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Fakebook-Chapter 2

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Sat Dec 03, 2011 5:10 am
GawravMehta says...

Welcome to the world of Fakebook Oops! I mean Facebook where you testify the equation ‘Stranger + click = Friend’ every single day. But did you ever gave a thought, what if a single click could turn your world upside down and lead to miraculous co-incidences? Find you answer in this humorous tale of six intriguing characters- Eiggy Piggy(the fun floss), Nihasa(wayward weirdo), Aarav(happy-go-lucky lad), Khushi(girl next door), Ina(the bizarre beauty), and Fonty(all brawn-no brain guy) resonating with the beat of teenage and social networking. Though, estranged, they have overlapping existence with each other. Discover the shell-shocking revelation of shuffling fake identities cocooned in the warmth of friendship and love. The unpredictable turn of events and myriad of uncertainties are sure to whet your appetite to unfold a different shade of each character. Experience the other side of facebook and fun on the way to decipher the off-the-beaten track climax.

I would like to introduce you to the first book that will be part of a Fakebook series, Fakebook: Beyond facebook.

Fakebook is 'A Twisted Tale of Virtual Love' which is totally different than other romance novels in that it appeals to young people that spend a great amount of time connecting with others on social networking sites. Often, these people use these sites to supplement connections they already have in the real world, but it is also common to use the sites to meet new people or find a potential love relationship. Fake profiles have also been a common problem in recent years, especially on facebook.

So here goes chapter 2. This is bit complex plot consisting of three parallel stories. Keep on reading and don't worry if this chapter doesn't make any sense to you, with time everything will become clear. Thanks a lot for the warm welcome and reviews I've received here. Love you guys! You all rock more then I do. :p


Chapter 2

The teacherless eleventh science classroom of Wisdom Tower International School resembled any other school in the universe; filled with children, chaos and cacophny. Two specimen Aarav and Jay were imbibed in a seemingly important discussion in a distant corner backbench prior to the teacher's arrival in the classroom.

Aarav a sturdy, cute guy with irrestible good looks was virtually lost in the Facebook profile. A speck of mischief was evident in his brown eyes which was captivated by the mobile screenof his sleek Blackberry Curve which attracted Jay's attention.

"You are using a cell phone in class? You seem a Facebook addict- a disease spread in the entire world." said Jay, a typical example of classic monotonous geek glorified with nerdy-high power glasses. His well oiled and perfectly combed hair certified him a genius in the making.

"C'mon, stop insulting Facebook! It’s the coolest thing on the internet after porn.You can connect to all the people, meddle into their activities, without even getting in personal touch with them." said Aarav, his eyes still glued on the mobile screen.

"Interaction with the real world is better than interacting on the internet in fake setting of social networking which make people so anti-social that they don't wanna talk in school or real life." protested Jay.

"I'm the orignal Facebook generation; Technology is integrated in Gentech teens like me. Socializing on Facebook opens up new avenues for dating. Understand geeko?" Aarav defended making faces on Jay.

"Facebook is to socializing, what masturbation is to sex. You must control this made race of facebooking before you get sick," Jay said sounding like a sage

"Enough of your pravachan(sermon), you prove that opinions are like asshole, everyone has got one." ridiculed Aarav with a sheepish smile.

"Don't misinterpret me, I dream of being a super-hero trying to save the world from the threat of face-book worms," justified Jay gloriously.

"The world is not ready for you Mr. Anti-facebook," said Aarav undeviated from mobile screen.

A grim shadow of a diabolical monstrous lady heralded by unanimous rythmic welcome by the students interrupted their conversation. An eerie silence prevailed in the classroom as Mrs Bhattacharya was greeted dismally by the students. She was a middle aged women with half-dead eyes and wrinkled skin. She seldom smiled and was truly focussed towards her job of injecting physics into the delicate brains of her students.

Mrs. Bhattcharya took a white chalk from the table and screeched THERMODYNAMICS in the centre of the greenboard yielding an unberable dull sound; an omen for another tormenting day.

"Everybody pay attention here, I taught you laws of thermodynamics yesterday. Have you revised it?" she addressed everyone picking up a think scale from the table and adjusting her glasses simultaneously. The students speculated her glasses were about 1.5 mm thick similar to their size of intrest in thermodyamics.

"Yes ma'am!" the vehement outcry of the fear-struck students drowned the nano No from last bencher- Aarav.

Students have been suffering through ages under the regime of Mrs Bhattacharya better known as 'Lady hitler.' She pointed her chalk at a boy in the first bench with adamant authority, "You boy, tell me the first law."

"Our teacher seems to have eloped from circus," said Jay scribbling his modified first law in his notebook.

"Yeah, I believe she is a parasite feeding on humans brain," murmured Aarav secretly gazing at his cellphone.

"Haha! yeah" Jay nodded ." Have a look at this-Love can not be created nor destroyed but can be transferred from one girl to another," said Jay who was more intrested in philosophy than physics.

"Good one but love and cave painting are easier to understand than thermodynamics." retorted Aarav.

They began giggling at the jokes which drew teacher's attention. Jay suppressed his laughter while Aarav abaandoned his jokes.

"Oh! fish… She's coming! Hide your cellphone fast…" Jay growled with a tone of urgency.

Aarav froze! His face was expressionless. He had been using cellphone in lady Hitler's class. He was too petrified to stick it in his pocket without being noticed so he sneaked it away between his bag and books beneath the bench where it would be safe from teacher's view.

Mrs. Bhattacharya caught Aarav's abrupt movement and Jay's instant animated sincerity to drown himself in the textbook.

"What were you both doing?" she said rocking her wooden scale staring directly into Aarav's exhausted eyes to generate fear.

