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Average, chapter 3 (rough draft)

by Trashcan

Yes hello, it is I, and I have some VERY IMPORTANT THINGS to say! It has come to my attention that didn't quite explain the way this story is written as well as I should've. The character the story is centered around and taken from the point of view of changes every chapter, pay attention to the italicized text below the author's note (text in bold at the top), it's very important! There are five characters that, for the most part, the story will be centered around, you've met four of them as of this chapter. There is one character that is important but may or may not get his own chapter. That is all. -Trashcan

September 5th, Maryland

Looks like Alex and I have three classes together. Home and careers, P.E., and English. Last year we had math, English, science, art, and Social studies together. That’s two less. It’s okay, everything will be ok, that’s what Alex says.

I think I have Art next period, that should be fun. Art is the best class, in my humble opinion.

I get into class two minutes early and choose the table closest to the back. The tables hold five people each, the maximum amount of people I’ll have to deal with is four, not too bad.

After about four minutes, the teacher starts her lesson. No one decided to sit with me, this is good if you don’t know how to talk to people.

“Good morning, how are you all today?”

What ensues is the most tired, bored, drawn out ‘good’ I’ve ever heard.

“Oh come on! That was pathetic!”

“Good.” Slightly less bored sounding.

“I suppose that’ll have to do. I’m Mrs. Russel, I specialize in realism and-“ She gets cut off as a student walks in the door. “Hello! Who might you be?”
“Noah Tutt.” 
“Lovely to meet you! Please sit over,” She pauses for a moment to scan the room. “There! With the blonde lady in the back.” I knew it. I knew it was too good to be true. He smiles at me as he sits down. I don’t smile back. Mrs. Russel continues, “I suppose, we should hop right into the lesson now, shouldn’t we? How many of you would consider yourselves artists?” I raise my hand, so does this Noah guy. Plus five points to him for coolness. “Wonderful! That’s more than most classes. So we’re going to do a little game called Scribble. How do you play Scribble you ask? Well, it’s easy! All you have to do is draw a small doodle or drawing and then show it to the people at your table and explain why you chose to draw it. Simple enough? Good! Paper is at the front of the room."

Let’s draw Wonderwoman, everyone loves Wonderwoman, even non-comic fans. I start with the head, then the torse, then the legs and arms. Come to think of it, considering the teacher specializes in realism, drawing Wonderwoman in this cartoony style of mine wasn’t the smartest. Oh well. 
“Alright, students, your ten minutes is up!” I don’t think a time limit of ten minutes was mentioned in the rules. Whatever, I’m done anyway. 
“So, what’d you draw?” Oh yeah, social interaction was part of this game. 
“Cool! I drew Batman, he’s the coolest superhero.” His style is a bit more realistic than mine, I like it. Another ten points for coolness. 
“I have to respectfully disagree with you.” 
“Who is then?” 
“Raven from Teen Titans, the original.” 
“I’ve never seen that, is it good.” Must... Resist... urge... to nerd out... 
“Yeah, It’s good, it doesn’t come on on tv anymore, unfortunately.” 
“That’s a shame.” 
Mrs. Russel starts her lesson up again. “Now, put all of your papers on my desk in a nice orderly pile and then you can talk quietly for the rest of the time.” I check the clock, 12:18. Class started about twenty minutes ago, that’s twenty more minutes of nothing but talking. What idiot plans a twenty-minute lesson? Maybe I can just go to the library and read. 
“Mrs. Russel, may I go to the library?” 
“What for?” Whoops, didn’t think of a good reason, quick, come up with something! “I forgot to get an outside reading book before school started.” 
“Oh, alright. Hallpass is by the door.” 
“Thank you.” Wow, that was easier than I thought then I thought, Library it is then.

There actually is one more thing, I'm bad at reviewing, so it'll probably be a few days before I can post the next chapter. Please be patient! It'll be up eventually. -Trashcan

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Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:30 am
VictoriaAnderson1230 wrote a review...

Sooo dialogue was a tad bit hard to follow but not a major concern. I haven't read the first two parts so not entirely sure what is going on but I still found this interesting and if I was in a book stoor just flicking through a book reading random pages to see if it grabs my attention I think this would have done the trick. So well done and great work I will definitely try to find time to go back and read your other post. Also, it was a really good move to explain the writing style at the beginning. Not sure if it was brought up a lot in other feedback if it was a great job in taking note of what can be seen as confusing :) I'm not an expert at grammar but your work does need some more commas.


Trashcan says...

Thanks for the review! A few people didn't pay much mind to the italicized text and were a little confused because of it, so I thought it was necessary to explain. I'll try to work on my dialogue and grammar a little bit, thanks for the advice. :)

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