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What Novel Ideas!

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Wed May 16, 2018 2:50 pm
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Bellarke says...


#~ EDEN When popular queen bee Eden Micheal's body dies in a car crash one summer night in Cold Water, Michigan, her soul continues to live as she goes to purgatory and the master, Jay, sees his mistake. She is sent back to earth, only not as her, not in her body. She is in another girl's body. A fat girl, Amenda Jones. Amenda haunts her body's mind, speaking to Eden in thoughts. Eden has to try to get out of Amenda's body, to have her former boyfriend, Carlo back.

And when the master shows up again, Eden must chose. Life with Carlo, or death with Jay. Semi-love, or love. Fake, or real. What will Eden chose.
Link: Eden Chapter One
Spoiler! :

#2~ Creature Of Dust And Guilt:
Loki had to flee Asgard, and only Midgard, Earth. Adeline Gunn was just a collage junior, she lived a normal life, a father who is in prison, and a little brother...had a little brother. They cross paths when Loki tries to steal her car. And she takes him in, because he has no where else to go.
Link: Creature Of Guilt, And Dust Chapter One...
Spoiler! :
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Wed May 16, 2018 8:07 pm
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mellifera says...

@Mea oh Mixing Magic sounds awesome! I've heard you talking about it, but I didn't really know what it was about. I've wanted to read a story from the sidekick's pov for the longest time! I meant to write something, but I don't have any ideas yet.

@Lareine I don't think I've said this, but I really love the idea for Unchosen and Keeper of Earth <3

All right, y'know, since everyone else is listing multiple projects, I'm going all in. Well, kinda. I have more, these are just the ones I favour. for the most part. *crackles knuckles*

These are some of the novels I've considered for LMS, and I thought I had chosen one, but I really love them all. Ergo, I'll just talk about them instead. Maybe it'll help.

Grey Summit- Probably will end up as a mystery, supernatural something or another. It's about a creative writer who has writers' block, and is trying to find inspiration to write another book. She finds out about a mountain, with supposedly 'paranormal' activities around it. MC (Sigrid) and her best friend (Paige) head out to the mountain, where they find nothing of the supposed 'paranormal activities'. Worse, the villagers want them gone. But then they find out that people have been going missing there for years, and MC decides to investigate.

The Silent Ones- An urban fantasy story about twin sisters. After their parents' death, MC and her sister move out to live with their aunts in the middle of a forest. MC loves it there, her magic is attuned to nature and her sister doesn't have to translate to people for her (MC is mute). Until sister decides she wants to go back to their home town, a tight-knit community village, and MC agrees because she doesn't know how to say no. It's actually a bit coming-of-age-ish I guess, with magic mysteries happening and MC learning how to stand on her own feet without her sister. And some romance, of course...

What Happened to Annie O'Connor- Almost a year before story takes place (sorta), a girl from a tiny village with an equally tiny population disappears. Just straight up vanishes. Nobody knows what happened to her, and there's nothing. So cops mark it as a cold case and it isn't touched again until a dried out private investigator gets prompted to take the case. Another mystery with supernatural elements, but this one is also slotted into horror. Hopefully. This one has a lot of inspirations to take from.

And then there's the last two- they're untitled, because I can't pin anything on them.

We'll call this one Magic Sympathisers, just for argument sake. It's about two newbie cops, who are apart of a division that specialises in controlling magic-users called Templar Agents (but I like magic cops better). Despite popular opinion, they're both sympathetic to magic-users (who are widely viewed as lesser to mortals, and sometimes even as abominations). They're first assignment is to do a routine security check on the city's keeper (basically city's first line of defence), but after meeting her, they find out magic-users have been going missing. And that the Templars know about it. And have done absolutely nothing to investigate. Three guesses as to what happens next. I have at least a sequel, don't know about a trilogy, but definitely a sequel.

