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Dreaded Dinner Party Chapter 12

by Dest

Chapter Twelve

“Next, we have a beloved local resident, Morris Digi, who says he has an incriminating report on a couple in this city.”

The voice of the female news anchor faded into the air and she and her co-host turned to their guest expectantly. Mr. Digi smiled a crooked smile. 

“Whoa! He looks so ugly without his beard,” Curi commented, frowning. Mr. Digi wasn’t revolting to look at, but it felt good to say something rude.

Wolfeman frowned at her. "He still has his mustache. I'm surprised you'd say that."

She sighed, trying to push down an apology in her throat. “I only said that Mister Wolfeman, to lighten the mood. Who knows what he's going to say. He's already made enough trouble.”

“These people who shall remain unnamed Mr. Digi began, putting on a pompous tone.Have broken countless noise violations with their party music, tried to blackmail me, and...” His voice dramatically lowered. “They haven't been paying their party tax!”

The news anchors hadn't seemed amused by Mr. Digi's allegations but kept rolling with the interview. The newsroom illuminated with bright lights shone directly on Mr. Digi, on his gray suit and his lies.

Curi screamed at the TV, “How are you gon' say all this junk and not even say our names! No one's stupid! We know who you are talking about!”

“This couple must be stopped. In their latest party, babies were stolen, an affair took place, and the worst of it, the Andrews tried to ruin my marriage!” Mr. Digi twisted the events. “It’s so shameful considering The AndrewsI mean this couple have been trying to get me to adopt their little ragamuffin for years, by the way.” He wiped at his right eye that produced no tears. “Poor ragamuffin.”

Curi's nose scrunched. Just who did he think he was referring to? She bet he meant her, as the Digis’ ironically seemed fond of her older brother.

“Well, you got your wish.” Wolfeman snickered. “He slipped and said you guys' name.” He leaned back into his rotating chair.

“I can't believe you, Mr. Digi! My parents have put up with you for years! I am glad you didn't get invited!”

Wolfeman winced at her volume. “Scream louder, why don't you? I'm sure he can hear you.”

“Stop with the sarcasm for once!” Curi huffed at Wolfeman, her temper rising. “How can someone tell such bold-faced lies?”

Wolfeman picked at his teeth. Whatever sympathy Curi had been feeling for the free-spirited man disappeared. She had listened to him, so the least he could do is try to comfort her. It irked her to hear lies about the people she loved.

She grabbed the remote off Wolfeman's desk and muted the rest of Mr. Digi's interview. She wished the older man would magically choke on a lobster roll, not enough to die but enough to never speak again.

“I mean party tax? That doesn't even exist!” Curi balled her fists.

Wolfeman shrugged in pure nonchalance. “People in this city are so woefully ignorant that it is as good as true to them.” He took the toothpick from his mouth and flicked it across the room.

Curi pulled at her hair. “How are the news anchors going along with this? Where's the hard-hitting journalism?”

He yawned. “Two reasons: It's a slow news week and everyone likes a little drama, even you. How else do gossip magazine thrive with little truth?”

Curi sighed. She felt a headache coming on. Wolfeman’s long arm grabbed the remote from her, to hear the rest.

“With all that being said, I would like to welcome the whole town, especially the Wolfeman family to come to the first annual Digi dinner party, at our mansion!” The interview ended promptly after his invite.

“No, he didn't! I guess he's trying to knock my parents from their party empire to regain a new, good reputation.”

“Which—” Wolfeman signaled a finger toward her.

“In turn, gets him back in good graces with your dad. Because who wouldn't want to do business with the new popular guy in the city?”

“Good deduction,” Wolfeman praised.

“Why do they need your dad's money so badly? They already have a mansion.”

“I mean the Digis are rich, but my old man's richer.”

Curi paused for a moment. Her round, brown eyes narrowed and her fists balled again.

“Oh, don't think I am letting you off easy! I just realized that you are STILL messing up my parents' lives!” She turned to Wolfeman giving him an accusatory glance. “How else did Mr. Digi get info on what happened at a party he wasn't invited to?”

He finally sat up straight in his chair and placed his hands on his black jogger pants. “Drop your rocks. They asked me what happened at the party after your parents so lovingly escorted me out. I told them the truth, and he decided to put his own twist on the events. I gotta say he made it sound more interesting. Those Digis are something. Y'know he threw me out as soon as I gave him the dirt, which is why I am here.”

