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The curse of YWS (tagbook)

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Sat Jul 08, 2023 1:56 pm
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foxmaster says...

The Golden Golden is kidnapped, and with all of YWS locked in The Green room with this book characters (gone bad), can they stop these evil humans..?
This is a tagbook, so you write from your perspective, and make it really crazy but the only rule is to be family friendly. Try to add as many YWS users into your entries as possible. Anyone is welcome!!!

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Sat Jul 08, 2023 2:35 pm
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foxmaster says...

part one, in which @vampiricone6783 tries to stop her clowns from having a tea party with @foxmaster
This was @foxmaster's first time in The Green room Cafe, and it was weird. Well, everyone barely even knew about The Green room Cafe, but, when our favorite fox was wandering around the The Town of YWS, she could not help but notice...
(insert Radom name here) said...
One and all, prepare for The Green room cafe opening, so many flavors of writing!

So, as @foxmaster wandered into the Cafe, she thought it was... strange. Barbie girl was playing over speakers, and many users were seated at tables eating. @Rose and @starshipgirl waved her over to their table and smiled in excitement. At The table next door, @vampiricone6783 was discussing clowns to @GengarIsBestBoy and @Horisun.

@Rinisha said something, but foxmaster was not listening. She sstared at the green wall so long, that then, suddenly! A couple of creepy clowns burst out the wall. @alpacaboss screamed and @Spearmint gasped, while @vampiricone6783 grinned and clapped her hands. The clowns started dancing and then, without warning, grabbed foxmaster, and stuffed her at a frilly pink table.
I'm going to die! thought-screamed @foxmaster, and gasped, before the clowns started pouring her... a teacup? With oreos on the side, @foxmaster thought. Hashtag confuison. @Irishpride13 raised an eyebrow, and a large group of YWSers gathered around.
"What the-" said @Snoink, most likely wondering what was going on, and suddenly @BigBoy took out a walkie talkie and yelled, "CODE RED! I REPEAT, CODE RED!" Meanwhile, |Foxmaster began to hyperventiliate like crazy.
The clown eventually spilled some tea on foxmaster's lap, and foxmaster fainted from fear.
"What's going on?!" @vampiricone6783 pushed her way to the front of the cluster and stared at a fainted foxmaster. She screamed, before yelling at the clowns.
@KateHardy was impressed, she muttered, wow, and then finally picked up foxmaster, before laying her on the floow.
"Tha's only when you drown," said @MaybeAndrew.
"True." said @alliyah. Everyone nodded, but @LuminescentAnt began to panic, and yelled, "Foxmaster, are you alright?!"
"Keep it down, people." Foxmaster groaned.
Everyone sighed in releif.
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Sat Jul 08, 2023 3:35 pm
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alpacaboss says...

Alpacaboss was still recovering from shock at the clowns. She hated clowns. No offense to anyone, but they always scared her.

She just came in the Green Room Cafe, looking for a break after their recent victory. She did not expect some of @vampricone6783 's clowns to come through the wall. @alliyah escorted the clowns to another part of the cafe, but to everyone's surprise they vanished into thin air with manic smiles. It made her wonder.

What other surprises were in store for the YWS'ers?

With a sickening click, the YWS'ers heard the door of the Green Room Cafe lock itself and all the YWS'ers inside.

"What's happening?" @loveissourgrapes asked.

"We've been locked!" @LuminescentAnt gasped.

"By who? Why? How?" @KateHardy questioned.

"Everyone calm down," @alliyah, @Liminality and @Snoink said. "We will get to the bottom of this."

Out of nowhere, a deep ominous laughter rung in their ears.
"So you have vanquished the Green Room. Now, you have fallen into my trap! Let's see if you are victorious now, if you face your own creations and monsters! BWAHAHAHA!"

"What was that supposed to mean?" @KaiaJersaga asked.

"Beats me," @foxmaster said, fully recovered from the incident.

Four figures jumped out of the green wall. Everyone gasped in surprise, but they seemed harmless. These were just teenagers, like them.

"Who are they?" @Spearmint asked.

"Something's familiar about them," alpacaboss said as she approached them. Before she could say anything, the girl in the middle of the group pulled out a kalimba and started playing a simple yet enchanting melody. Even though it was like a lullaby, everyone started feeling an uncontrollable sensation...

To do the chicken dance.

@GengarIsBestBoy yelled, "What's happening?"