Next we'll call this The Hero's Brother. Carter is your run-of-the-mill guy who is nervous about everything. He works as a stable hand, mostly to keep him and his sister off the streets but also because he's a horse nerd. But then sister ups and disappears. MC freaks out, and is soon confronted by two people he's never heard of, who were apparently worked with his sister. They've never heard of him either, and reveal that sister was involved in dangerous, criminal stuff, and that the three of them were planning on escaping. Basically, they chase after Carter's sister while trying to figure out her agenda. Romance, and obviously horses.

sense any themes yet? tired of how much I wrote? :D

I stupidly started part of chapter one for The Silent Ones, What Happened to Annie O'Connor, and The Hero's Brother before I knew about how LMS worked. So those are probably out of the question, as much as I want to work on them. At least I have two that can I go for warriors.

Now I just have to choose which one to do. It switches weekly.
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Thu May 17, 2018 1:38 am
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concord says...

All of your guys' ideas sound really interesting, but I think mine's a little tired in the trope of YA books.

I really only have two things I've at least pondered in the last few weeks since AP tests took over my life. I'm back thankfully, so I do have a few ideas floating around.

First off is We Only Need Each Other, something I'm pretty sure no user on this site has seen. I was originally going to use this as my entry for CampNano, but I had to stop doing that after barely 2000 words in. Oh well.

My original plot line for We Only was to focus on these two teenagers growing up on a small island, isolated somewhat from the mainland. Both friends, Westley and Lielly, have sections from their perspective, all third-person still. Westley has always had magic, and he comes from a family that views themselves above non-users, meaning Lielly, his best friend for forever, of course.

The underlying plot is that the people running the island may be doing some dirty business, and the main characters get involved somehow, but I really haven't given any sort of structure for this. Oops.

The other project I'm sort-of working on is A Rare Normal in which some of you may have seen posted on here XD. Yet again another YA magic-intertwined story, with the main character of Kille as a soon-to-be graduate from high school and wanting to find her way as an extraordinary regular person. The world is pretty much all magical, but the poor heroine has to deal with everything as non-supernatural, which can be a hassle. Most of the time.

I've only written 2000 words for this one too, in two chapters fairly organized, I think, but I seriously need to sit down and plan this story out since I kind of like this premise.

I messed myself up by already starting these projects, so I'll have to figure something else out for LMS since I really want to do that, but that will be somewhat of a wait in coming. Hopefully, with the end of AP tests and the end of high school (forever, ahh!!!) I'll be able to find a time to flesh out a new idea.

Good luck everyone with your projects!
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Thu May 17, 2018 4:37 am
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Kanome says...

Well, I don't have much to say but I am going to try...

I am currently writing one novel project where I am definitely going to finish. This will be the first novel that would be completed once it's finished.

The novel is called Six Month Journey ( Debating on changing the name. ) The novel is about a princess in a village called Osao who has to marry a noble in order to save her homeland. While doing so, her father tells her that she must keep the power she has a secret. She also is accompanied by her bodyguard, Yusse and the two don't get along well as of right now. Her power as of right now consists of visions of the future. I plan on developing her power throughout the novel.

That's all I got for now. Heh.
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Thu May 17, 2018 11:16 am
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Magestorrow says...

@scribbleinks, your stories are really interesting. I especially love the idea of The Hero's Brother; I'm a big fan of mysteries and adventures.

@killeham, A Rare Normal sounds just like the type of story I'd to read! I've been frustrated with stories that seem that way but then reveal that the protagonist has some sort of power, so it would be refreshing to see the heroine dealing with things without any sort of special abilities.

@Kanome, that's an interesting power for a protagonist to have. In the stories that I've read, that usually tends to be a power a supporting character - like a mysterious prophet - has. I'd be curious to see how that story goes!

I think I'll also list all of my possible and definite writing projects, since, as scribbleinks already said, everyone else is doing it.

My first novel is tentatively called Spring, and it's currently the novel that I've gotten the farthest with - I've finished two drafts and I'm planning on starting the third soon. It's set in a world much like our own, in a little Connecticut town called Wildegate. Wildegate, for reasons that I currently don't know, is home to lots of magical things and people. And this story focuses on four of the aforementioned people: an amateur sorceress (Mira), a boy who can control fire and whose body will be taken over by a demon (Kentaro), a guy who became immortal after his eighteenth birthday (Ryan) and a boy that's a bit of mystery (Asteri). When Ryan accidentally angers Artemis, the moon goddess from Greek mythology, the others end up getting involved, too. Featuring Ryan's various "deaths", general social awkwardness among the entire cast, demons and a dash of Greek mythology. It's a story about discovering exactly who you are and making friends in the strangest of places.

