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Would You Rather SB Idea

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Mon May 14, 2018 2:14 am
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DivinePrincess says...

So I was thinking of creating a storybook kind of based off of the movie "Would You Rather"! I think it would be a really fun storybook.

Basically, a group of people are invited to a house, promised money. Every character would have their own reason for needing the money.

A game of Would You Rather would take place, where every character is given two options and they must pick one. The dares would be kind of morbid, and if they don't do the dares they will be eliminated (killed), until there is one person standing.

I was thinking that we could put all the names randomly in :

To determine who would get eliminated one by one, before we actually post in the SB itself. We could form a plot, etc. before we start, so that the SB would be more interesting.

Let me know if you guys would be interested! I'm also looking for a partner in this SB if anyone would like to mod it with me. I feel like it would be a fun idea :)

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Mon May 14, 2018 2:16 am
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kat13254 says...

Yeah I'd probably do it!
Mew ฅ(⌯͒• ɪ •⌯͒)ฅ❣

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Mon May 14, 2018 3:25 am
Kanome says...

That does sound cool and fun to do. I will have to think about it because I am in a lot of SBs already c:
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Mon May 14, 2018 5:33 am
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Synnoev says...

Sounds like a cool idea! I think maybe picking the eliminated character each round would be more suspenseful though (?) Or people could volunteer to be eliminated too if they feel that it would be true to their character for that dare.

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Mon May 14, 2018 1:06 pm
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Bellarke says...

Ill do it!! Sounds so fun.
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Mon May 14, 2018 1:44 pm
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Daenyss says...

This sounds really fun, but depending on when it starts I will/won't be able to do it. This week is really hectic for me, so if we're getting this going before Friday I'll probably need to sit this one out.
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