@MercedesBlue said, "It's the music, it's like...it's like."

"The Pied Piper!" @foxmaster chirped.

That's when it hit her. Alpacaboss remembered making a character whose gift revolved around music. And she must have thought that we were the enemies! The group was starting to lunge towards them before alpacaboss intervened.

"Blaire stop!"

The music stopped with abrupt shock from Blaire. Alpacaboss knew her characters inside out. She and the other boy were the most dangerous in the group.

"After them!"

The YWS'ers held the four teenagers down as they grunted. Alpacaboss helped the others tie her own characters to the chair while she wrapped her head around what was happening.

"our own characters are going against us..." @KaiaJersaga noted worriedly.

"Oh no!" @SilverNight panicked. "If our own characters are coming against us, we have to fight our own creations!"

"This is much worse than fighting Green Room beasts," @GengarIsBestBoy said.

Alpacaboss looked at her characters. She was afraid of what character will pop in next, but it was a miracle seeing her characters come alive. Her heart broke when the four of them stared at her with seeming contempt and hatred. What did she do wrong? She had to know. While the other YWS'ers plotted about their next strategy, alpacaboss had another plan in mind.

To talk with her characters.

(breaking the fourth wall: I hope this isn't too random from what you initially planned @foxmaster! I saw this interesting and decided to hop along :D. Also I apologize If I did not tag a lot of people, it's been a long day )
Last edited by alpacaboss on Sat Jul 08, 2023 4:31 pm, edited 1 time in total.
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Sat Jul 08, 2023 4:24 pm
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KaiaJersaga says...

"Fight our own creations?" KaiaJersaga repeated, glancing worriedly at @SilverNight who had first said those words. She had already seen the worst nightmares of two of her fellow writers appear in real life. Now she stood in a group of YWSers at the Green Room Cafe, feeling rather alone. She shot the chaotic cafe a glance, searching for her own characters. She found @foxmaster and @Spearmint discussing what happened and trying to come up with a solution. But no. Her chacters where not there. She exhaled a relieved sigh...

But suddenly, a new thought crossed her mind. If @vampricone6783 had to see her worst nightmare appear before her, and @alpacaboss had seen hers, was it not possible that other writers that she had also read from would have their spooky creations appear? What if @SkyJayde's Rei appeared? What about the cruel Leader in @MercedesBlue's Hybrids? Or, worse yet...what about @VengefulReaper's killer? That would be the worst of them all because no one would even be able to recognize that person because that person had not yet even been revealed. Oh, and then there was also the killer in @Ari11's novel, Repercussions, too. That one was also unknown. And what if the sorcerer in @LuminescentAnt's Purple Stones appeared and gave everyone curses?

Kaia cast a nervous glance over her shoulder. There were many YWSers she didn't recognize. But were they YWSers or were they CHARACTERS from books she didn't recognize?

I wish I wasn't a writer. I wish I wasn't a writer. I wish I wasn't a writer.
Kaia wasn't sure if it was her thoughts spoken aloud, or the mumbling of the writer next to her. All she could be certain of was that every writer in that room was regretting ever having ever created such horrible people...

Kaia's mind skipped back to her own characters. There were only two she was really concerned about appearing in the cafe. But neither of them would dare make their entrance, she decided...At least not Mikel (I Knew). He would be too lazy to appear even if he had the opportunity to. But Shiko...

She dismissed the thought with a smile. Of course she could defeat any annoying teenage kid. No problem...

Her eyes wandered through the cafe again. Writers talked to each other in hushed and worried tones. @alpacaboss was talking to whatever musical disaster had just entered the room. @cookiesandcream123 sat all by herself eating her favorite ice-cream and trying not to look worried. @DreamyAlice sat down beside her. The two started talking in low voices, but they kept glancing in Kaia's direction. Not wanting to be left alone, Kaia took a seat beside them. Their eyes moved toward her. They looked worried.

"What?" Kaia asked, pretending to not look nervous.

"Well, Kaia...we've been thinking..." @cookiesandcream123 began.

"If we're really going to have to face our characters...you're going to have to face...yours" @DreamyAlice pointed out.

Kaia swallowed uneasily. "Yes...and...I can deal with them. Mikel won't dare make his appearance here, and Shiko's actually quite easy to handle. He's dead scared of spiders, you know?"

