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E - Everyone

A little more time

by Mark101kson

Shawn: 12 years old boy.

Sarah: 24 years old. Shawn’s sister.

(The lights are off)

Shawn’s voice:

A happy place to live your life

With a soothing voice to end your strife

Or a corner in mind to ease your pain

And to bring that smile back once again.

An open window showing you the light

Not the one that you see at bay

Not the one that gives you the fright

But lets you know that you’re still alive

And you’re here to play for yet another day.

Sins of past to be washed away

Hiding your fears in a useless space

Trying to wipe those tears

Off your pale white face.

Look into the sky, looking into the night

Wondering what is wrong, wondering what is right

While chasing the stars with your glaring eyes

Watching them fall, watching them dance

Hoping for a moment without a withering glance

Wishing for a little more time

and one last chance.

(Lights fade in. A bed with side rails placed in the middle of the stage, Shawn and Sarah are sitting at each ends facing each other. A metal stool adjacent to the bed, an I.V stand placed on the left side of the stage and a small cupboard on the right side of the bed, where Sarah is sitting. )

Shawn: So?

Sarah: That was beautiful.

Shawn: No.

Sarah: Believe me dear it really was beautiful.

Shawn: You’re just saying that to flatter me.

Sarah: No I’m not sweetie. I didn’t know you knew so many words. You’re really good at this.

Shawn: Really? Well, I used a dictionary.

Sarah: I must say you should write more often.

Shawn: I’ll try.

Sarah: And I’ll wait.

Shawn: I’m not so sure if you’ll have so much time to wait.

Sarah: Probably not.

Shawn: Shouldn't you do something else with whatever time you have left?

Sarah: Like what?

Shawn: Like talk to me.

Sarah: I can surely do that. What should we talk about?

Shawn: I don’t know.


Sarah: well then, you wanna eat anything?

Shawn: No.

Sarah: What me to read you a book?

Shawn: Not now.

Sarah: Maybe I should just wait then.

Shawn: No! Don’t.

Sarah: why not?

Shawn: you don’t have time.

Shawn: I know.

Shawn: Let’s do something then.

Sarah: Like what?

Shawn: Let’s talk.

Sarah: About what?

Shawn: About Mum.

Sarah: You sure you want to?

Shawn: You might never be able to tell me after today.

Sarah: Maybe.

Shawn: So then tell me, why did she leave us?

Sarah: she…had to.

Shawn: No. She had a choice.

Sarah: She did not.

Shawn: ‘To go or not to go’.

Sarah: No she didn’t dear.

Shawn: Why not?

Sarah: It was like that.

Shawn: So you’re in the same situation?

Sarah: maybe.

Shawn: So are you gonna leave me too?

Sarah: No I won’t dear.

Shawn: thank you.

Sarah: You don’t have to thank me for that.

Shawn: Okay.

Sarah: Good.


Shawn: You shouldn’t waste time.

Sarah: What should we do then?

Shawn: We should do something.

Sarah: Do what?

Shawn: Talk.

Sarah: About what?

Shawn: About dad.

Sarah: What about him?

Shawn: Why did dad leave us?

Sarah: Because he wanted to.

Shawn: He had a choice?

Sarah: Yes.

Shawn: But mum didn’t?

Sarah: Mum loved us, dad didn’t.

Shawn: people who are able love don’t get any choice?

Sarah: it isn’t always like that.

Shawn: Do you have a choice?

Sarah: I… I guess I don’t.

Shawn: Okay

Sarah: you’re not gonna ask me why?

Shawn: No. I know what is gonna happen.

Sarah: You do?

Shawn: Yes I do.

Sarah: I’m not gonna go away Shawn.

Shawn: But you have to, don’t you?

Sarah: No I don’t. I’ll always be with you.


Shawn: You wanna play cards?

Sarah: Do you?

Shawn: No I don’t. I don’t know how to play.

Sarah: I can teach you.

Shawn: But you don’t have time.

Sarah: So what should we do?

Shawn: We should talk.

Sarah: About what?

Shawn: About mum.

Sarah: Why she had to go?

Shawn: Yes.

Sarah: She had to.

Shawn: Because she had no choice?

Sarah: Yes dear.

Shawn: What was wrong with her?

Sarah: She had something in her head.

Shawn: A worm?

Sarah: No.

Shawn: A tape worm?

Sarah: No dear not any kind of worm.

Shawn: Oh. And you have the same thing?

SARAH: I guess so.

Shawn: I don’t like that.

Sarah: I don’t either.

Shawn: My head hurts.

Sarah: Mine does too.

Shawn: Mine hurts a lot.

Sarah: I know dear.


Shawn: Will you be here with me tomorrow?

Sarah: I’ll always be with you dear.

Shawn: But you said you have no choice.

Sarah: But I can still stay.

Shawn: But you have the same thing that Mum had.

Sarah: It doesn’t matter.

Shawn: So you’ll stay?

Sarah: Yes.

Shawn: Good.

Sarah: You wanna wear your hat?

Shawn: Which one?

