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Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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Sat Aug 23, 2008 11:00 pm
alwaysawriter says...

Prok! Why do you say that? :(

I'll be 24. I plan on living in a small town in a small house with a few animals. I have no idea what I want to do yet but maybe I'll be a vet tech or something. :)
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Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:37 am
.:Echelon:. says...

in ten years i see me singing on a stage in fornt of 100's, me and my rock band rocking out on the stage, going out with a emo guy, from another band. lol
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Fri Oct 03, 2008 12:18 pm
casey_kent says...

In ten years I'd be.. 23. O.o Eww. Old. I'd probably out of college at that time, or not if I decide to be a lawyer or a doctor. (I still can't decide yet) I'd probably at least have a boyfriend at that time, a decent job that gives good pay, a house of my own, a car of my own, I'd visit my parents at my old house from time to time. I plan to live in a place where the lifestyle would be just simple, not too extravagant but not too shut-down from the world either. If I would be able to finish my novel at that time, I plan to get my novel published. I'd have about 100,000 collection of books (not like what I have now isn't enough, my mom says).

Ugh, I don't like thinking of future stuff. It makes me feel.. older. Eek!
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Fri Oct 03, 2008 12:28 pm
chocoholic says...

Almost finished a law/arts degree. Possibly one or two books published. Living either at home or renting a room closer to uni. Working part time in a bookshop or CD store.

Possibly a boyfriend, but it's not the most important thing. Near-fluent in Japanese, perhaps learning Indonesian as well.

If finished my degree, working at a law firm and living in a small flat near my own home and the city (where I'd probably be working) Saving up for a move to England.
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Sun Oct 05, 2008 1:26 pm
CrisCaraway says...

There are about three possibilities for me:

1. Studying to become a forensic anthropologist or doctor.

2. On the streets.

3. On the run.
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Sun Oct 05, 2008 3:11 pm
Cobra says...

I'll be 24 and by that time I'll either have my first book finished or I'll be in prison. Two other possibilities are I'll be on the run or dead. And if all else fails and I become a homeless tramp living on the streets I can always go into politics!
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Sun Oct 05, 2008 3:42 pm
happy-go-lucky says...

In all honesty I have no idea.

Would like to think that I'd be travelling around the globe after having finished uni with at least one book published.

In reality I'll probably be broke :P
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Sun Oct 05, 2008 10:39 pm
oneeyedunicornhunter says...

All my life I'm going to go against the grain. That's just how I am. I've been influenced by a very conservative, Catholic family, an atheistic grandmother, liberal community and friends, and my all-time favorite comedian, George Carlin. In essence, I'm turning into a paranoid! :lol:

My distrust of the System is going to grow. I already think: 1) the System spies on all electronic communication, 2) is attempting to take away our rights by luring us into phony wars (ie: Patriot Act), 3) is attempting to convince us to use technology with which they can track us, and will eventually attempt to force those of us who do not (I refuse to purchase a cell phone of my own, for example), 4) is trying to create a new world order/power, under which everyone will be enslaved.

I have long hair, don't eat meat, don't bathe (just kidding!), and don't want to go to college. I'm a modern day hippy, basically.

So in ten years, I'll probably be working a desk job for some corporation, trying to take it down from the inside...then I'll get fat and lazy and be taken over by the Man. :(
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Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:17 am
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alliyah says...

*poking this topic because it's been ten years since it was posted*

so what happened did anyone's predictions come true?
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Thu Oct 11, 2018 5:24 pm
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Snoink says...

Oh wow. Good eye, @alliyah.

Also, my predictions were absolute rubbish. XD

This is what I wrote ten years ago:

As for me, I see myself as being done with school (yay!) and working in a lab somewhere for research. In my free time, I see myself doing volunteer work for teenagers and writing. I think I'll have at least one novel published by then... hopefully more. But if not, then I don't mind. :) And I am really really not trying to think about marriage, lol, since I don't have anyone to marry to yet, but things change, I suppose. :)

- I am done with school... yay!

- I am NOT working in a lab. Even when I did work in a bio lab five or six years ago, it was for software development for an antibiotics scanner.

- I do NOT volunteer for teenagers and writing. I fear I will be a DM for good now.

- I DO write in my spare time.

- I do NOT have a novel published.

- I AM married, despite my aversion to even thinking about it back when I was twenty, lol.

So, basically, my predictions were pretty terrible, lol.

Some other things that happened in ten years that I totally didn't expect:

- I have THREE KIDS?!? Like. You saw my sort of hesitation with the marriage question! And now I have THREE KIDS. WHAT. Also, they are also more amazing than I would have ever guessed. Like, seriously. If you are married and yet on the fence with having kids, but you like dealing with children... you love your children even more. Like, I've always loved dealing with teens, to the point that I predicted that I would still be volunteering with them. But, children are so awesome too.

- I own an indie publishing company and am about to launch my fourth book, plus paperback versions of all my books. Like. It's not a novel. But it is a book. And it is a lot of work.

