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The Captain's Herald

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Sat Aug 01, 2020 10:54 am
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LoonyMaroony says...


July Edition

Your Crew

Captain Magebird
First Mate soundofmind
Navigator AstralHunter
Gunner sheyren
Boatswain ScarlettFire
Falconer Featherstone

The Captain’s Herald: An Introduction
by Captain Magebird

Ahoy there, mateys! This is Captain Mage, member of your favorite friendly neighborhood crew of pirateering moderators. Though the storybook section has a newsletter a long time ago, we thought it would be good to give you a rundown on what The Captain’s Herald is all about.

The goal of our newsletter is to give you all a monthly update on storybooking news. You can expect a combination of monthly articles, special bi-monthly articles, and articles that you won’t see anything like - for example, this one!

In this issue, we’ll show you:

    - an interview with the amazing poet and new storybooker @alliyah
    - an introduction to a brand new storybooking order
    - a shout-out to some amazing first-time storybookers and their storybooks
    - currently open storybooks that you can join
    - and some fun stats on how YWS’s third SB Month went

Make sure to subscribe to this thread so you can keep up with your monthly storybooking news. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all of the fun stuff happening in the storybook section!

Us mods put a lot of time and effort into planning this edition of The Captain’s Herald, as well as the new storybooking order sheyren will go into down below - so we hope you enjoy it!


New Seafarers: An Interview
by First Mate soundofmind

sound: alliyah! I think you've been on YWS for a hot minute (at least a minute longer than me). Is this your first time making and/or joining a storybook?

alliyah: sound! YES, *at least I think so* I've been on the site since 2012, and have occasionally been in Tagbooks and a different Knights of the Green Room Christmas Special that was started by @CaptainJack, but besides that I've never really been involved with making one!

sound: Oh!!! Then this is quite exciting! How did you prepare yourself for making the leap into the Storybook section? What gave you the push to hop in?

alliyah: Well, I can tell you it was not spontaneous! When I first got involved in the Knights of the Green Room Court, more than two years ago now, CaptainJack had a dream of bringing the Knights into the SB section. No-joke, we schemed on this Storybook idea for more than two years - trying to figure out if it would be a good fit and what the format would be. I think the reason it finally went through this time was first, all the activity with the Knights recently made me think it'd be viable, and also I had some warning that Storybook Month was coming! Combined with the Afterwatch breaking their record, there was finally a sort of self-imposed deadline so we got it all formated and clicked "submit!"

sound: Omg. I'm so happy the stars aligned! Your KOTGR Storybook looks amazing, and I can tell you've put so much love and thought into it - even with all of the pretty banners and graphics! It looks amazing! Are you excited to see where it goes?

alliyah: Thanks so much! I have to say it's a huge relief to just have those ideas out in the world and to see what happens. I'm a bit nervous that no one else will join despite Knights of the Green Room being one of the largest ongoing groups on the site @_@ but I think part of the great set-up with this is that you can kind of stop by and leave as needed, this Storybook could be a kind of un-ending one with loose sub-plot lines and more challenges eventually. We'll see how it goes! (hint, hint, if you're reading this and are a knight, please take a little look at it and consider joining!)

sound: Me, is also not-quite-a-knight-yet (mostly because I've slacked on actually recording all of my reviews), *looks back and forth.* I will have to catch up and hopefully I'll be able to claim my knighthood so I can join!

alliyah: Ha! I feel you! I think sometimes people think the logging part will take longer than it does, but ScarlettFire actually found out she was in a similar position (being a Squire for several years without logging any further reviews) but with the KotGR SB out, she actually jumped back in and logged enough to be a Knight and earn some gear!

sound: That's amazing! I'll have to take a minute and do that so I can join the ranks of adventurers.

THAT SAID - speaking of storybooks (because we have been speaking of storybooks - isn't this a great transition) - I know you've only just started doing things in the SB realm, but have you liked it so far?

alliyah: I have absolutely always loved the tagbooks I've joined into - the silliness, the comradery, and community connection - and so far I love this little step into the SB world too!

sound: What's been the most challenging? Has there been any part of storybooking that's been really intimidating? Why?

alliyah: I have to admit part of the hold on the SB was YES, IT'S VERY INTIMIDATING.

