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Tears on a Broken Mirror

by GreenTea

I look at myself in my mirror.

A reflective glass that can show yourself.

Mine is broken.


I stand there, just staring

At the face I thought was unlovable

The shoulders I thought were too broad

The arms I thought were too short

The stomach I thought was too round

The hips I thought were too small

The me I thought was ugly, unseemly, grotesque.

My reflection stares

I stare back

Both of us are thinking, sharing the same thoughts

Of all the time I spent lamenting the fact I wasn't pretty

I wasn't lovable like I was.

Crying tears of shame and insecurity onto a broken mirror that showed a distorted reflection.

A reflection that lied to me, my whole life.

A shattered mirror displaying a false me that wasn't me

Broken by many side comments of judgment and statements like;

"You have a big head."

"You're breaking out."

"Look at your chest size!"

"Make sure you don't eat too much sugar! You might put on more weight."

Each of these has made a crack in my mirror

And every time I look over at myself, I feel like an unprepossessing shell of fat and acne.

Because that's what my reflection shows me.

And I had the naivety to believe it was the truth. 

And every time I would weep over this broken reflection

The water would collect in the cracks and run down the frame. 

But something miraculous happened.

I saw a stranger, familiar but foreign as well.

They saw me and gave me a gift.

One mirror.

One word.


And that made all the difference.

Sometimes that broken reflection will stare back at me in my mirror

Shattered by many insensitive comments. 

But then I remember that gift.

I pick it up.

I look into it.

As I stare at this person in the mirror, I start to smile.

Then I start to cry.

It's been so long since I've felt this way.

Since I've been able to look at myself in a speculum and think;

"I feel pretty today."

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Sun Jan 28, 2018 4:54 pm
emma1045 wrote a review...


Hopefully, my review will help. I'm not great at writing them but I'll do my best.

This is a wonderful poem. Knowing how beautiful you are is very important and you pointed out that fact in this poem. People today have this obsession with being slim and fit and healthy. Yes, all these matter but you also have to accept your own beauty, the way you look, and not worry about other people's judgments. We all have days where we feel pretty and also days we might feel we're not, but that's okay. It's a natural feeling.

I really enjoyed reading this poem.
Kepp up the great work!!

- Emma

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Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:18 pm
Mentaku wrote a review...

Greetings, Mentaku here for review

Nowadays the concept of beauty has began to turn too concise. A slim body, not too much fat. Clear skin and whatnot. But believe it, beauty is too broad a term to be seen as just outer appearance. To me, such people who define beauty as just an outward thing not looking deeply are unforgivable. Maybe that person in the poem had eyes that looked mysterious. Or his/her hair were such that you couldn't forget them. Even not this(as this too would be just looking at outward appearance) that person had a beautiful soul that had something worthwhile once you took a notice of it. Outward appearance matter too, yes, but just that - no!

The poem captured the feeling of inferiority amazingly. The 'gift' served to me as an ending. But I guess that once started would the narrator let go of all the negative inferiority complex just like that? Just because of a 'gift' a certain word that he/she wanted to hear from somebody, anybody and which fortunately the narrator received....could this feeling of being low because the outward appearance doesn't fall in the category of pretty, be erased or let go?

If the whole concept of his/her sense of beauty doesn't change...would he/she feel nice in his /her own skin?

The mirror served as a medium for the narrator to look into his/her self. But it would have been nice if the narrator realized his own value on his own and not by accepting others view. I think in the whole poem, the narrator was struggling because of someone else....someone who doesn't deserve to be considered by him. He was influenced a lot by outer world until the end. The ending, I think, would have been better if the narrator recognized the fact that he is born into the world with a body, which is a gift. To be unappreciative of it would be like asking to be made perfect from god who has given so much already. It would also be unfilial toward parents from whom he sprang. Being unappreciative and unfilial is not something nice. If everyone were to be perfect then the worlds diverse beauty would have been lost!

Everyone has been given something or the other that individualizes him from the rest.

Anyway, I enjoyed your poem a lot. Though I don't agree with the sentiments showcased.

Thank you for sharing your words and I'll be looking forward to your other works.

GreenTea says...

Thank you for your review! The gift of being beautiful doesn't have to be physical like you said. Sometimes, one word from a stranger is what you need to help realizing you're beautiful. I believe that when my friends call me pretty it's because they're my friends and they don't want to hurt my feelings, but when someone I've just met calls me pretty without provoking compliments I feel better about myself. This is what I was trying to portray. Essentially, the mirror is a medium, but in a way that they are able to look at their personality rather than their exterior. With their regular mirror being broken by rude comments, it can be hard to see clearly.
Thank you again for your review!

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Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:27 pm
LakeOfCancer wrote a review...

This is so beautiful, and, I can relate to this too. I look into the mirror everyday, whether I want to or not. Every time I see acne and a round stomach, too fat thighs and way too large hips. I always try to tell myself that someone out there says I look amazing! But I haven't found that "gift", like you talk about in your poem. I'm happy that you finally found something to make you happy!:)

Now on to reviewing, at first I thought you were rhyming, then I realized, "Hey! It's just free verse!"XD No harm there! I honestly can't find anything to criticize about i this poem, you did wonderfully!

I hear that you like tea puns, that sorta thing. So here's one: You are beauTEAful!!

GreenTea says...

Thank you so much! If you haven't found your gift, let me give you some smaller gifts; encouragement. Although I have no idea what you look like, you are beautiful. Image it's like you're not your type, but someone else will think you are perfect. Maybe you've already met them. Stay strong, friend <3

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