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How can I be better at POV (with characters)?

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Sat Jun 25, 2022 2:53 pm
BeingRivy says...

Hi everyone. I need help!

Please I'm bad at character POV, writing character stuff, Everything about a character i need help with!

I have a big problem: I want to make stories, but I have issues making the characters, and it's hard because I need to fill millions of stuff and everything about the character, his or her wants, his or her needs, likes, dislikes, favorites, "why does he like this?" "Why does he hate that? " It's everything about the character I need to add, because i have too many ideas, and too many story plans and story ideas that I cannot add. I have to add a character's POV (point of view?), what makes the character relevant, what makes the character relate to someone. It's so many details, that it makes me really upset, sad, and angry. I don't know what can I do? Any ideas and tips and exercises?

I have 4 questions for you to answer. I want to be a professional! And everyone in YWS is a professional and not me!:
1. What is the characters POV? How can i do that in writing form, and do it better?
2. How can I make the characters relevant and in context to everything, and not unnecessary?
3. How can I start writing more drafts (as in how do i stop making one time only drafts that get wasted)
4. What am I supposed to add in a character? Everything until it's perfect?

I need help because @Hkumar wrote this:
Coming back to the RP, I will suggest we should write posts with POV of our own characters. This way we'll able to manage them more properly. I mean this is what usually writers do in RPs. Like your posts should be from POV of Palmer and based on your actions I will try to come up with Slice's reaction in my post. Of course we are free to interpret and analyze the other character but not make any sudden drastic changes.


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Sat Jun 25, 2022 3:15 pm
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winterwolf0100 says...

Hey Rivy— first, remember that if someone is following you, then they will see your wall posts— you do not need to @ them every time. We can also see your username, so you do not need to @ yourself either.

Next, these are all some good questions! Figuring out how to make a character can be really hard, which is why I would suggest starting off simple. Sometimes, writing fan fiction is a good place to start learning how to write because someone has already made up the character and everything about them, and then you just get to mess around with them! Always remember that it’s good to have a positive attitude about these things. Just because you are struggling now doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to do it. We are all cheering you on! Right now, you are your own greatest enemy.

Now, let’s look at these questions.

1) great question! Here’s a video that will explain it a bit better than I can:
phpBB [media]

2) This is a really smart question and very interesting! Here’s a question I’ll ask you? Do you think every character needs to be relevant? Some characters are there just to be there, and don’t need to play a big part in the story. So really, the answer is, you don’t need to make all of them relevant!

3) this is a tricky one. Really, you should try to keep working on the ones you’re already working on, but if you can’t, it’s okay to just keep making more stories! The best way to learn to write is to write, and however you can do that is good.

4) Smart question Rivy. No— you don’t need to add everything. In fact, I would advise against it. Add a few major details, like do they get angry really quick? Are they loud or quiet? And once you get a few small things, you start writing based on that. Any other characteristics they have will start to surface in the writing. What I mean by that is that you will learn more about your character by writing them, not just trying to list things about them. And also— no character is ever perfect. That’s what makes them feel like real people!

I hope this helps. Try to just soak in the information. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a ton of questions. It’s okay to be confused, but it’s not good when that starts to affect your confidence in yourself! You can do this! We all believe in you! You need to also believe in yourself :]
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