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What's That? A May Review Day! (May 2023)

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Thu May 25, 2023 3:27 pm
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alliyah says...

The May 2023 Review Day
Starts on
* Automatically adjusted to your local time


What is a Review Day?
Near the end of every month, we review as many works as possible with the aim of completely clearing out the Green Room! We also have a goal each month, and this month's goal is 100 reviews. Last but not least, during a Review Day, no new works can be added.

And this month is a wonderful opportunity to get involved because we have some BIG review events starting up this June like The Great Tortoise Race and a SUPER AWESOME CHALLENGE (that will have more info posted soon...) so Review Day is a good opportunity to stretch your review muscles before the challenges begin!

But wait, there's more! Review Teams!
In addition, you can optionally choose to participate on a team. There's two of them, and you sign up by clicking the red "Join a review team" button on the front page (starting about 72 hours before the Review Day starts). The teams compete based on how many collective points they earn. This means that the winning team is not necessarily the team with the most reviews!

Quality > Quantity
Always remember, it's better to write one good review than to write 4 quick reviews. Not only will you earn more points, but you'll be more helpful as well!

Spam Makes Puppies and Kittens and Baby Chickens Cry
Please remember, do not write any Spam Reviews as they do not help the author and can even count negatively towards your team's point count! More information about How to Avoid Review Spam.

Good luck reviewers! 8)
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