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Life or Death ~Book one It Begins Chapter 12

by Shikora

Chapter 12

Viper stared down at the Chief. He couldn’t believe he was alive. His once yellow scales now a muddy red.

“Chief,” Zectra said, she slowly walked over to Venom’s side and looked down at him.

Venom lifted a talon and rubbed his head. The sand and dried blood falling to the floor. “Ow!” Was all he said before he looked at Viper, Quake and Zectra. Venom slowly got to his feet his body shaking as he gained his balance.

Quake but a wing on Venom's back helping him stand. Viper looked over at his leader a rage and fury filled him. He glared down at Venom any sympathy for the older dragon vanished.

“Zectra can you go get water?” Viper asked her, hoping she would say yes.

Zectra looked at Viper. “Sure. I will be back soon!” Zectra spread her wings and flew away in search of water.

“It’s good to see that you three are alive and well!” Venom said standing up to his full height. “Where is Zectra going?”

Viper growled under his breath. “To get us some water,”

Venom nodded. He glanced down at Viper’s wing and frowned. “What happened to your wing?”

Viper rolled his eyes. “It doesn’t matter anymore all you need to know is that it is broken.” Viper looked around him and sighed. “Looks like your so called plan didn’t work after all.”

Venom glowered at Viper. “What did you just say?”

Viper turned around and faced Venom. “You heard me. Are do I have to spell it out for you? Your so called plan back fired!”

Coils of smoke rose from Venom’s nostrils. “You have a lot of nerve to talk to me that way boy!”

Viper glared back at the chief. “How could you be proud of yourself right now? There is only four survivors out a million dragons. How in the world can that be something to not worry about? I’m sure there was another way to deal with this war but no Gig Headed No It All had to send dragonets into battle!”

Venom growled at Viper. “You are lucky I don’t kill you right now!” small sparks came out of his mouth at he spoke.

Viper growled back at Venom with no fear. “Why don’t you? It’s much better them fighting alongside you! You’re just as bad as the dragons that killed this army!”


Venom looked at Quake his eyes large with rage. “You two are lucky I need you to win this war otherwise you both will be nothing but a pile of bones.”

Viper stared at Quake with respect . Quake turned around and walked away from Venom and Viper. Viper walked after him leaving the Chief to stand and watch them go.

Quake slowed down his walking. “You don’t want to get yourself into a fight you know you’re not going to win!”

Viper looked down at the floor. “Yeah I no. It’s just that I’m tired of having to follow his rules when I no they are wrong.”

Quake looked at Viper and smiled. “Well that is just one of those things you will just have to live with. I was like you when I was young doubting everything I was told, and trust me it doesn’t get you anywhere. Just in moor trouble then you’re in already.” Quake let out a sigh. He stopped walking and turned and faced Viper. “Use your head if you don’t you are going to end up in a lot of trouble!”

Viper nodded his head. “It just gets hard. I’ve followed him my hull life and I’m tired of it!” he dug his talons into the ground in frustration.

Quake looked behind him then back at Viper. “You and me both kid. But it’s best to keep to yourself sometimes.”

“Hay are you two going to get some water or not?” Viper heard Zectra call to them. Viper turned around to see Zectra with two bolls of water in her talons. “I got enough for everyone!”

Viper and Quake ran up to Zectra the need for water digging at them. Viper’s mouth felt like a desert when he ran his tong alone the roof of his mouth. When he got to Zectra she handed him a bowl of water. When the cool liquid ran down his throat a great relief filled him.

“So what now?” Zectra asked them. “It’s not like we can go back to the fort, its probable being overrun by Onex Wyverns.”

Venom scratched his chin. “Well we don’t know that for sure. I say we go have a look.”

Viper and Quake looked at Venom. “And if it is full of Onex Wyverns and they see us then what?” Quake asked, tapping his talon on the floor. “And I’m sure I’m not the only one here but I do believe it would be safer if we moved away from here, and went somewhere else to talk about this.”

Viper nodded. “But where?”

Zectra smiled. “On the way to get you some water I passed this mountain. It’s not too far from hear. At least I think?” Zectra tapped her chin with her talon as she thought.

“Well I think we should give it a shot it’s almost daybreak!” Viper warned. He flicked his tail on the ground sending dust into the air.

Zectra nodded. “I agree.”

“Then we will leave now!” Venom order.

Viper rolled his eyes. ‘I’m really starting to get tired of him!’He thought to himself as he and the rest followed Zectra as she started walking.

Viper saw Venom look over at him and frowned. “What?” he snapped.

Venom looked a head and asked. “Why aren’t you flying?”

Viper looked at his broken wing then back at Venom. “I broke it when I fell!”

Venom nodded and walked over to the others. Viper watched him go. He could hear them talking and started to worry. Viper saw Zectra look over at him then back to Venom with a sad look upon her face.

Venom and the others stopped walking and turned to look at Viper. Pitiful looks were placed on Quake’s and Zectra’s faces.

“Viper the others and I have talked and have come to an agreement!” Venom seemed to smile slightly as he spoke.

Viper frowned not liking the sound of his voice. “And?” he asked dreading to know what will happen next.

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Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:02 pm
EagleFly wrote a review...

Hi @Shikora I am here to do a review on you work sorry for the late review.
I really think that your description is getting better and better ever chapter. it really is good, I really feel sorry for Viper and his wing this means that he mite not make it back to shelter at all.
small mistakes

Quake but a wing on Venom's back helping him stand. Viper looked over at his leader a rage and fury filled him.

okay I think that but should be put, so that was just a small mistake there.

Are do I have to spell it out for you?

Okay I think that Are was meant to be our, so just a small mistake here to. by the way Viper really dose have some guts to talk to his Chief like that.
“Why don’t you? It’s much better them fighting alongside you!

okay I think them was meant to be then, another small mistake here.
[quote] Pitiful looks were placed on Quake’s and Zectra’s faces. [quote]
okay I am not really shore if you nee the s with Quake, here is what it sounds like with out the s at the end of Quake's name.
[quote] Pitiful looks were placed on Quake and Zectra’s faces.[quote]
I hop that helps you a bit. by the way grate cliff hanger, also I am really waiting for the next chapter to be posted on YWS. So that is all that I can say I hop it helped you a bit. So keep up with the good work here.

@EagleFly out to seek and kill

Shikora says...

Thanks for the review.

EagleFly says...

you are very welcome. :D

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