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Notice of Significant Achievement: Knight HarryHardy

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Wed Dec 01, 2021 5:02 am
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KotGRCommander says...

The Commander offers an official decree for posting in the site's common areas.


Notice of Significant Achievement
Knight HarryHardy's Thousandth Green Room Review

The Commander of the Knights of the Green Room on behalf of the Knights, the lands of the Green Room, and all claimed neighboring villages, hereby recognizes Knight Hardy (@HarryHardy) for his significant contributions to reviewing on the site and the work of clearing the Green Room.

Whereas Knight Hardy has been a noble and honorable reviewer for as long as he's been in the order.

He first entered into our ranks as a Squire in June 2020.

He was subsequently made a Knight soon afterwards, and awarded with many different victories for his quick and bold reviewing, including becoming a member of the After Watch and a brave participant of the KotGR Storybook.

He brought honor to the ranks of the Knights of the Green Room by breaking multiple site records including most reviews in a month, longest Team Tortoise streak, and most points kept at one time.

And in January 2021, Knight Harry became one of the four knights to enter the Golden Stables by earning a unicorn, so named Elysium.

And as of today, Knight Harry joins Knight @BluesClues in being one of two knights to have earned a DRAGON. This achievement was done by logging a thousand Green Room Reviews over the course of two years.

Because of this achievement Knight Hardy you are hereby duly rewarded with a dragon and all the responsibilities and honors associated.

As the Commander of the Knights of the Green Room, I offer this official notice, in order that I may ask all present to offer Knight Hardy your congratulations based on this significant reviewing achievement.


- The Commander of the The Knights of the Green Room



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