Anyway! More predictions for the next ten years!

- I'll DEFINITELY be volunteering with kids... because my kids will be at school and I'll probably need to put in volunteer hours!

- I'll have more books out, plus hopefully a novel. I think I have at least four book ideas, plus a novel, that I am toying with now...

- I'll probably have a couple more kids, because did I mention that kids are awesome? Because they are!

- My husband and I will be living in the country.
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Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:11 pm
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Firestarter says...

Firestarter wrote:Oo-er. I'll be 30 years old.

I will have have graduated with a Masters in History by then, and therefore I see myself with a moderately successful job with a company that helps the world, and doesn't bleed it dry, and isn't a faceless corporation with no ethics. I hope to still write in my spare time, and perhaps have a novel or poetry published, but if not, I will still have time ahead of me. I still am active in my spare time, playing a variety of sports.

I would be married but without children yet, and still be living in the United Kingdom.

But let's be honest, I'll probably be a tramp.

I graduated with a bachelor's in History, not a Masters. I did get first class honours though! Instead I did a Masters in Library and Information Management.

I do have a good job with Parliament. Democracy definitely helps the world, and is not a faceless corporation. Ethics depends on your political standpoint, but supporting democratic institutions I would say is on the good side. And before that, I was a librarian at universities, which fits the helping the world bracket.

I do occasionally write, but not enough. I don't have a poem or a novel published. I am active in my spare time, although it's more gym than sports these days.

I'm not married, nor close to it. But I do still live in the UK (that was a dull prediction).

Definitely not a tramp though :wink:

Not sure about the next ten years. I would say marriage, but I know longer take that for granted in the way I used to when I was young. So I will just say lots and lots of travel across the world, and to at a minimum, finish a novel I am proud of, whether or not it is published.
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Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:12 pm
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Elinor says...

I never saw this thread initially. I don't know what twelve year old me would have thought of twenty two year old me, I think it was hard for me to conceptualize my future back then.

But here are my predictions for ten years from now? I don't care if you think they're "unrealistic". My dreams are my dreams, and I have to believe they're possible if they have any shot of coming true.

So, on October 11th, 2028(!), I'll be 32 (eep!).

I'd like to think I'll be married. And have two kids, a boy and a girl. They'll have to be adopted, but that's just a technicality.

I'd like to have made at least two features that were released theatrically. I'd like to be the youngest person to win an Oscar for Best Director, and Damien Chazelle currently's got that record at 32. I hope I won't only be the second woman to win that award, but we'll see how things shake out. I'd also like to have an Oscar for Best Screenplay.

I'd like to still be living in Los Angeles, but away from the city, by the beach somewhere where it's a little bit quieter. I don't need to be "wealthy", but I want to be making enough money that I never have to worry about it. I'd like to have a place in New York too. Maybe in London.

I'd like to think I'll be traveling more, and I'll have finally gone to England at least. And of course, I'll still be writing, still be creating. Developing a TV series about the Beatles my best friend and I have been talking about for a while now.

Those are just a few things. I'm excited to see where life takes me, including places I won't expect.

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Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:28 pm
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Traves says...

As a newbie I keep forgetting how old this place is. This thread is a time capsule.
In 10 years from now I would be nearly 30, and I would
i. Like to be alive. I'm pretty anti- nihilism now, but who knows. Or accidents happen.
ii. have just liked to live every day as a man possessed, waking up earlier than 5:30 every day, or the vast majority of days of the 3653 days left.
iii. be alone most of the time, with a small group of close friends and probably a large number of acquaintances.
iv. Be a team leader or more in a place that optimizes systems or works with machine learning. (But firstly, I'd just like to be good enough to deserve that.)
v. Continue to have writing as a hobby, and I'd like to be a pretty good amateur.
vi. Be around on YWS to read this!
vii. be making better lists
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Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:46 pm
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fraey says...

Ooh, can I add to this too?

To start, I would be 28, which seems so, so long ahead of me. I’d hopefully have a Bachelor’s of Sciene in Biology, and I am guessing that I’ll be in a different western state than California, unless house prices go down.

I really want to have a relationship with my brother again, but ten years is a very long time. I hope he gets back into my life much earlier than that.

I’ll be in some sort of lab or research faculty for a science company, and maybe working towards getting into a physical therapy program. If not that, then I hope I’m happy being involved with biology at the more experimental level.

I joke that I won’t date until I’m thirty, but I think my parents would probably push me to date eventually, so I’d be expecting for my 28-year-old self to have at least one past relationship.

I’d like to get married someday and have kids, but I don’t see that happening before I’m thirty.

I just hope I’ll be happy. And that I talk weekly if not daily with my parents if we live in different places and I’ve found a good group of friends.

I’d also like to have finished some sort of draft by then. Of whatever. It’d be cool to compile a few poems and make a mini-book if works that I show my family.

That’s it, I think XD
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