"Actually, that's not what we're talking about..." @cookiesandcream123 continued. "We're talking about all the characters you...well...mistreated...Zybryn, Jed, Shiko...You willed that these characters undergo a lot of pain...They're going to want to get revenge...And now...now that they can do it..."

@DreamyAlice nodded. "They're going to want to see you burn for what you did."

Kaia paled. Her eyes dilated. "Oh...oh..." she breathed, lifting a hand to her lips. "I'm so sorry, guys! I'm so sorry!" she screamed.

@alliyah turned to face her. "What's wrong with her?"

Kaia fell silent and waited.

"I think it's too late for that," a voice said behind her. It sounded a little too much like the way she had imagined Jed's voice sounding. "You took everything from us. It's time...you pay."

Kaia's head hit the table, and she slid unconscious to the floor.
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Sat Jul 08, 2023 4:49 pm
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GengarIsBestBoy says...

Gengar was outside with @vampricone6783, where there was a pied-piper like character tied up.

She watched as everyone else’s characters came to life, and she soon realized that her own characters would, too.

She jumped as she saw a familiar sight.

He was an impossibly tall man with a pink-and-blue striped suit. Horns sprouted from his head and many, many arms sprouted from his back. He was sneaking up on @loveissourgrapes, a huge knife in hand

It was Beau Bowie, of course, an evil demon who wanted to destroy humanity and see everyone suffer. He murdered innocent people and trapped them in stuffed animals.

Gengar quickly teleported, and pulled @loveissourgrapes out of the way. She was now face-to-face with Beau.

He seemed quite annoyed. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t my creator.”

Gengar was not afraid; she was furious. “You… are you the one doing this?”

Beau laughed. “Oh, no, no, no, but I do work closely with the person behind all of this. I am simply here to carry out his demands!”

Gengar was confused. “You should be burning in the depths of Hell right now! I wrote about it!”

Beau smiled. “And who are you to enforce this? Why, you’re just a child! I have slain angels before, so what makes you think I have power over me?”

Gengar didn’t really know what she was doing or what she was saying. “I am your author! I made you! I brought you into this world, and I can take you right back out!” She opened a google doc and began to write:

Beau Bowie is small and weak.

Just then, Beau shrunk. He flailed his little arms around and shouted, his voice now high pitched.

Gengar was surprised. She didn’t think it would actually work. Everyone looked in her direction. “Did… did I do that?”

She did it again:

A portal to Hell opens up on the ground.

Sure enough, it did. A blast of hot air came out, and screams of souls being tortured could be heard. Gengar quickly picked Beau up by his shirt collar, and threw him in.

After Beau was thrown in, the portal closed up.

Gengar looked down at her hands. “What… just happened?”

“I think you were able to change your story!” Said @alpacaboss

“Can we all do that?” Replied Gengar.

People’s eyes lit up as they realized the powers they held in their hands. Surely, this new power would not backfire or have any sort of fine print!
It’s the spooky before Christmas!

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[Gengar! :D]
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Sat Jul 08, 2023 5:05 pm
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foxmaster says...

part two: in which the Golden Goose is kidnapped
Foxmaster raced towards her chromebook, logged in, and set to work editing, The overnight trip: true story, I promise: but, she knew, that while she tried...
she knew she couldn't change the truth.
And, as she set to work deleting, deleting, deleting, more dread set in: it actually happened: what if it doesn't work?
@KateHardy turned around, and @alliyah gasped: where the golden goose (now mascot of the Green Room cafe) was GONE!
"Whoever is making these characters come to life stole the goose," announced @DreamyAlice fearfully. @TatteredBones knew she was right.
And, then... when foxmaster went to sit down at a table, a note waas there:
YWSers, we stole the goose. well, not we, but our boss... I was just here to write it. Foxmaster, your efforts to stop me have proved futile. Wilbur, (me) will get you. prepare.

Foxmaster fainted right onto the ground next to @KaiyaJersaga, (everyone was trying to get her login to erase all her stories. foxmaster wondered when they would call tan ambulance- she was bleeding pretty hard.)
"Find that goose!" Foxmaster yelled, and then everything was black. She didn't know how Wilbur was going to find her.
Did she want to find out?

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Sat Jul 08, 2023 5:48 pm
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KaiaJersaga says...

@KaiaJersaga awoke, staring dumbly down at the pool of blood collecting on the ground in front of her. Her eyes lifted and she noticed @foxmaster lying on the floor beside her. She sat up, screaming. "Help, @foxmaster has been injured!"