Sarah: The red one I brought last Christmas.

Shawn: But I lost it. Don’t you remember?

Sarah: Oh, must have slipped.


Shawn: Can I get you something?

Sarah: Like what?

Shawn: Like juice or something?

Sarah: No, thank you sweetie.

Shawn: Can I take a walk?

Sarah: I’m sorry honey but you don’t have time.

Shawn: Oh, yeah.

Sarah: Wanna play cards?

Shawn: I don’t know how to play.

Sarah: Want me to teach you?

Shawn: No. You don’t have that much time.

Sarah: Should we talk then?

Shawn: Yes.

Sarah: About what?

Shawn: Love.

Sarah: What about love?

Shawn: Do you love me?

Sarah: Of course I love you. You’re all I have in this world.

Shawn: No.

Sarah: What?

Shawn: You have your car, your bags, your shoes…

Sarah: …You’re the only family I have.

Shawn: What about Johnathan?

Sarah: He’s not like you dear.

Shawn: But you love him.

Sarah: Yes I do but…

Shawn:…Who will you give more time to?


Sarah: You’re my only family Shawn.

Shawn: Oh. Yeah. But aren’t I supposed to say that to you?

Sarah: It’s still the same thing honey.

Shawn: Yeah probably. I always feel that you love me just like the way Mum did.

Sarah: Maybe I do.

Shawn: You remember the time when I rode my bicycle right into the lake?

Sarah: You got us really worried.

Shawn: Mum was angry. She didn’t love me.

Sarah: She was angry because she loved you more than herself.


Shawn: What does love mean?

Sarah: It’s when you care for someone more than yourself.

Shawn: So mum left because she loved me?

Sarah: No dear. She didn’t have a choice.

Shawn: Do you?

Sarah: No. I don’t.

Shawn: You wanna play cards?

Sarah: You don’t know how to play cards.

Shawn: Oh. That’s right.

Sarah: You want me to read you a book?

Shawn: No.

Sarah: I have time for that.

Shawn: Still no. You want me to make a sandwich for you?

Sarah: You don't have time dear.


Shawn: We should do something then.

Sarah: What do you wanna do? Talk?

Shawn: Yes. Let’s talk.

Sarah: About what?

Shawn: About death.

Sarah: Death? Why talk about that?

Shawn: Because it’s funny.

Sarah: You find death funny?

Shawn: Yes.

Sarah: Why so?

Shawn: Because it teases you.

Sarah: I don’t understand dear.

Shawn: You see... when you want death to come for you it never comes... Times when you really don’t wish to go on to breathe another breath, it doesn’t show up. You’d beg for it to come but it doesn’t... But after you get through that part... when you want to move on, when you wish for more time it suddenly comes creeping behind your back and whispers... "I am here"... It doesn't give you the time you want, it will never hand you more... Sometimes it doesn’t even let you know that it has come for you... It doesn't give another chance. For those who wish for death it never comes when they want it to come, it comes when they wish for more time. It’s funny how it works... It likes to have fun.


Sarah: You thought that on your own?

Shawn: No. You did. You told me this don’t you remember?

Sarah: I did?

Shawn: Yes. You don’t remember do you?

Sarah: I…well…it must have slipped. And I guess it should be this way.

Shawn: Probably. Hey do you have that red hat of mine you brought last Christmas?

Sarah: No, you lost it.

Shawn: Oh, yes. I remember.

Sarah: You know you don’t have time right?

Shawn: Yes. We should do something then.

Sarah: Like what?

Shawn: Let’s talk.

Sarah: About mum?

Shawn: No. about you.

Sarah: what about me?

Shawn: You don’t have time right? When you're outta time, will I be left all alone?

Sarah: No dear, you’ll never be alone. I’ll always be with you.

Shawn: And what about you? Will you be alone?

Sarah: I…

Shawn: I’ll be with you, always.

Sarah: I know that sweetie.


Shawn: Hey! You don’t have time!

Sarah: So?

Shawn: We shouldn’t waste it!

Sarah: What should we do then? Talk?

Shawn: Yes! No! I don’t know.

Sarah: You want something to eat?

Shawn: No. I’d like some Pepsi though.

Sarah: But it’s not…

Shawn: …what?

Sarah: Oh nothing. Wait dear.

(She gets and picks up an empty bottle of Pepsi and a glass cup from the cupboard.)

Sarah (handing him the cup): Hold this please will you?

Shawn: Okay.

(She pretends to pour the drink into the cup)

Sarah: Here you go.

Shawn: Thanks.

Sarah: So what was your poem about?

Shawn (taking sips from the empty cup): What poem?

Sarah: The one you just recited to me.

Shawn (taking another sip): Oh. I don’t know. I liked the rhyme.

Sarah: Oh, well. It was beautiful.

Shawn: Thanks. I’ll write more for you if I get a little more time.

Sarah: I’ll wait.

Shawn: But you don’t have time.

Sarah: I do Shawn, now I do. Hey it’s getting late. We should sleep now.

Shawn: Oh. It’s over already? I don’t wanna sleep.