(It's going to be the first book in a trilogy.)

Eternal is a story about two immortals. Matthew has been around for countless centuries, never staying in one place too long for fear of growing attached. He had always hidden his immortality, but he makes a fatal error and is seen "coming back from the dead". The person who saw him come back to life put the story on Reddit, and, a few months later, a strange sorcerer named Oz shows up on his doorstep. It turns out Oz is also immortal, and the two team up to figure why they can't die. But both have their own dark spots in their pasts - for Oz it was a battlefield in the wild forests of England, and for Matthew it was a small Massachusetts town gripped by a panic of terrifying proportions - and their past is finally about to catch up with them. It involves more mythology, though this time Roman, and is a possible spinoff of my main trilogy.

The Case of Schadel H. Kueper is the start of a paranormal mystery series. Schadel H. Kueper is a detective and a "necromancer" - or, at least, she says she is. Liz Novelo doesn't take much merit in people who say that they can see ghosts, and is determined to prove that Schadel is a fake when the young detective moves into the town of South Haven. But this distrust isn't because she doesn't believe in the supernatural. Liz and her younger brother Kevin have been able to see ghosts for as long as they can remember. As Liz tries to learn more about Schadel, she ends up becoming entangled in the plot of a mysterious private investigator named Edward Smith - who, for whatever reason, covers his body entirely in bandages. And he seems to have some sort of vendetta against Schadel...

This one has shown up a lot around the site, with increasingly different versions. Highlights of this version is Claire (the ghost who lives in Schadel's house and loves to mess with her), Schadel's childish and optimistic personality (which is the complete opposite of most detectives in fiction) and Edward in general (he can either be terrifying or a great source of comic relief).

The Automaton's Heart is the final story I have planned. This is the only one that's not set on Earth, though it does take place in the same fictional universe. It's the first installment of a trilogy set in a land called Arium, where the nation is separated into three parts. Infernum, the underground area that the demons were banished to centuries ago. Medium, where the humans live. And Caelum, the floating land in the sky where the angels live. Magic used by humans and demons is called sin, and magic used by angels is called blessings. It's set in Medium and follows the lives of a woman named Zogin, and her automaton Soul. Soul's a special automaton - he has free will and magic of his own. Which is why they swore to never let anyone know the truth about him. But when Soul is caught and thrown into a cell with a demon, and Zogin has to rely on the help of the untrustworthy Janus Everhart to rescue him, it becomes increasingly hard to hide their secret. Starring oppressive angels, discrimination against demons and a conflict beginning to brew that will tear the world as they know it apart.
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Wed May 23, 2018 11:44 am
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BlueAfrica says...

Haaaaa I've only been sitting on this for over a week now for various reasons. It's shockingly hard to pin down the plot in a concise way. Or maybe it's just that a) I'm bad at writing pitches and b) my characters tend to be reactive rather than active because I write a lot of "reluctant hero" types, so there's no "all So-and-So wants is to Do the Thing, but when Antagonist gets in her way..."

Darn it.

Also I got distracted by Bill Nye Saves the World and The Frankenstein Chronicles.


At the risk of sounding more braggy than I care to as a Midwesterner, everyone's probably aware that I'm working on the Chosen Grandma story. Especially since I drop a link off literally every time I see someone go, "So I'm looking for more novels to follow around here, if anyone has one they want me to follow..." even though I feel like I should probably stop doing that.

Eighty-three-year-old Edna Fisher hates the nursing home, with its forced activities, boredom, and staff members' habit of treating the old folks like children. So when a wizard tells her she's the Chosen One - destined to defeat Redway, the sorcerer who's been attacking cities and killing Knights - she leaps at the chance to leave.

(Figuratively. Actually leaping is hard on an old lady's hips.)