She suddenly felt immense pain shoot through her back, and she collapsed.

@alpacaboss leaned down to her. "Kaia!" she screamed. "You're the one who's injured. You need to log in to your YWS account and get rid of everything on it! Then, your character's can't harm you!" she shouted.

Kaia stared blankly up at @alpacaboss. She watched distantly as @alliyah and @KateHardy ran out the door in search of the goose. "What?" Kaia asked sleepily.

"Kaia!" @DreamyAlice shouted, snatching @loveissourgrapes's laptop from the table and shoving it in front of Kaia. "Log in!"

Kaia frowned. Her fingers found their accustomed places on the keyboard and she typed in her password. A PM appeared. Distracted, Kaia clicked on it. The message was from Wilbur. "Who's Wilbur?" she asked, tapping on the message. It simply read. "Your characters are on my side, now. We've got your goose. And now your account, too. I put your character, Shiko in charge of your account. He owes me his loyalty because I gave him your YWS credentials to save him from being permanently deleted from YWS. Signed, Wibur, servant of the BOSS."

The page suddenly closed and a warning error appeared.

"My characters...stole my account..." Kaia breathed.

"Oh, please don't faint again!" @Quillfeather cried out, turning away and watching worriedly as @Spearmint, @alliyah, and @KateHardy started arguing about who had unlocked the cage the golden goos had been kept in.

"Kaia!" @GengarIsBestBoy suddenly shouted, marching over to where @cookiesandcream123 and @AilahEvelynMae sat patching up the wound on Kaia's neck. "Why did you just post four angry emojis on my wall?"

Kaia's eyes lifted. "I didn't post that! That wasn't me! One of my characters is in control of my account right now. I have nothing to do with that! I would never do that!!"

"Someone posted a roasting chicken on @alliyah's wall!" @RandomTalks declared, angry eyes pointed straight at Kaia.

"That wasn't me either!" Kaia cried, shielding herself from a blow she was certain she was going to receive. "It's my character! He's in control of my account right now! It isn't me!!"

"The goose is gone!" @momonster exclaimed, suddenly entering the room and waving her hands wildly as she ran to the empty cage.

"Everyone already knows that," @Spearmint muttered as @alliyah finished adding some chicken doodles to the corner of the plans @KateHardy had finished drawing up.

"Who stole my laptop?" @loveissourgrapes suddenly yelled, her fuming eyes searching for it amongst the crowd gathered around Kaia and the passed out @foxmaster.

"Kaia did!" @GengarIsBestBoy yelled, pointing a finger directly at the young author.

@KaiaJersaga shut her eyes, hoping she would faint again and therefore be freed from the moment...
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Sun Jul 09, 2023 5:58 am
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cookiesandcream123 says...

"Guys, calm down, @foxmaster and @KaiaJersaga are injured!!" Cookies screamed, starting to be on the verge of panic herself. Seeing that Kaia had closed her eyes, Cookies worried that she was unconscious again and shook her a little more aggressively than intended. "KAIA, WAKE UP! ARE YOU OKAY?! WAKE UP! OH NO- @DreamyAlice , @AilahEvelynMae , WE NEED TO CALL 911-!"

"Aghh!" Kaia opened her eyes. "No, no, I'm fine!" She exclaimed, mainly to get Cookies to stop shaking her.

Cookies let out a sigh of relief and glanced around. So far, it didn't seem like many new characters had appeared to cause chaos -- yet. Then again, they could be blending into the crowd of YWSers. Or maybe they were outside, wreaking havoc. She stared skeptically at the green wall, where most of the characters seemed to emerge from. @SkyJayde was staying a safe distance away, likely worried that Rei or Arson would pop out of the wall. @OrabellaAvenue was also nearby, looking at it with interest.

Cookies picked up @loveissourgrapes 's laptop, fumbled with it, accidentally dropped it twice, then handed it over to @GengarIsBestBoy . "Here, you can give that back to @loveissourgapes! We were just, uhh, borrowing it for a sec. Also, can anyone else log into their accounts??"

She and a few other YWSers in the room pulled out their phones. Upon logging in, Cookies saw that there was no error... yet. She quickly went to @KaiaJersaga's wall and replied to a random post (with caps lock on).