I think I had a bit of perception that if I tried to join an SB before that it might be already secretly closed or have unwritten rules that I didn't know about - Mage's Q/A and SB guide definitely helped me understand a little more background on that! But also, there really is a lot of stuff to putting an SB together - a lot of teeny tiny things that I didn't know what was typical. (ie. do you write in the first person? where do the rules go? how do you make those cute character templates link up, what do you do in a discussion thread) HA! I had a lot of questions! But the SB community has been really rad about answering them! Fun Fact: I've never been in an SB besides tagbooks, but I think I've been to like 3 SB workshops - ha xD

sound: YOU ARE VALID! It sounds like a lot of what stood in the way was just not knowing things/lack of clarity on how things worked, so I'm glad you got your questions answered!

Now that you're in it - What's been the most exciting? What have you enjoyed doing the most?

alliyah: It was super satisfying to see people just fill out the character templates and then see all the cute little graphics together. And if I do say so myself, the moment with the Commander's story just *clicked* and the story-line was figured out, was marvelous too!! <3

sound: YES!!! I love it when that happens!

So, now that you've ventured into Storybook waters, what would you say to anyone else who's new to this section of the site and interested in checking it out?

alliyah: DO IT! I really recommend taking the jump in joining or starting your own Storybook; what a neat opportunity to tell stories together! Also if you have questions, you should definitely just ask (especially those cool pirates in the SB Crew) I asked so many random and ridiculous questions, and they were all very patiently answered. Also if you're still not convinced, tagbooks are an awesome low-commitment way to try it out and see if it's something you might enjoy.

sound: Awe!! INSPIRING... AMAZING... THANK YOU ALLIYAH. Love you! Aye, well, that's all we have for you today. Thank you alliyah for your time! That's all folks!

Stats and Facts
by Captain Magebird

The thread is currently a few months behind, but you may or may not have seen me posting storybook stats over in The Unofficial Monthly Storybook Report at the beginning of this year. I really love the format I used there, but I wanted to do something different - and easier to digest - here!

A fun fact that might not come across in the charts is that YWS as a whole wrote more than fifty storybook posts! A good chunk of them were posts in the tagbook, but that doesn’t lessen the impressiveness of all of those posts. We also had some first time storybookers killing it with their frequent posts, but we’ll get into that group in a later, one-time-only section down below.




Brand New Pirates
by Captain Magebird

Ahoy again, mateys!

The storybook section in general is always welcoming of new storybookers, but we don’t often see new storybookers eagerly making their own storybooks - so imagine my surprise when I realized we had four of them doing that. And with the return of the storybook newsletter, now seemed like the perfect time to give both our new storybookers and their storybooks a shout-out! You can reread soundofmind's interview with alliyah up above to find out more about her storybook, but here's three other storybookers you haven't already read about:

(For all intents and purposes, this article is excluding tagbook involvement - because tagbooks don't involve the same amount of collaboration and planning that actual storybooks involve. While some of the people mentioned might have done tagbooks before, their storybooks are their first real dive into the SB section!)

@Kassiani’s A fictionalized, modern retelling of history thread has only been up for half of the month and isn’t technically a storybook yet, but it’s already gained a decent amount of interest from YWSers! The storybook is inspired by historical retellings like Hamilton/Six that have a slightly more present touch for it. Historical storybooks aren’t usually something that pop on YWS, so we’re definitely all intrigued - especially since it looks like the Salem Witch Trials will be the setting, according to the poll Kassiani conducted in the thread! Definitely keep an eye out for it in the near future.

Our next new storybooker-storybook combo is @HarryHardy with A Voyage Among the Stars. AVAMtS has been up for about the same amount of time that Kassiani’s thread has been up, but it’s already managed to complete its first arc thanks to its dedicated cast of writers! The story follows a group of teenagers after they get stranded on a distant and dangerous world. If you want to check out the universe that came straight from HarryHardy’s imagination and read about the cast’s adventures, swing by the thread and read along!

Last, but certainly not least, we have the first storybooker/storybook that clued me into this cool new trend: @LittleLee’s Soul’s Blight! The storybook was created with the help of First Mate soundofmind, but LittleLee was entirely responsible for the dystopian twist on superpowers. Even though the storybook has only been up for July, every writer has already been able to get a post up for it - which is a rare feat! If you’re looking for a storybook to read that’s slightly more nontraditional when it comes to inhuman powers, this is the perfect one for you.

Good luck with your storybooks, everyone, and great job with the progress you’ve already made in them!

Sailor Recruitment Board
by Navigator AstralHunter

Salutations, sea-dogs! Or perhaps… stranded sea-dogs?

Aye, there are many hands in search of a vessel to man, yet there are only so many vessels that need manning. Fear not, however, for here is an official listing of storybooks that require more members!