Armed only with her knitting needles and her favorite orderly, Edna sets out to find the Sword of Destiny and journey to the land of the dragons to find Redway. Along the way she collects a grumpy teenage girl, a strong-willed flying carpet, and an elf with a dangerous secret. She'll encounter dragons, witches, technology, and bad directions...but when she finally meets Redway, she'll discover something she never expected.

Quick Stats

    - 1 draft
    - 35 chapters
    - 66 weeks of writing
    - 96,000 words
    - 34 weeks posted first in LMS
    - 4 dedicated reviewers (thx ily) + @Sonder who stealth reads and occasionally

phpBB [media]

Sorry, I had to. Moving on.


So I already have plans to change a lot in the second draft, since somebody didn't outline and made stuff up on the fly *coughcough* ahem.

@scribbleinks omg me all the time always forever

@LadyBird I mean I also want to read your Seven Deadly Sins thing but I'm glad you started posting this bc I've been waiting since you brought it up obviously

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Wed May 23, 2018 2:25 pm
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Lightsong says...

I've been meaning to post here, but alas, university life sucks. Literally. It sucks your life energy.

Bad Lights, Good Lights and The Last Light Companion

Both of these deserted, incomplete novels basically revolve around the same plot - powerful spherical lights appear out of nowhere and ask selected humans (mostly teenagers) to help them fight against their archnemesis, the shadow, which also appear on Earth for some ultra mysterious reason. In BLGL, I used 1st PoV and a female MC who is fiery and energetic. In TLLC, I used 3rd PoV and a female MC who is calm and distant.

Since both stories were set in the real world in Malaysia, the use of magic would be deemed controversial, more so when the MCs were Muslim women and Islam in general forbids magic since it's the help from the demons. Instead, I changed it into something more sci-fi, creating the lights' origin story as being from another dimension/world and stumbled into Earth long time ago as one of their travelling destinations (and somehow the shadows find out too). The abilities these lights granted were still magical in nature, given I didn't have enough scientific knowledge to explain them.

BLGL managed to touch into issues of parents' superiority, immigrants, etc. TLLC is quite young.

Hidden Entity

It revolved around deities, and so was quite ambitious for a person like me. Greek mythology fascinated me, and I wondered what would it be like to create imperfect deities and how they actually managed the world they were in charge of. Needless to say, my attempt failed spectacularly. I enjoyed seeing the level of conflicts I had managed to spark between my deities, as well as the idea of them supporting and being a part of LGBT (or even creating LGBT acceptance) and it was quite refreshing. I might get back to it when I had a clearer plot for it.

Dancer of the Fire Blade

MY. ONGOING. NOVEL. YOU GUYS! Dancer of the Fire Blade was a complete surprise to me. The novel started from a short story called Arrow Under the Moonlight, featuring a magic-less Gael who was completing a task with his besty, Haka. Naturally, he had feelings for Haka, and the story got more intense at that point. So yeah. It started and ended there... but did it?

Of course not. I decided Arrow Under the Moonglight wasn't enough, so I made another story... consisting of five parts titled God's Assassin. Though no actual god appeared in that story, I did have some fun elaborating the world AUtM was based on and experimenting with magic and various plots (it was the first time I wrote an assassin)! I found myself intrigued by the characters I had made, and decided if there was a story that I could tell with passion and without limit, as well as having a clear plot and worldbuilding for it, this was it.

Finally, Dancer of the Fire Blade was born. I used some previous characters and adjusted their personalities and background. Gael still managed to be a main character in the story, but since I used 3rd PoV, I decided to use two main PoVs. I included Ilami, a distant, collected character who could also be as fiery as one could be. I still clung to the concept of assassins when I started this story, so I started with her given the task of killing someone. It was fun. In DotFB, some characters who were supposed to be evil didn't end up as evil, and Gael, while had magic in his standalone story at the end, didn't have magic throughout the entire novel. Inherent magic, at least.