After clicking send, Cookies wondered if the message was too passive and wrote another one:


Cookies then went onto her own wall and realized that it was full of devil-emoji posts. Uh-oh. Had she been hacked too?

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Sun Jul 09, 2023 11:08 am
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alpacaboss says...

Alpacaboss interviewed her characters relentlessly and was sure. These were her characters. Not mere caricatures nor shadows nor impersonations nor doppelgängers of them.

It was them.

She saw the others editing their own stories. @foxmaster, @GengarIsBestBoy, and @KateHardy were all furiously typing on their laptops. Her own characters were squirming in their seats, uneasy and confused. Alpacaboss didn't have the heart to change their story, no matter what they made her do.

"You know that I have the power to change your stories and wipe your existence off from the world," she stated. They all nodded like scared children.

"I won't do that," she said, making them sigh with relief. "But you will have to help me know what is going on and why are all our characters turning against us."

The four looked at each other and one of the guys spoke. Theodore, the one who held the most secrets, all of which alpacaboss knew.

"We woke up in a Green Room and a voice told us that someone was responsible for our plight. Someone was responsible for killing our friend and forming this entire chaotic journey and mystery that we had to go through. They amplified our powers, brought us out of the pages, and directed us here to attack our author."

"That way we could control our destiny," Blaire finished. "And rewrite it."

"you wouldn't kill us for that, right?" Lucille asked. She was the most emotional of the four so alpacaboss wasn't surprised when she saw tears rolling down her face.

"Of course I won't," alpacaboss reassured. "But you'll have to get us get to the bottom of this."

"And what do we get in return?" the other boy, Xander, said.

"I will make sure that you all don't die at the end of the stories I make for you," alpacaboss said. "you will all live happy lives, old and content."

They looked suspiciously at alpacaboss, then finally conceded. Alpacaboss started untying the ropes binding them.

@LuminescentAnt shouted her, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

"Wait!" alpacaboss exclaimed. She saw @alliyah and @loveissourgrapes ready to throw chairs at her characters. "I have some information that may help us get to the bottom of this." She looked at her characters. "My characters are on my side."
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Sun Jul 09, 2023 2:49 pm
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GengarIsBestBoy says...

Gengar stoped typing, and she began to think. “I mean, Beau was a bad character,” she muttered to herself, “but what about good characters?”

She opened a new doc and began to type:

Archangel Hannah descends from the sky.

An angelic choir could be heard as the green ceiling parted and bright light flooded out. A winged figure floated down until her feet touched the ground.


It was Hannah, a brave angel who had saved thousands from Beau’s hands.

“Greetings,” she said, “How may I assist you?”

“Hannah, oh thank cornbread you’re here!” Said Gengar, “We’re stuck in a little predicament. We’re trapped in the Green Room and our characters are turning against us!”

Hannah looked around. “My, my, this is quite a predicament… there’s a chance that this may be out of my domain, but I shall try to help anyways.”

She spotted @foxmaster and @KaiaJersaga covered in blood. She gasped, rushing over to them. “Oh no, you’re hurt! Do not fret, I will heal you both.” She shone a beam of light from her hands, and suddenly the two of them were all better. She towered over them, so she leaned down to ask them, “do you feel better now?”

Meanwhile, Gengar began to speak to everyone else. “Guys, I think its just our villains going after us; our good characters might not be affected!”

Just then, the entire room began to shake.

Spoiler! :
The picture was made using this character maker: https://meiker.io/play/13396/online.html
It’s the spooky before Christmas!

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Sun Jul 09, 2023 4:18 pm
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KaiaJersaga says...

"What are you!? Get away from me!" @KaiaJersaga screamed, staring in horror at the angel towering over her.

"Oh, don't be scared. That's one of my good characters, Hannah. She just healed you," @GengarIsBestBoy announced.

Kaia lifted a hand to her neck and touched it. She drew her hand back. No blood. Her eyes rose sceptically. "Well, thanks, then," she replied, casting @alpacaboss's characters standing by the wall glance. Her eyes moved back to @GengarIsBestBoy "Well, I'm afraid to tell you this, but my "good" characters are after me. They claim I mistreated them. One of them just hit me in the neck. And now he's gone. The other has control of my YWS account and is sending nasty messages to everyone."

"Um...are we really going to count Shiko as a 'good guy's here?" @cookiesandcream123 asked.

"Guys, why is the ground shaking?" @momonster asked, casting the green walls a nervous glance.

