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hannah0528 is the champion!

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hannah0528 wrote...
Eva sat on the fence, watching all of the rowdy children kick the ball around. The willow tree swayed in the breeze, it's vines brushing against her neck. Every once in a while, a ball came her way and she had to dodge and on several occasions she fell into the ground below. It wasn't dangerous, you just weren't allowed to go there because it was off of school campus. The clouds in the sky were wispy and translucent, and they kept disappearing and reappearing.
You never knew where they would go next. She pulled out her book and began to read, but a sharp whistle blow interrupted the peaceful day. Recess was over.
"George, give them the ball back." the teacher yelled.

Or, it wasn't. Eva smiled and turned back to her book. A ball came flying and hit her in the face. She looked up and it was, of course, George. The bully of the class. She turned to the willow tree and ignored him, even though his taunts hurt her feelings. The whistle blew, and recess was really over. She slid off the fence and put her book away.

Nicole136 wrote...
Thunder crashed outside. And thunder flashed through the open window
The only thing that was lighting up this dark night
I heard footsteps pounding behind me pounding as fast as my heart. I wish I had never accepted that stupid dare. If i could go back i wouldn't accept, if I could go back...

I could bearly breathe as I passed through dark corridors long secret passages. I had to hide. I couldn't run anymore.
I took the next right turn it was a dead end. I started breathing faster and i felt my stomach clench. I qickly looked aroumd. The only furnishings in the hall was a coffin. I hated

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