Pokemon: Star And Fire by EverLight: The bond between Trainer and Pokémon is a testament of trust and dedication. The embodiment of this is the three sacred stones known collectively as the Order of Humanity. Rumours of their discovery — undoubtedly spread by some unknown force — have reached the ears of Professor Oak, so he has elected to choose eight young pupils to investigate. Two have been contacted already, but the remaining six have yet to be identified.

Cassandra Of The Lost by ScarlettFire: Twenty years ago, the high-tech space cruiser Cassandra went missing. Eight lost souls find themselves aboard this ship, but without any memory of who they are or how they got there. However, the Cassandra itself exerts considerable influence on the passengers' circumstances, and its motives are but one of many things they must discover. Of the eight, only the Parent has yet to wake.

The Fall of Altermende by Europa: Altermende was once a prosperous kingdom, but the discovery of magic set it on a course to ruin. An experiment intended to meld humans with the power of the elements instead created the seemingly unstoppable Dragur — and what's worse, their wretched state is somehow infectious. Only a few pockets of civilisation have managed to survive thus far, but the reappearance of the royal heir promises hope. A party must be formed to protect them, and a Guardian and a Scout are still needed.

In Service to the Hierophant by AstralHunter: Tales across the world tell of a nation unconquered and legendary — the Kalandrel Hierophantine. Its everlasting prosperity is achieved through the diversity of its people, the maintenance of a small territory, and the art of summoning elemental golems. There is no military, for the Skywatch, Woodwatch, and Citywatch defend the cosmopolitan capital of Skyreach and all of Kalandrel. Six new recruits have pledged their fealty to the hierophant and occupy an apartment in the city, but one of their number has transferred to an outpost, leaving a room vacant.

As The Earth Falls by EverLight: Humanity has, unsurprisingly, destroyed much of the world. Violence and famine are ubiquitous; chaos and fear are the daily staples. A well-intentioned academic created three alternate earths, but all who ventured there reported of betrayal and stars coming alive. Eight individuals are to be selected to investigate.

There are still some storybooks that have a sizeable cast already, but which will nevertheless accept more members.

Starboard Seafarers
by Gunner sheyren

Listen up, sailors o’ the seven storybooking seas! Ye scallywags have been rather disorganized lately, with yer pointless plunderin’ and mindless meandarin’ about! It’s about time that we got ye a bitta order out here on these ruthless seas. Good fortune for us, cause there happens ta be a rather welcomin’ crew about these parts by the name of the Starboard Seafarers, and right now they be lookin’ for some new mateys.

One small problem, I’m afraid. These pirates are a buncha greedy gold lubbas, and if you wanna join them, ye gotta give ‘em some doubloons. Good fortune for you, though, cause we have just the thing. There’s an old vagrant out in the boonies by the name of Seabury Grail, but you can call him No-Tongue. He’ll pay you some doubloons. I believe if you show ‘im a character profile you made, he’ll give you one doubloon. If you show ‘im a Storybook post you wrote, he’ll pay ya two doubloons. And if you offer ‘im a whole Storybook you’re running, he’ll pay ya a whole three doubloons! I also hear he doubles the bounties if you make a profile or a post for any new official storybooks or tagbooks that are created after today.

To join our new band of baddies out on them seven seas, yer gonna have to fess up three doubloons. Bad fortune for ye, but No-Tongue only pays for profiles, posts, and storybooks made after today. Good fortune for ye, though, but he’ll pay off your first three doubloons using any of the former made before today. So if you’ve been about these seas before, you can join as soon as you have a moment. But after that, you’re gonna have to clear out some new bounties to get more doubloons.

Of course, if ye can offer even more doubloons, yer gonna be rewarded handsomely by these Starboard Seafarers. While joining will just let ye be a Swabby on the deck, offerin’ another two doubloons, for a total of five doubloons will promote ye to the fine role of Powder Monkey. Ambitious mates will nab themselves ten doubloons to become Cabin Lackeys. But should you reach twenty doubloons, I dare say you’ll be promoted to a Rigger. At thirty doubloons, you’ll move up to bein’ an Able Bodied Sailor. Fifty doubloons nabs you a spot as a Mate, and seventy-five doubloons will secure you a job as a Master Gunner. If you’re really ambitious, you’ll become a Boatswain at one hundred doubloons, and with one hundred and fifty doubloons you’ll be promoted to Sailing Master. But if you achieve the admirable goal of two hundred doubloons, then you will become the ever prestigious Quarter Master.

So happy sailin’, pirates! And best of luck to ye, should you be driven to become a Quarter Master!

I think that was when I began to realize that reputation isn't everything. I should focus less about how others perceive me and more about what makes me happy. Because, in the end, I have to live with myself.
— Seraphina