"I bet someone has a giant chicken character that's coming for us," @Spearmint muttered, casting a gance at @alliyah.

"Nope," @alliyah responded "but that would make an excellent supervillain."

"Don't you dare touch a keyboard right now with that idea!" @KaiaJersaga threatened. "The last thing we need is a giant chicken to crush us all."

"But that might send away all our evil characters," @SkyJayde remarked, who was still watching worriedly for signs of Rei.

"Oh, but I don't want that to send away my characters. They're nice, see?" @alpacaboss said, gesturing to her creations.

"We need to get things back to normal. And if a giant chicken will send them away, by all means, write it!!" @KateHardy announced, turning her attention to @alliyah and stealing @loveissourgrapes 's laptop from the owner again to give to @alliyah.

"Don't!!" @alpacaboss screamed.

"You think THAT'S my worst fear, Cookies?" a voice behind Kaia said. "I giant chicken."

@KaiaJersaga whirled around to meet eye to eye with the her masterpiece-Shiko Montoya leaning comfortably against the wall, phone to face and an undefeatable half smile playing at his lips.

"Well, no," @cookiesandcream123 replied, suddenly feeling a bit shy.

"You're worst fear is boredom...Boredom, spiders, being alone, and losing your reputation. That and not being able to talk in an interesting conversation. Yes, I know you, Shikitaro Montoya. I even know your full name. Can't hide that from your creator!"

Shiko fell silent for a moment. He shrugged. "Okay, I guess so," he muttered. "Nice avatar, Kaia," he muttered. His slitty eyes lifted. "But I'm gonna change it."

"You wouldn't dare!" @cookiesandcream123 shouted.

Shiko rolled his eyes. "And how you gonna stop me?"

"With a giant chicken!" @KateHardy announced, turning toward @alliyah

"Guys!" Kaia yelled, fervently looking into the eyes of her fellow writers. "Does anyone have a character who has the Force? I need that phone out of Shiko's hand right now!!"

"Ask the author of Star Wars," @Ari11 suggested.

"I don't think he's on YWS, though," @KateHardy replied.

"Good point," @momonster replied.

The floor vibrated again. Kaia's eyes moved to @alliyah. She was typing...
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Sun Jul 09, 2023 7:40 pm
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foxmaster says...

"So,"said foxmaster. "I have a sugggestion. Maybe we can go talk to @PoetryGoos so we can find the golden goose... again, I guess." Foxmaster knew that she wasn't really a part of the search for the golden goose but someone kidnapped her this time and that was inexcusable.
"What?"Asked @loveissourgrapes. She looked tired.
"Where does @PoetryGoos live? "Asked @Cookiesandcreme123 curiously.
Good question, foxmaster thought. What was she even trying to do, anyway? Trying to take charge at YWS?
"Bigger problem right now!"@KaiyaJersaga yelled, trying to get the phone away from Shiko relentlessly. "True, let's solve one problem at a time, I guess." @Rose said. "Phone away, goos next."
Foxmaster opened up her drive on her tablet(she was not allowed to have a phone, dang it.)
Foxmaster (me)has the force, starting now. she typed. And, slowly...
She slid the phone put 9f Shiko's hands. It clattered on the floor. Everyone gasped.
"What happened?" Asked @FireEyes.
"Must havebeen a freak accident!" Said foxmaster, not wanting to tell anyone how she gave herself the force. she had never even wached star wars.
"Well." Said @Snoink. "It's goos time, I guess."
Everyone cheered.

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Sun Jul 09, 2023 7:49 pm
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OrabellaAvenue says...

Everyone in the room who wasn't fighting off a character was hovering over @alliyah's back. She was typing furiously, and Orabella watched the words appear on the page faster than she could read.

"You can do this alliyah!" @alpacaboss said.

"Why are you backspacing??! It doesn't have to be written well, it just has to save us!" shouted @KateHardy.

Orabella felt something brush her leg, and she screamed.

"Is everything okay?" @IcyFlame asked, and everyone but alliyah turned to look at Orabella.

"Oh, it's nothing," she said. "It's just my turtle from my story Dear Human: Not a Tortoise."

@loveissourgrapes flinched. They had read OrabellaAvenue's story, and they knew what was coming.

"Turtle?? TURTLE???!!! I'M A TORTOISE!"

"Oh no," alliyah muttered.