The one thing that I found most interesting in DotFB was that I used more female and male characters were pretty much even in numbers. Ilami, Seya, Felaris, Aleveri, Sensa, Venaria, a librarian and a nurse totaled eight females. Gael, Haka, Veris, Jaxin, Haifei, a bully, and a priest totaled seven males. Ilami's father and brother were mentioned in passing, while Sensa's family focused on martiarchy. There were a lot of LGBT characters too. I'm currently writing chapter 18 and the joy I have while writing it never dissipate. I just hope it gets more attention. >.<

And that is all! I hope I can finish a novel one day! :D
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Thu May 24, 2018 7:22 am
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TriSARAHtops says...

I'm incredibly slack, and honestly have written very little in the last couple of years, so I feel a little bit funny posting here as though I'm someone who Actually Writes, but I'm really trying to get back into writing on a slightly more regular basis so maybe this could be motivating?

The Novel Formerly Known as Eight Reasons Why I Kissed Hayden Beaufort
Some of you older folks might remember me talking about this one at some point over the last four years(EEEEK I cannot accept that it's been that long, but I started writing it in 2014 D:). I do have a new working title for it, but honestly in my heart this story will always be known as Hayden.

The story follows a music-obsessed teenage girl called Lena Cartwright, whose relationship with her best friend Eugene suddenly takes a turn when he gets a new haircut and starts acting Weird with a capital W. Their relationship is tested as Lena tries to work out what's prompted the sudden change in her friend.

In the first draft, there was also a bit of a romantic subplot between Lena (or Liv, as she was known then) and the eponymous Hayden Beaufort, who she meets at a party and is utterly captivated by.

I don't plan on having Hayden in the future drafts, but no doubt he will appear in some of my writing at some point. :P

Despite working on it for so long, I'm still rather unsure about actual the plot of this one. But at its core, it's about friendship, growing up and music. The core relationship is the friendship between Lena and Eugene, which the pair spend the story (misguidedly) trying to keep untouched by the fact that they are growing up and as a result are different as individuals than they were as children. I remember reading something Maggie Stiefvater had said about the characters in her Raven Cycle books: "the worst thing that can happen is they stop being friends" - and this was something I tend to keep in mind when writing about Lena and Eugene.

It's also about the point in your mid teens where adulthood suddenly feels VERY CLOSE and VeRY SCARY and everyone is making you start to decide what you want to do with your life - but you're also very aware that you aren't a child, and that's both intimidating, frustrating and exhilarating.

There are also snarky boys, supportive female friends, lotsa hipsters and a healthy amount of hugging scenes.

The Novel that will maybe be called Saltwater Wounds
Bit of backstory: Many moons ago, I started writing a novel called Saltwater Wounds but only got about two chapters into it (#storyofmylife). I was really into the setting and general moody kind of vibe of the story, but I didn't really know what the story I wanted to tell was. I've toyed with resurrecting the project, with a different plot, but it's never felt quite right. But maybe I'm finally onto something?

When she was a teenager, Adela Sage loved two things: the sea and Todd Allister*. But she never expected that the ocean she loved so dearly would be the thing that killed her other love. One day, Todd was caught in a rip and drowned, leaving behind a grief-stricken Adela.

Now in her twenties, Adela lives far from the small coastal town where she grew up and Todd died. She finally feels like she has been able to move on, when a young man moves in next door - a young man who looks exactly like Todd, and seems to share many of his mannerisms.

A relationship starts to develop between Adela and the young man**. For Adela, it initially feels like a second change at a love that was cut tragically short. Being around the young man brings back all kinds of memories of Todd, and in the beginning of their relationship, the young man seems indistinguishable from Todd.

Slowly, however, Adela begins to feel guilty that she is essentially using the young man to relive her happier teenage days. As their relationship develops, she slowly allows herself to notice more and more the differences between Todd and the young man, despite their uncanny similarity.

It's more character-driven, so not much happens, but basically the conflict arises from a mix of the uncanniness of the young man and Todd's similarities, Adela's conflict about whether it's ethical to pursue a relationship with the young man purely based on the fact he looks like Todd (without him knowing that) and also Adela slowly coming to realise that the young man is His Own Person and not just her young love reincarnated in order for her to get closure/relive her happier days.

