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Joker Missed - Into Hiding - Chapter 3

by Archangel

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Joker's POV-

"Find out everything connected to that. If you can't find any juicy stuff, I want at least to have a name and address." He nods and leaves. I lean back in my seat relaxing.

'Why did she seem so... familiar?'


As I left - pondering if the infamous Joker recognized me - the bouncer called out to me saying,

"Leaving so soon, Tiger?" The bouncer pulled me to him and lifted my hand to his lips, kissing it. I slip a rolled up piece of paper with my regular cell phone number on it into his pocket. Walking away with a flirtatious smile at him, I headed home. About to turn the corner, I look back to see if the bouncer was still watching me. Looking back, I see a more prominent, burler man had taken his place.

'I wonder why?' As I contemplate why he was replaced Joker's face pops into my mind. My eyes widen, and I quickly head home.

'That's right! I was getting away from 'Him.'' Arriving home, I immediately grab my second cell - the one I use for emergencies. I dial my best friend Val, one of the only people I give this phone number.

"Hey, Silver. What's going on? You never call on this phone." I could tell that he was worried even though he used a calm voice with me.

"Joker saw me, Dragon."


"Where are you now?" The calm facade disappeared, and Val's military training kicked in.

"Home. I'm packing currently. Get. Me. OFF. The. Radar. I want no records of who I am, my life, hospital bills, nothing. Absolutely nothing." I'm running about my apartment getting what's necessary packed and by the door for a quick extraction.

"Consider it done. I'm on my way."


To kill time I got changed into my old uniform from 'The Company.' A trench coat, tank top, cargo pants, combat boot and my dog tags. All black. Hearing Val, pull up I grabbed my clothes I had just shead and put them into my bag of clothes buy the door. Val came in and started seizing my stuff and carrying it downstairs. I took some too and followed him to his black Hummer. Keeping quiet we empty my apartment and place bombs all around it. Just around the corner we park and are just about to push the detonator's button when a purple Lamborghini pulls up.

"Do it." I only say, and Val pushes the button.


We drive off and don't look back.

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Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:47 am
Kanome wrote a review...

Hey. I am here for another review. Let's get started, shall we?

Since this chapter is short, I don't have much to say about it. All I can say is that this took a really big turn. She is now on the run from Joker because she thinks she is going to die, but Joker wants to find her so he can be with her.

I do have a few nitpicks:

Hearing Val, pull up I grabbed my clothes I had just shead and put them into my bag of clothes buy the door.

Here's the correction:
Hearing Val pull up, I grabbed my clothes I had just shead and put them into my bag of clothes by the door.

That's all I can say for now. Keep up the great work and keep writing! Onto the next chapter ~

- Kanome

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