Sarah: Why not?

Shawn: I’m afraid.

Sarah: Afraid of what sweetie?

Shawn: Afraid that you won’t be here when I wake up.

Sarah: Oh honey I’ll always be here with you. Don’t be afraid.

Shawn: What if you don’t wake up?

Sarah: Don’t worry dear, I’ll wake up.

Shawn: I don’t wanna be alone.

Sarah: You won’t be alone.

Shawn: Promise me you won’t leave me.

Sarah: I promise. Hey how about this? When we wake up tomorrow then first thing I’ll do is teach you how to play cards. Okay?

Shawn: I’d like that.

Sarah: Good. Let’s sleep then.

Shawn: Will you hold me, like mum used to?

Sarah: Okay dear.

Shawn: Goodnight. I love you.

Sarah: I love you too dear.

(Lights fade out slowly)

Voice: I'm really sorry. We did whatever we could but there wasn’t much of a chance; the tumor had spread throughout the brain. There wasn’t any time left. It was a miracle to be able to make it this far. Usually the person doesn’t survive after reaching this stage let alone be able to talk or even understand what is going around them or what is happening to them. Atleast you got this much time to spend together.


(Light on. Sarah standing in front of the bed.)

Sarah (trying to subdue sobs, in a slow pace):

Hiding your fears in a useless space

Trying to wipe those tears

Off your pale white face.

Looking into the sky, looking into the night

Wondering what is wrong, wondering what is right

While chasing the stars with your glaring eyes

Watching them fall, watching them dance

Hoping for a moment without a withering glance

Wishing for a little more time


and one last chance.

(She breaks down in tears, on her knees covering her face and sobbing.

Lights fade out)

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Sat Aug 06, 2016 11:17 am
MsScully wrote a review...

Wow. I´m still wiping some tears away and seeing the last few lines of the play while writing this doesn´t exactly help. But that only shows how well you managed to put this emotional scene into words. I wish I could have seen this performed on stage, it´s really a small but beautiful piece and all these repetitions underlined very well that their time together was running out and they desperately tried to use every moment.

At first I was a little surprised about this twelve year old writing such a complex poem, but the part with him saying he looked some words up in a dictionary made up for that^^

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298 Reviews

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Tue Dec 15, 2015 5:13 pm
HolographicLadybug wrote a review...

Greetings random person! I'm here for a review! :)

This was really really sad. I could feel the emotion by the end, which is great for a script.
This really reminds me of a play I saw a few months ago.... But better. I mean WAAAAAYYY better because that play was terrible. (Two hours of my life I'll never get back....) Seriously, your play was good. It was very emotional in a way that the repetition, which would normally annoy me, felt meaningful, adding to the emotion. It felt somewhat serene.... But I guess what I mean here is meaningful.
In case it wasn't clear before, excellent job. :)

~Holographic Ladybug

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200 Reviews

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Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:45 pm
EmeraldEyes wrote a review...


The first thing I can comment on about this work was how long it was XD
The second is that I wasn't really sure whether or not this was a whole play? Or just an act or a really LONG scene? Or what?

The use of character names where they begin with the same letters eg. Shaun and Sarah I actually found a little confusing.

Also, the part at the beginning where you have all the italics, it was difficult to decide if it or not it was part of the story. XD

It helps if you distinguish the name of the character and the line that they speak as well. By putting them in bold or on a different line of their own or something.

Most scripts I have read also center all of the text. Just a suggestion, but nothing you do or don't have to do.

I personally prefer to read works that are a bit shorter. Just me really.
But I enjoyed what I saw here, until the end, it was kinda amusing. :)

Random avatar
Mark101kson says...

It's short play. With emphasis on absurd-ism. Usually short plays are a minimum of 15 pages. There's an Australian playwright named Alex Broun you should read his short play to get an idea about them. I was inspired by him and he was probably inspired by Harlod Pinter:p and yeah i know i have to work on my typing skills. Thanks for the review :)

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Mon Aug 18, 2014 5:44 pm
Linkzude16 wrote a review...

Wow! I love this, but do not understand it. It is quirky and humorous, and it kept me interested to the very end. Bravo! However, there are a few problems with this. I noticed that not every quotation begins with a capital letter--I'm sure it's probably just a typographical error though. Also, at the beginning, you wrote that Claire was the older sister. Did you mean to write "Sarah" instead?

Although there are a few little problems with this, I like this a lot. I'm especially fond of the poetry you used at the beginning: it had excellent rhyme, rhythm, and imagery. Also, your conversation between the two sibling was rather amusing. However, I still feel confused about their mother. She died of a brain tumor, right? I'm just amiss as to what exactly happened with their parents. Furthermore, while the dialogue about not having enough time is enjoyable, I still don't understand why they talked about it. Did the older sister not have enough time? Anyway, thanks for this. Once again, I'm quite fond of it.

No, it's not that you didn't succeed. You accomplished a lot, but, if you want to touch people, don't concentrate so much on rhyme and metre. Think more about what you want to say instead of how you're saying it.
— LCDR Geordi La Forge