"No..noth.. nothing ma'am." Aarav stammered. He faced speech impediment terror flashed in his mind forming lumps in his throat.

"Then, tell me the first law of thermodynamis," she demended.

His eyes widened with mouth forming a full ‘O’ of surprise. He pointed a finger to himself for confirmation that he had'nt lost his mind as his lips soundlessly formed. "Ma'am me?"

"Yes! You half quintal idiot." she shouted.

Aarav had to mutter something being on the fagend of the teacher’s scale. He began narrate " Love can…", he became tounge tied aware of the fact that the full defination would land him in worse punishment.

"Love? You filthy moron!" she said puzzled.

The whole class began to laugh.

Mentioning love could be justified in literature class studying Romeo and Juliet, but it was Physics-an illuminating science subject which claimed to be candle in dark for humans. Subject that denied existence of love and god blaming everything on one or other law.

"Everybody shut up!" Mrs. Bhattacharya roared like a tigress facing the students. "I don't want to hear a single noise."

She turned to Aarav again and his heart skipped a beat.

"I don't know ma'am," apologized Aarav bowing his head in shame.

Gurrrrrr! Gurrrrrrrrr!

A vibration travelled through Aarav's bench to his body touching the wooden bench, demonstrating live example of the physics law- Waves travel in all directions and much faster in solids compared to air.

Gurrrrrr! Gurrrrrrrrr!

Aarav realized that even the teacher could hear the vibrations and he couldn’t focus on teacher question.
Message or call? he gussed.

"You don't know? You were in class yesterday?" she interrupted his thoughts in a irritated tone.

Gurrrrrr! Gurrrrrrrrr!

"Yes, yes ma'am…" he said absent minded.

Gurrrrrr! Gurrrrrrrrr!

The rythmic vibration caused the phone to move towards the edge of the bench proving Newtons thrid law- To every action there is equal and opposite reaction.

Aarav was oblivious to this development when the calamity struck to doom him. The device fell two feet from the bench coupling immediate reaction from Aarav to pick it up but the damage had been done.

Mrs Bhattacharya acted right on the cue to find out that Aarav was using a cell phone in class. Aarav was in trouble with capital T.

"Give me that thing!" she said in her lowest, yet voilent voice. "And get out of class, you anarchic fellow."

"I'm really sorry ma'am," Aarav said softly, making cute puppy face.

"Get out of the class and kneel down! Don't waste my time,” her face was red with anger, still the volcano did not erupt.

"Sorry ma'am! Please! I won't do it again." he begged joining hands in timid voice.

"I don't understand the meaning of sorry. Just get lost!" she replied coldly.

"Ma'am sorry means to forgive someone." Aarav joked innocently and the whole class was thrown into laughter.

"Getttt outtttt!" she roared in the highest possible human voice at his joke. The volcano errupted burning Aarav to ashes.

A pin drop silence followed as the windows of the classroom cracked. The principal just 50 yards down the hall must have heard the screm, not to mention the neighbouring classes too.

Aarav handed her the mobile phone and exited the room. The brazened red face Aarav finally gave up. He wanted to scream, to cry and kick something really hard, being posed as the butt of ridicule in front of the whole class. He wanted to destroy the entire world and drown himseld in polluted Ganges, however he knelt outside the classroom as instructed by the draconian lady inside the classroom.

Aarav raced a yawned-a thon as he watched junior section students play basketball in the court visible hoarsely.

After 15-16 minutes of stressful punishment, he wanted to stand to rest his painful knees but thoughts of even more dreadful punishment bolstered his morale to suffer in silence. He was contemplating plans for Mrs. Bhattacharya's full proof murder when he found Jay digging into his nose as the teacher was giving lectures. He found Jay taking out a large size of booger out of his nose and sticking it under the bench. Arav has a gooey yucky feeling watching the spectacle and he looked away letting out a warm smile.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The bell rand announcing the end of the class. Aarav smelled freedom as students ran causing a stampede. A pack of students were pushing each other as if they hadn't seen recess in ages. Mrs. Bhattacharya continued to lecture through recess while Aarav hopped in excitement acticipating the class would end soon resulting in the demise of his punishment.
He saw people pass by him laughing and throwing tantrum regarding his defeat in Head boy election.

A student commented "If he's punished, then it may happen to us as well."

"He must be playing pranks on the teacher," other student walking with him justified.

"No! No! May be he opposed the authorities." third student with them suggested.

Aarav wanted to make them pee in their pants but rather clenched his fists to supress his anger. The recalcitrant rebel stood stranded reclusively as the passerby continued poking fun at him
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Mon Dec 05, 2011 2:02 pm
greg925 says...

Well, not bad. But, there are a few spelling mistakes and missing little words in between sentences. It was a good second chapter. Also, just as a suggestion. I found that there were short paragraphs containing only two or three sentences at a time. You might want to try bunching those into one paragraph, just so it doesn't look so confusing. You also probably did this on purpose, so if I'm wrong, sorry: The dialogue of each character is broken up into individual spaces, like a script or play write. Just thought that was a little odd.

Anyway, nice job on chapter two. Your characters were very smart and witty. I'll review chapter three soon. So far, so good. Liking what I'm seeing.


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Mon Dec 05, 2011 7:11 pm
Flyingchaos says...

"Our teacher seems to have eloped from circus," said Jay scribbling his modified first law in his notebook.

"Yeah, I believe she is a parasite feeding on humans brain," murmured Aarav secretly gazing at his cellphone.

LMAO hahaah maybe it's me and my bad humor but I seriously Rofled after reading THAT ^ hahahah :D :D

- Nothing bad to say here ecxept a few spelling mistakes.... Happens to all of right??
Great work dude :)

It's easier to come up with new stories than it is to finish the ones you already have. I think every author would feel that way.
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