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Joker Missed - Noticed - Chapter 2

by Archangel

'I need to get out of here! What if he sees me?!' Soon as I see him I try to get to the door as fast but calmly as possible. I'm almost out the door when I look over my shoulder and then he turns his head and makes eye contact with me. I brake our moment of connection and leave, going straight home. Luckily, I can sprint in these shoes. 

'Did he recognize me?'


~Joker POV~

Harley and the suicide squad left me. They somehow secured a vacation on some tropical island. I decided to find a new plaything and go to my club. I put on my black slacks and my purple crocodile cloak. Grabbing my guns and cane on my way out, I drove to my club, 'Laughs and Grins'. 

~ Time Skip ~

(sorry peeps. I don't feel like describing a dive to a club)

Parking my purple Lamborghini around back, I went inside and sat down in the VIP section. Looking through the glass bead curtain separating me from everyone else, and scanned the crowd. I smirked as 'I need a gangsta' started to play.

"Oh yeah!" My eyes widen as I heard someone shout out. I could tell whoever's voice that was wasn't drunk. It was purely happy and carefree. I searched the crowd for the body that connected to the voice. Then see someone about to leave. Her beautiful brown hair flying over her shoulder as she turned her head to look directly into my eyes. Then she's gone.

"You." I point ant one of my goons standing nearby me without looking.

"Yes, Sir?"

'He's so uptight!'

"Get me the bouncer." He nods and switches places with tonight's bouncer. I watch as the bouncer slowly and fearfully makes his way through the club to me.

"Y-you wanted to see me, Sir?" I look at him and grin.

"Yes. I want you to identify someone, the only one who's left since I got here. Who is she?"

"You mean the one with the teal flannel?"

"Yes! That's the one!" He looked at his shoes and then started patting his pockets, looking for something. Impatient, I narrow my eyes and start tapping my foot.

"She flirted her way in, Sir. But. She did give me this." He finally found a rolled up piece of paper and hand it to me. I unrolled the paper and grinned at it.

"Go back to your post. Send the other guy back." I keep staring at the paper and grinning in delight.

"Sir?" Not looking at the goon I hand him the paper.

"Find out everything connected to that. If you can't find any juicy stuff I want at least to have a name and address." He nods and leaves. I lean back in my seat relaxing.

'Why did she seem so... familiar?'

*Shout out to Kanome for being the first to comment on Joker Missed chapter one!*

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Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:42 am
Kanome wrote a review...

Hey. I'm back again with another review. Let's get started, shall we?

The Joker is so demanding but it did make me giggle. I liked how he became infatuated with her just from eye contact. I've been wanting to know what her name was so I can't wait to read the next chapters to see.
So basically, we are seeing The Joker after the events of the Suicide Squad. That's kind of interesting.

I figured 'Laugh and Grins' would be his nightclub. I don't really have much to say about the setting since I already mentioned about it in the previous chapter.

Okay, I enjoy where the plot is going so far. Joker has find someone new to play with and is he going through all this just to get her name and address, even more. I can't wait to see what happens in the future chapters.
Keep up the great work and keep writing! Onto the next chapter ~

- Kanome

Archangel says...

Kanome? (Y/N) means your name.

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Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:56 am
Archangel says...

A special thanks goes to @Kanome forgiving me the points to post this chapter (and more) sooner than expected.

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