“You are not lying, are you?” Curi eyed him skeptically.

“Now, what do I have to gain from that?”

She sighed.“Okay, I believe you. So, how are you going to help me?” Curi smiled, her face happy to expel the angry lines. It was hard to stay mad at Wolfeman.

Wolfeman laughed a hearty laugh, giving her a good glance at his sharp teeth.

“Kid, I owe you nothing. I got you up to date on why the old couple's mad, so what more do you want? Despite all that has happened, I have no beef, chicken, or turkey with the Digis. You want me offended on your behalf? I don't need my name tampered with either. It will be bad for my job offer.”

Curi steeled herself. “You and Miss Ophelia are both the same because you only think about yourselves. Mister Wolfeman, you owe me! You are acting like a coward! I thought you didn't care what anyone thought? You helped to sabotage their FINAL party! I bet you didn't know that after your shenanigans my parents called it quits!” Curi fibbed a bit, hoping to win him over by guilt.

He didn't look bothered from her tantrum. Did he know she was lying or did he honestly not care? He had been a family friend for the longest, and she liked to think better of him than Ophelia.

He trampled over the respect and the secret crush she had on him with his reply.

“Cry me a river or better yet a glass of water. Please Curi-dear, I am awfully parched. I can't and won't solve your problems.” 


This is chapter twelve of a story I wrote almost two years ago. I am posting each chapter now to get an idea what to edit for. This one was pretty short, and you gotta have a bit of suspension of disbelief.

Almost done! Only four chapters left!

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Sun May 28, 2017 5:06 am
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Wolfical wrote a review...

Happy Review Day!!!

Shorter chapter, yay! d:

He trampled over the respect and the secret crush she had on him with his reply.

Oohhh, I thought I sensed something going on. Especially when in the last chapter his eyes were described as amber. I was under the impression that he was a bit older than Curi though, especially when he calls her a kid. Curi's the more immature character of the pair, since she's much more prone to bursts of anger, whereas Wolfeman is chill. But I guess they're closer in age than I thought.

I love how he calls her Curi-dear. It's old-fashioned and adorable. I ship it. I barely even know these characters tho what is wrong with me.

My one critique is that Curi acts a bit over-the-top angry with the news report. I guess it's just her character, and I get that this Digi guy is being unreasonably mean, but yelling at the screen in front of your crush isn't very... logical. Maybe if she was at home with her parents it would make sense, but aren't they in a public setting, in a work cubicle?

That's all I've got to say! Good luck with the second draft of this book.

Dest says...

Thank you for reviewing!
*sinks ship* Noooo, Wolfeman's 24 and Curi's like 13-16. It's just a harmless crush XD
Curi is very quick-tempered and the work cubicles are kind of empty since it's Saturday.

Wolfical says...

13-16? Which age is she actually xD

Dest says...

I don't know. I generally think of her as 15, but she's a little childish

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Fri May 19, 2017 5:24 pm
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BlueAfrica wrote a review...

I have no beef, chicken, or turkey with the Digis


“These people who shall remain unnamed-” Mr. Digi began, putting on a pompous tone. “-Have broken countless noise violations with their party music, tried to blackmail me, and...” His voice dramatically lowered. “They haven't been paying their party tax!”

I thought it was really weird that Digi was all "shall remain unnamed" when we all know who he's talking about before he even starts speaking, so kind of what's even the point of not naming them? Plus you'd think it would be reflect badly on him to come on a news show just to complain about some people who throw parties, with claims that are clearly false (babies stolen, nonpayment of party tax) and other claims that are easily disproved (noise violations).

Like he'd do better to do it all in the guise of being concerned about the community and talking about the children or something. Maybe he's talking about the state of the community in a general sense and mentions how lately there have been so many boisterous parties ending in this or that disaster - he would never have to mention the couple who throws the parties at all, because since they're so famed for their parties everyone would probably know who he was talking about. But if anyone accused him of slander (which p.s. Curi's parents could *definitely* sue him for at this point), he could say, "I never said the Andrews did this or that," because technically he wouldn't have said it. He could almost argue he didn't even imply it.


Dest says...

Hmm... that's a good point you make. Thanks for reading!

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