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Pokébook RR: Return of Rainbow Rocket

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Tue Jun 01, 2021 6:36 pm
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Chaser says...

So you want to be a Pokémon Master…

You may have tried in the past. But for whatever reason, it was not to be. And so you joined Team Rainbow Rocket, where Pokémon fight for the vision of a new world.

Team Rainbow Rocket is comprised of former Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic, Plasma, and Flare members, bolstered with a new line of recruits. After being defeated in their respective regions, it is Giovanni who rallies them up for an assault on a different world. Their destination, the Demit region. Their goal: research and dominion of the region under the banner of Rainbow Rocket.

Due to Rainbow Rocket’s conglomerate nature, many members have not forgotten their original teams, and it serves as a part of their identity, a chip on their shoulders that they carry into battle. In this storybook, your Rainbow Rocket member can be a former member of a previous team, or a new member joining for their own reasons. They can have any region of origin, from Kanto to Galar. Whatever the case, they are all sent through together into the Demit region.

They are assisted by Professor Timber, who opened the Ultra Wormhole to the Demit region during his research. He equips them and sends them through to Demit, remaining in contact as a mission control. The Demit region is a world much like our own, with Pokémon Trainers and a League Challenge, even a mysterious Champion roaming the wilderness. However you choose, your mission is to conquer it all in the name of Rainbow Rocket. As you travel, beware that you are not of this world. There are beings within Ultra Space that would hunt you down for this.

Your path as a Pokémon trainer is hard-fought, and the journey is long. But take heart. Raw, defiant courage shall pull you through.

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[b]Region of Origin:[/b]


[b]Personality and Quirks:[/b]

[b]Previous Team/Unaffiliated[/b]

[b]Reason for joining:[/b]

[b]Starting Pokemon Team:[/b]

[i]Pokemon's Name (i.e. Sparky) | Pokemon's Species (i.e. Pikachu)[/i]
Move 1 - Move 2 - Move 3 - etc

[i]Pokemon's Name (i.e. Sparky) | Pokemon's Species (i.e. Pikachu)[/i]
Move 1 - Move 2 - Move 3 - etc

Destination: The Demit Region

A parallel dimension accessed through Ultra Space, the Demit region has a diverse landscape and a fairly dry climate, with Mt. Fornax forming a rain shadow over the Purgan Dunes. To the east, the Parad Islands sit calmly off the coast, with the Canto Woods running along the mountain range.


Luxur City
Spoiler! :

A beach city of trades, laughter, and music. The festivities in this city feel everlasting, making it a popular tourist location. Open fires on every street corner fill the air with the smell of barbecue. Flocks of Wingull roost on the nearby cliffs, while out on the beach, Dwebble scuttle along the bay. Off in the distance, a lighthouse hosts an eternal flame.

Acedus Town
Spoiler! :

To the east of Luxur City is Acedus Town, which sits at the base of Mt. Fornax. Formerly a prosperous mining town, the mines into Mt. Fornax have long been abandoned since an accident, overrun with Roggenrola and Sableye. Despite this, the Acedus residents seem to enjoy an almost supernatural good fortune, never in need of money or food. What’s their secret?

Gulantia City
Spoiler! :

The Divan Corporation’s Pokeball factory is here, run by Divan Admin Scudra. The city is responsible for most of the Demit Region’s waste and recycling, devoted to cleaning up the environment. Even so, a large number of Poison-type Pokemon can be found here, like Muk and Garbodor. From this city, the Divan Rail connects many other parts of Demit.

Varitas City
Spoiler! :

The Divan Corporation’s newest operation is out in this desert city, which was a vast ocean millions of years ago; numerous fossils can be dug up nearby. Varitas is a city of gambling and revelry, and is a unique tourist destination in Demit. The Divan Corporation’s drilling operation has disturbed the Relicanth springs deep within the earth, and environmental activists are calling for a stop to it. Recently, a mysterious figure has been attacking the drilling sites, leaving the Divan Corporation on red alert...

Rapai City
Spoiler! :

In the southern end of the island. Home to Demit’s Battle Studio and Battle Theater, Rapai City has a rich history of Pokemon battles in film and stage performance. A special martial art that partners Pokemon and Trainer originates here. Lately, a rift has formed between the two battle facilities. Some would call it superficial, but most are worried about the rising tensions.

