERY TIME you smiled at me,

was the time I dreamt of your future with me.

But I never thought about the game of DESTINY,

that my unconfessed love drove you away and made you HATE me.

And even though I can't see you anymore

I can still feel your presence making me sore.

Even though I can't reach you anymore,

I can feel your warmth just like before.

Even though it doesn't make a difference without you anymore,

the way you reached me makes me smile just like before.

And even though I don't see you anymore,

I will love you SELFLESSLY just like before. 

                                                                              ~ ESCAPER020


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Sun Mar 29, 2020 1:26 pm
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LittleLee says...

I'll get to the review in a moment!

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Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:45 pm
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Bina Fun says...

This is relatable, it hits pretty close to home for me. Voicing these kinds of feelings is not easy. I think you are brave for typing this up and sharing it. I hope things get better for you and you can someday get over them.

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Wed Mar 25, 2020 11:39 pm
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StudentAH wrote a review...

I am intrigued in the way you formatted this poem! The capitalized words... it's not something I see often. It adds such a rhythm to your poem. And the intensity of those words... I can feel the powerful feelings, the anguish, behind this poem.

As someone who was once in a similar situation, I really can relate to how the narrator is somewhat aware of her own insecurities that may have driven her to fall in love with such an unavailable man. It is scary to love someone so selflessly, that you leave almost no room for yourself. We fall for someone because we want them to love us too, yet when they don't give us anything back, somehow we still keep trying, almost relentlessly, until perhaps it drives us so crazy we almost become controlling or even drive them away, make them hate us, in our confusion and overflowing passion for them.

The strongest line to me was definitely this: "you made me realize, my love wasn't enough for you to make a COMPROMISE."

That is such a defining realization, and it MADE the poem what it was. That line sets up the entire poem.

I think this poem was quite amazing. It touched me in a unique way. I also like the way you signed off on the poem, it makes it so much more personal. Bravo!


One little gripe: There's a typo, think! The sixth line has a ' after the word "hear."

Oh. ...Thank you for your words ...i'm really glad you liked the poem .And about that typo it was an autocorrect .

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Wed Mar 25, 2020 3:31 pm
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BhavyaMehta123 wrote a review...

Hey there! Here for a quick review. This is a nice poem. I liked your rhyming and how the person who is being talked about can't forget her lover, the moments spent with him and still loves him from her heart. She expresses her insecurities, her complaints but still loves him truly.The best part is her love is selfless and unconditional love but incomplete and that makes me feel a little sad. But the person must believe better days will come.
Overall it was short, nice and well written poem.
Best wishes for your future works.

Thank you Bhavya%uD83D%uDE00

Your welcome!

I support the shrek message.
— MiniGem26