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Poppy Escape Facility

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Tue Jan 03, 2023 8:33 am
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KateHardy says...


Brought to you by @WeepingWisteria and @KateHardy

You are an Escape Room Artist. Whether you're a professional, a streamer, or just a very enthusiastic hobbyist doesn't matter. What does is your love for the game. For the aha-moment as you finally find the last number for the code, the last key for the door. Every failed room, every cry of that buzzer, is worth the euphoric high of escaping.

And there would be no euphoric high greater than participating in the greatest escape room known to man: the Poppy Escape Facility. It's hosted by Poppy International Corp, best known as the world's largest seller of all things diamond. Its two CEOs, only known to the world as Mrs. and Mrs. Smith refuse to comment on why.

The Poppy Escape Facility is invite-only and only opens to twelve of the greatest escape room artists every five years. No one person is ever selected twice and no one knows what the selection process is. According to previous winners, all twelve participants are blindfolded from their homes and driven to the site. No contact is allowed between participants and outsiders and signing an NDA is required.

The grand prize winner goes home with $100 million USD and enough recognition and fame to become a legend. But the puzzles are so hard, that ten out of the sixteen winners retired immediately upon their return.

But even still. You long, you yearn, you dream. Whether it's for the glory, the check, or the sweet, sweet, feeling of completing a puzzle that difficult, you desperately want in.

And finally, you got your chance. Today, you received a scarlet envelope. Inside was your formal invitation to participate in the Poppy Escape Facility. This is your chance to finally prove to the world that you are the best of the best, a top in the game. Do you have what it takes to escape the room of your life?


1. Amelia Kim - @Spearmint
2. Elodia Trevino - @Lovestrike
3. Carl Smith III - @Leya
4. Jonas Rudolph - @herbalhour
5. Alex Fargo - @JazzElectrobass
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