Avidya Town
Spoiler! :

A town of tradition, nestled in the crook of the Canto Woods. There is a wooden tower dedicated to an ancient Pokemon, the identity of which is hotly debated among the residents. The only thing the people of Avidya seem to agree on is a distaste for their neighbor cities and the Divan Corporation. In the surrounding woods, Combee and Pinsir fight over living space and honey.

Suphum City
Spoiler! :

Suphum City has shut itself off from the goings-ons of the outside world, using its high island cliffs to guard itself against trespassers. Suphum is home to many pristine temples, its people working tirelessly to perfect Suphum artistic culture. Rarely are people let in, and rarely do people leave. Dratini are occasionally seen flying between the clouds.

Vanamo City
Spoiler! :

Home of the illustrious Divan Corporation, Vanamo City sits at the northern tip of the Demit Region. It is a juggernaut of human progress, famous for creating an experimental biosphere that can be artificially maintained. There are plans to launch such technology into space, Ultra or otherwise.


1. Work as a team, in-story and outside it.
2. Have fun, we all like Pokemon
3. I'm gonna ask for now that each writer limit themselves to one character. I know it's tempting.
4. Start with 2 Pokemon. All I ask is that you do not have Legendaries in your starting team. If you feel like having that villainous team flavor, this forum post has a fairly comprehensive guide to Pokemon used by villain teams.

1. Ward Takaba (Chaser)
2. Ranyor Mergentis (STRvArmory)
3. Carina
4. Diana Croft (Valkyria)
5. Lezuli
6. ScarlettFire
The hardest part of writing science fiction is knowing actual science. The same applies for me and realistic fiction.

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177 Reviews

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Wed Oct 20, 2021 2:24 am
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Chaser says...

Ward Takaba - Assume The Worst

For his meeting with the Admin, Ward was told nothing but to arrive on time. He bristled at the barebones instruction, but thanked the sergeant and returned to his chair.

Monitors were stacked on top of each other on the table, each providing a different scene. In one, an old woman was slumped against one of the Clefairy slots, the cutesy Pokemon design in heavy contrast with the despair in her body language. In another, a Machamp in a tailored suit shuffled multiple decks at the center of a table shaped like a ring, dealing cards to the players gathered round. In another, a man and his Magnemite were floating around a dice table. The Magnemite and the man’s fist spun around together, as the man dropped the dice to the green felt. From the roar of the onlookers, it was another big win. Ward leaned in and held his pen to his lips. Celadon City’s Gaming Corner had the hottest action in town, with Ward keeping a watchful eye on the flames.

Just then, he saw the flinch, as the man picked up the dice -- for a second, he saw the man’s hand tense up and cup together, as though it were trapping something in his palm.

Ward jotted down a note, then pressed the button to turn on the microphone. “We’ve got a dice cheat at Table 12. Magnetic fakes.”

There were four other Grunts in the surveillance room, all of whom now flocked to see his monitor. “Which guy is it, huh? The Magnemite guy?”

“Obviously if it’s magnets it’s Magnemite, right?”

“Watch and see,” Ward said smugly. “That weasel’s got nowhere to run.”

He sat back and watched as the doors on the casino floor opened, and two Grunts entered. They wore ties and black vests with the letter R stitched across the left breast, and a Pokeball attached to a holster at their waist. The casino regulars steered clear of them, and Ward watched their path across five of his monitors towards Table 12, where the man had already noticed them.

The man made a move to back away, but in a flash of white light, a sneering Ursaring blocked his way. A cheer went up from the Grunts in the surveillance room. “Big Mama!”

“It’s over for him,” Ward cackled, and the other Grunts nodded agreement. Silently, Ward’s hand went to the two Pokeballs which lay shrunken in his shirt pocket.

The cheater glanced from one Grunt to another before grabbing his Magnemite at both ends, like a handle to a zipline. In a blast from a SonicBoom attack, the Magnemite went flying backwards, lifting the man over the table and back towards the entrance. Ward watched him from the front entrance camera now, which faced the man as his feet found ground again and ran towards the street. His look of glee quickly crumpled upwards as his consciousness left him, and he fell to the ground, revealing Big Mama standing over him. Ward would remember that moment - the pathetic recognition of failure in the man’s face. He’d snicker to himself about it when he was alone.