"What's oh no?" @KaiaJersaga asked. "The angry tortoise?"

@momonster, who had been watching the story of the giant chicken be crafted, said, "Not the mad turtle. OW! Tortoise, I mean tortoise! alliyah just got locked out of her account."

"What did you write so far?" @Spearmint asked.

"A giant chicken with feathers of orange,
came bustling about the streets of YWS's flourange," recited @GengarIsBestBoy, who remembered what had been written.

"What's flourange?"@Ari11 asked.

"It's really hard to rhyme with orange, okay?!"

Many others confirmed they were locked out as well. And also it was hard to rhyme with orange.

"Maybe you can log in on my computer!"@SkyJayde suggested.

"That won't work," @cookiesandcream123 replied dishearteningly. "Our characters have changed all our passwords. It doesn't matter where you log on."

"Wait!" said Avenue. "I can log on!"

Gasps echoed throughout the room.

"How is that possible?" asked @AuroraPayn, who was battling their experimented-on wolf with vicious claws and sharp fangs from The Frost and the Sparrow.

"None of my characters can lock me out! One's an umbrella, one's a turtle - TORTOISE! I MEAN TORTOISE! - and one's dead. I only have three stories on YWS."

"Wait wait wait, dead?" asked @Horisun. "I thought your character from Shadow of the Orange Tree was alive? Wasn't she dreaming?"

"Nope. She's dead," Orabella replied in a monotone voice. "But that doesn't matter. Because..." After putting in her password, her YWS account opened. "I got on!"

Everyone cheered.

"Okay, now make a new work," @yosh said while trying to get past Alex from King of the Court with a basketball in tow.

"Yeah! When your done, you can make the co-author alliyah. Now you just have to finish the poem and have the giant chicken rescue us!" @TheCornDogEnthusiast informed.

Orabella typed madly, while making a few suggestions of her own as alliyah told her what to write.

A giant chicken with feathers of orange,
came bustling about the streets of Flourange,
the chicken's name
was Burning Flame!
And he came to help (before they were doomed),
the users trapped in the Green Room!

Adding a short description, title, and rating, Ora added alliyah as co-author and dragged her mouse to hover over submit.

Before she could, however, time froze as @cookiesandcream123's Laza'veya tricked Sarah into freezing time. cookiesandcream123 was alone as the rest of her fellow users became frozen, still as statues.

"Oh no. What am I going to do??"
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KaiaJersaga says...

@alliyah's fingers were frozen to the keyboard. An angry glare stood frozen on @KaiaJersaga's face. Her character, Shiko, was also frozen, a rebellious expression tied to his face. @alpacaboss stood frozen by her characters. Even @GengarIsBestBoy's angel was frozen in time, her creator beside her. @OrabellaAvenue, too stood still by @loveissourgrapes' laptop that @KateHardy and @Ari11's eyes were fused to. @SkyJayde froze, the fears of the moment fading into blankness as the time stop took them. @Spearmint and @Horisun's eyes froze to the "submit" button on the screen. The room suddenly grew hushed as lips were frozen shut.

@cookiesandcream123 stood alone in the room with her creations. All she could do was try to convince them to unfreeze time...or perhaps she could just leave it all the way it was...after all, if everyone was frozen, the characters couldn't do anything evil...but would she really be so cruel as to let her friends be frozen in time forever??


Those who had decided that the whole incident regarding @KaiaJersaga's character, Shiko, was not worth their time had exited the Green Room Cafe and were now headed through the forest, searching once again for the goos, @foxmaster at their head. @FireEyes and @Snoink followed, hurrying across the muddy ground in search of @PoetryGoos's home where they hoped to gain a clue as to where the Golden Goos had gone...
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gremlingeodes says...

@tatteredbones rose both eyebrows at the idea of his characters coming to life. "I hope that doesn't happen to my characters- I haven't written them in a while but if drawing counts- oh no."

He looked at @sylrie while they were trekking through the forest and they spoke slowly in a half calm tone. "Haven't you been drawing Dorian lately... >:3"

Tattered bones looked at @KaiaJersaga @alliyah and @GengarIsBestBoy "Do any of you know a good psychologist, or have people skills? If he gets upset his magic messes up the general area around him, and he could create a rift in time-" tatteredbones added. "But if we find him maybe his magic could give us a clue!"

Tattered shook his head. "The fashionista is probably out buying new makeup or else heels or something."
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