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what are the fastest ways to kill an SB

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Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:06 pm
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SirenCymbaline says...

I'm working on an article on bad habits (on both the player and GM side, though it's aimed at GMs) that can cause SBs to die fast.

What are the worst signs you've come to find in SBs you've participated in? What are the flaws that can caused them to die the fastest?

Vent here, and hopefully I'll be able to turn it into something useful.

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Fri Dec 13, 2019 10:15 pm
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fraey says...

Real life getting in the way of coming up with good plans and good characters, not to mention not having the time to literally sit down and write can be super frustrating. On the other hand, a lack of understanding how long it takes to come up with ideas and what your characters are going to do is very frustrating to deal with.

A lack of communication can also be the downfall of many different SBs, even if there's an awesome storyline and the characters all seem really neat to play with. If someone suddenly stops doing something and doesn't let anyone know what's going on, then the whole rest of the party is stuck and can't get anything done further since they're good people and want to write together.

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