After a second -- Ward wasn’t following too closely anymore -- the man’s Magnemite clattered to the ground as well, its magnets crushed inward, its single eye staring blankly ahead. As the grunts hauled the cheater up off of his feet and back into the casino, the dice fell, glittering, to the sidewalk.

The surveillance room Grunts murmured their admiration as they went back to their seats. Ward checked his watch and stood up. It was time for his meeting.


Ward could see why they sprang for the glass elevator. As he rose into the night, Celadon was crackling with life below him. Neon flowers shone off from the buildings, obliterating the stars above. The floor shunted Ward up, and he leaned back and craned his neck to see the penthouse floor, just before it swallowed him up.

As the doors opened, the first thing he noticed was the air. It had a pristine and cultivated aroma, and seemed to magnify the light of the crystal chandelier in the penthouse ceiling. The marble floor gleamed at various points, shining brighter almost than the rest of the city, which was visible through a wall made entirely of glass. The penthouse was reserved for special guests, though it housed a few materials for high-stakes games. Chief among them was the poker table, sapphire velvet with ruby-red wood. It sat between two winding staircases to the living spaces above. Standing at the poker table, quietly shuffling a deck of cards, was a man with teal hair pressed beneath his cap.

Ward stepped out of the elevator and glanced to the side. A man lay slumped against the wall. He wore a stained blue button-down, and behind his glasses were eyes with no consciousness. After a brief mental debate, Ward decided to ignore him.

“Grunt Takaba,” said the man at the table.

Ward locked his jaw and stepped forward. “Administrator Proton, sir.”

“You look tired, Grunt,” Proton said, fanning the cards out onto the table. “Why don’t you take a seat and play a hand?”

Ward kept the rage out of his eyes. “If I’m being given the choice, I would like to decline.”

“Oh! So, you’re capable of refusal.” Proton laughed and scattered the cards onto the floor. “Then I suppose we should get right to business. Anything to report?”

“Sir. Magnetic dice were found in use on the casino floor.”

Proton scoffed. “A random dice cheat. Is this what you thought was worthy of my attention?”

In his head, Ward formed a brilliant plan, and that was for Ward to climb over this poker table and beat Proton until his blood drained out his nose. “Sir. The use of a dice cheat indicates that they were able to replicate the dice used on our casino floor, sir. Judging from his behavior, this man was also not an experienced cheat himself. This indicates that the fake dice is not something the cheater was able to create himself, but rather equipment that he obtained.”

“So somebody’s selling our secrets?” Proton tapped his chin, and turned to face the window. Celadon City glittered in the night. “Tell me, Grunt Takaba, what would you do if you were in my position?”

“Sir. I would pursue the information that this man holds. It may lead to a further discovery of treachery within our ranks. Someone so foul to our cause should be rooted out immediately.”

“Even if that someone would happen to be you?”


“Enough talk, Grunt.” Proton gripped a Pokeball in his hand. “Battle for forgiveness. Do well, and be spared.”

“Sir. You will not speak to me in such a manner.” Ward’s mind was white-hot, and he was drawing the Pokeballs from his pocket. “With no evidence to go on, I can only see these words as an attack on my character. And that shall not stand, not even from you.”

Proton’s eyes went wide, and then he burst out laughing and put the Pokeball away. “What did I tell you, Timber? He’s interesting, don’t you think?”

The man slumped in the corner rose to his feet, chest first like a zombie. “He certainly seems observant. Adequately calm as well. It was a bit mean to accuse him though, don’t you think?”

Proton shrugged. “Sorry, couldn’t help it. I was really hoping he’d piss himself.”

Ward put the Pokeballs back in his pocket. “Sir. What is the true purpose of this meeting?”

Proton grinned. “We’re discussing your transfer.”

Ward blinked. “Transfer? To where?”

“The Demit region.”

“Where’s that?” Ward asked, and jumped when Timber gripped his shoulder. The man was surprisingly tall at full height, and leaned in close to talk to Ward, eyes wide.

“I have something very exciting to show you,” he said.


The lower levels of the Gaming Corner still had the moving tile floors installed. “The speed is variable,” Proton said, stepping onto a walkway as Ward moved behind him. “That maniac likes zooming around them in his free time.”

“I’m no maniac,” Timber said. “Moving so quickly in unknown directions -- isn’t that the truest form of freedom? Like a Yanma in flight.” He stepped to the side and was whisked feetfirst to the left.

