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Who Said

by WinnyWriter

There's something I need to know….

Who said I have to like glitter,

that I have to drink Starbucks

or love to shop,

that I have to have a favorite color,

a favorite song,

or even a favorite food?

Who said I have to dress

in just one style?

Who said that my room has to have

just one theme,

or that I can't wear heels one day

and hiking boots the next?

Who said I have to define myself

in one word,

or my personality

in one quote?

Narrow-minded people!

Don't they know that I am so much more

than a stereotype,

a theme,

a few defining words?

No, my soul is so much deeper,

my interests so much wider.

I am vast, unexplored territory -

who said I must be limited?

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Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:06 am
dahlia58 wrote a review...

Indeed, who says we have to be anything? I personally find the "favorite food" and "favorite color" questions weird myself. We could have more than one of each. Your poem actually feels more like prose because of the structuring, but I suppose poems are flexible. "Who said" is a good, relatable work, and the second to last line was particularly eye catching, at least to me. Please keep up the good work, and I'm sorry I can't review very well...

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Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:45 am
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tgham99 wrote a review...

I like that this is a simple enough poem that you can follow along with the message easily, but not so simple that it's not telling a strong story. I particularly like this set of lines from earlier in the poem:

"Who said I have to like glitter,

that I have to drink Starbucks

or love to shop.."

As a girl I resonate with these lines a lot because I feel like they apply quite a bit to me personally.

That being said, I enjoy your use of repetition -- "who said?" is a simply yet powerful question to ask not only of your readers but of society as a whole, which is what I feel you were trying to do with this piece.

The only thing I would really change about this poem is perhaps the inclusion of a little bit more detail; rather than leaving it as straightforward as it is now, maybe introducing some more description or maybe a few more intense adjectives would really help elevate the poem. However, this is just a personal preference, and the poem is also good the way it is right now.

Hope this helped!! :)

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Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:25 am
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neptune wrote a review...


So I have to say that I love the meaning behind this poem! The message is conveyed very easily to me (as a reader) and I feel like this is in part because of the straightforwardness of the writing itself. The concept is definitely relatable to a majority (if not all) readers, which I think is helpful in creating a sense of relatability.

My favorite lines were:

No, my soul is so much deeper,
my interests so much wider.
I am vast, unexplored territory

I loved these lines because they were very descriptive, and the concept was a unique edition to a somewhat generic idea of stereotypes in society. This is a great way to end off the poem; something more metaphorical like this helped strengthen the overall poem, in my opinion, because most of the poem consists of literal questions directed at “society”. That being said, it leaves me wanting a little more. We’re at the end of the poem and I’m just now seeing some dimension in the writing and I really think you could have explored the concept of “vast, unexplored territory”.

This idea of unexplored territory seemed like it was cut a little short which is in part why I think you could add on to it, but also because it’s the deepest and richest line in the overall poem and more of its kind would strengthen the establishment of unexplored territory.

I think that this poem especially could benefit from more imagery/descriptions because of all the questions. I feel like incorporating something else between the questions could slow down the overall quick pace of the poem, too.

Overall, I liked this! It has a lot of possible parts that could be added too, which I think is great because it will allow you to expand a little further! There are many directions you can take this, and I definitely suggest playing with it a little more. Hope this was helpful!

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Sun Jan 12, 2020 5:53 am
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jf21 says...

I love this. I think you exemplified everything a teenager in today’s society feels. Society tells us that we should be ourself but when we are they tell us to change, i think you said that without coming out and saying it. Beautiful job!!

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Sat Jan 11, 2020 8:43 pm
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Elinor wrote a review...

Hey WinnyWriter!

My name is Elinor, and I thought I'd drop by to give this poem a quick review. I see you've been with us for a few months now, and I hope you've been enjoying your time on YWS! I really like the idea behind this poem. Personally, I've very interested in the sense of societal expectations that we place on especially young women as they grow up.

I almost wonder if, in writing this, you spread yourself a little thin. Poems should be all about imagery and feeling, especially compared to prose, which tells a story. TIhere's a lot of information being thrown at here, and I don't feel like we get to sit in any of it in the way that we should. For instance, you mention glitter and Starbucks, is the narrator with friends inside of a Starbucks at the mall? Do they all have pink drinks and she decided not to get anything? Do they have multiple bags and clothes stores and maybe she has one from Barnes & Noble? Bring us into her world. Make us feel what she does.

I'm a little confused about having the passage about not having a favorite song or color. I wouldn't think it was narrow minded to ask someone that, so maybe expand on this a little more. Why doesn't she have one? Has she just no thought about it, or there are too many songs to count?

I enjoyed reading this poem and am excited to see where you take it. Hope this helps! Keep writing, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

All the best,

No, Jack, don't. Jeez.
— David Letterman