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2022 NaPo Recap

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Sat May 14, 2022 4:21 am
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lliyah says...



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Another Poetry Month is in the books! People took on various subjects from fire to water, summer to spring, bats to fish, A GOOSE, and everywhere in-between - all coming together to the one goal of writing poetry during the month of April. Along with our usual challenges many users joined in to take a chance at April Madness hosted and coordinated by @Seirre, or compiled poetry for @Plume's Exquisite Corpse Poetry Writing Event, dove into this month's Poetry Discussion with Lim & I, and also traveled back into the archives with the Time Traveler Contest. This year we had a respectable 55 participants who logged 735 poems during the month of April! Wow!

Poetry Jams were more popular than ever before throughout the month, as users joined in to keep each other company during the writing process. And the month produced some truly heart-catching, poignant, sometimes-silly, and always creative poetry. A big thank you to everyone on the mod squad who pulled the NaPo details and hype together to organize and run such an enjoyable event and to @looseleaf, @BluesClues, and @LizzyTyler for taking on the tedious task of counting up the badge results! Thanks to @looseleaf for designing this year's eye-catching jammy badges and last but not least thank you to the many users who hosted Poetry Jams / Write-ins throughout the month or encouraged others to participate in NaPo! Jam Jars for everyone!

Here's some highlights and award winners (if you think you earned a badge, but did not receive one, please PM a Poetry Crew Member) - congratulations all around!

Image Image ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Writing Poems

High Five (wrote 5+ poems)
@PenguinAttack @LizzyTyler @Brigadier @soundofmind @JustPerks @Hkumar @BeingRivy @Ventomology @rida @looseleaf @momonster @TypoWithoutCoffee @QueenMadrose @Magebird @Shady @AlmostImmortal

Hearty Halfway (wrote 15+ poems)
@Rook @Plume @Seirre @SilverNight @niteowl @LadySpark @mothbroth

NaPo Completion (wrote 30+ poems)
@Carina @Elinor @Kelisot @lehmanf @lliyah @Liminality @Meshugenah @TheSilverFox @tinny @TrinityPoeting @Que

(Special Shoutout to @lehmanf who joins the limited group of people who have written over 100+ poems during NaPo, breaking the record with over 160 logged poems)

Poem-A-Day Champion (posted a poem ever day of April with leeway for up to 2 days, that's a LOT of dedication! )
@Elinor @Kelisot @Liminality @Meshugenah @Que


Starter Seeds (shared 10+ comments of encouragement )
@Seirre & @Shady

Garden Challenge (shared 20+ comments of encouragement )
@Liminality & @lliyah

Jam Collector (attended and logged 5+ poetry jams)
@TrinityPoeting @lehmanf @lliyah @Seirre @Meshugenah @looseleaf @Shady @mothbroth

April Madness Finalist (made it to the final round of April Madness - big thank you to Seirre and the judges for running this!)
@mothbroth took away the silver with this poem and @lliyah won the gold with this poem

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Keep sharing your poetry, it's worth celebrating!
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