“Movement, though, is the name of our operation,” Proton said as the walkways moved them deeper into the complex. Timber danced along the panels, letting them zip him across the room. “What I’m about to tell you is, of course, confidential.”

Ward nodded, though from Proton’s words, it sounded like something he already knew.

“Our dimension is not the only one of its kind,” Proton said. “Dimensions parallel to and perpendicular to our own exist all across a space connected only by gateways called Ultra Wormholes. Professor Timber is the leading expert on Ultra Wormholes, which is why he insisted on observing you himself.”

“You pass with flying colors!” Timber called from across the room. “You’re not so fat that you won’t fit the gate, either.”

Proton laughed, which sounded like a dog’s bark. “We’ll have to see about that.”

Ward remained silent, balled into a tiny fist. In truth, he’d known for a while about Ultra Wormholes -- it was a bit of a rumor that had been going around. He also, then, understood his assignment: to travel through an Ultra Wormhole to this place called Demit. He was currently grappling with whether the surveillance grunts would notice that the dice cheats began to taper off as soon as Ward left. But after he was through the Ultra Wormhole, it wouldn’t matter. He would be one step closer to his goal.

He exhaled slowly. Proton had accused him of the cheating to be cruel, but he had been correct to assume the worst of Ward Takaba. After all, it was an evil in which he prided himself.

The three of them arrived at what looked to Ward like a silver altar. It was hard-edged and mechanical, held together with rivets in hard geometric lines. But as he moved closer, he could see golden rivulets of energy pulsing through it, haphazard like the surface of a brook. Timber moved to a computer and began typing.

“Opening an Ultra Wormhole is pretty easy, actually,” he said. “The tricky part is getting where you want to go. Put this on, please.” He dug in his pocket for a bracelet and tossed it to Ward.

The bracelet was a black, hard-edged diamond, and as Ward caught it, the diamond lit up with an LCD screen. “This Pokesigil will allow us to track and direct your Ultra Space travel. It’s also got a radio feature to contact me, as well as other members of your party.”

Ward fitted the Pokesigil around his wrist nonchalantly. “I’m being sent with others?”

“Due to the limitations of our technology, we can only open the Wormhole once every thirty-six hours,” Proton said. “Other Grunts have received the same explanations as you.”

“And the same test?”

Proton smiled harshly. “Nah. That was just because I like you, Takaba.”

“There we go,” cheered Timber, and the altar sparked with yellow and purple light. It slowly began to swirl in a flat panel of space, before diverging into what looked like a hollow pocket of air, tinged with gold light.

Ward looked at Proton. “Explain Demit to me.”

Proton shrugged. “All we’ve been able to determine is that it’s a region where Pokemon and humans live together. It may host some powerful trainers, who knows.”

“And I’m not being provided with Pokemon for this mission?”

Proton cackled. “Are you kidding? You’re a scout, Takaba. You scuttle around until you figure out more and then report back to us. But if you feel up to it, go ahead and catch a few Pokemon while you’re there! Maybe you can find a few Rattata to make your subordinates!”

“But you shouldn’t hesitate to destroy,” Timber added. “That’s the fun of a parallel universe after all: you can rampage as much as you want! Here, step on the altar.”

Ward stepped up onto the silver altar. He felt the golden light cling to his body, pulling him towards a sensation he could not fully comprehend. Words leapt into his throat. “Admin Proton, sir.”

Proton cupped a hand to his ear and leaned forward. “Yes, Grunt Takaba?”

Ward let his eyes glare upon Proton then, unleashing the hatred from deep in his chest. “I understand that not much is being expected of me. But I will conquer Demit, and it will be under the name of Rainbow Rocket, but it won’t be under you, Proton.”
He smiled. “Understand this well: I will rise above you, and on that day you will discover, from above, a heel that crushes without mercy.”

“See? This guy’s a riot,” Proton told Timber. “Shut him up, Professor.”

Light flared into Ward’s eyes, and suddenly he was hurtling through worlds from the head down, feeling every part of his body uproot and be launched through Ultra Space. It felt as though flying through a sandstorm on fire, and Ward's lungs erupted in magnificent laughter.
The hardest part of writing science fiction is knowing actual science. The same applies for me and realistic fiction.

Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.
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