The plot is partly inspired by the film The Double Life of Veronique, which features a similar kind of doppelganger situation and has the kind of vibe that I'm hoping for. I want it to be a contemporary romance written like a fantasy novel - there's no magic in the story, but I want it to have a fantastical, otherworldly, uncanny atmosphere.

*he will almost certainly not be called this but he doesn't have a name yet so this will work as a placeholder.
**who, much like 'Todd' does not have a name

Congrats to anyone who read all of this inordinately long ramble ;)
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Thu May 31, 2018 6:45 pm
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ellasnotebook says...

I'm glad this thing exists so I can gush about my children without anyone thinking I'm deranged (probably!)! Just be prepared to read many many words


Stage: Outlining

A working title. This idea came to me like three years ago, and then yesterday I remembered it and was like, "Huh. That's...not a bad idea." And thus this project was born! This is the first book in what I hope is a duology/trilogy spanning the war. It takes place in a science fiction/fantasy world where the people are divided into two classes; the angel like top-dwellers who live in the marvelous city called Paradise built in the sky, and the oppressed bottom-dwellers who provide the top-dwellers supplies. The first book is the story of Iris and Gen. Gen was a top-dweller who fell from Paradise when she was a child and was adopted by Iris’s family. The two became close immediately and they grew up side by side, learning how to craft the top-dweller’s treasured wing-like mechanisms. Years later, their father is killed at a strike in an act of police brutality, and the two girls have to flee. They decide to join the Resistance; a group of bottom-dwellers and top-dwellers who are working to overthrow the powerful empress, who is simply known as Mademoiselle.

It's supposed to be about the sister's relationship and how it grows and develops as the story progresses. I want the first book to focus on Gen's arc a little more, and the second book to focus on Iris'. If there is a third book it would somehow intertwine both arcs together, but I would be fine if a third book didn't work out.

The Greenhouse:

Stage: uhhhhhhhhhhh

Also a working title because I'm bad at titles apparently lol. This one is one that I've been letting sit for a long time. It could very well be the project I'm most passionate about, at least for the longest amount of time, but I'm so scared to write it because of that. I plan to write it at some point this year or the next though.

This is the story of April Connelly, a sixteen year old girl who has not felt the sun shine since her eleven year old sister died in a tragic car accident. Her grades are failing, her friendships seem gray and uninteresting, and she has't played the piano in a year. April Connelly is numb.
That all changes when she stumbles upon an abandoned greenhouse. When she is inside the greenhouse, April feels like she can smile. She feels like she can breathe again. She feels alive. The greenhouse feels like it's her friend, like it understands her. However, every time she leaves the cozy embrace of the greenhouse she is back to her old self, or even worse.
Soon, she realizes that the greenhouse has a mind of its own, and it may not have the best intentions.

Captain Armadillo and the Monster Hunter

Stage: In the process of writing the rough, rough, ROUGH draft

This is the one I'm working on now. It's in the very early stages and I'm kind of nervous about it, as the plot is kind of...struggling. In my head, at least. It's not going to be very long and might end up being a short story, but I'll include it because I'm kind of passionate about the characters.

Basically the idea for this one was the concept of a man stuck in a mall (East Armadillo Mall, which is definitely a fictional place if you couldn't tell) during the monster-apocalypse-thing. It literally only has two characters, who are Dick reynolds, aka Captain Armadillo, and Elena Perez, the Monster Hunter. Dick is having a super fun time living it up in the apocalypse. He has all he needs to survive right in the huge mall he lives in. Well, conversation would be nice once in a while, but he can always talk to the many storefront mannequins. However, Dick's carefree life changes when a grumpy teenaged girl crawls into his mall half dead and with several broken bones. The two immediately hate each other. The book is supposed to be about the friendship between the two and how "Captain Armadillo" came to be such a lame person.

Umbrella Spells

Stage: UHHHHHHHHHH (this one is kind of in the void)

I have two chapters of this one up on here but this one is on the back burner for...I don't know how long. There's a lot of flaws with it, but I love the characters so I'll probably revisit it.

It's about a tiny immortal magician who has to apprentice a teenage boy with daddy issues. They immediately hate each others guts. But with trouble brewing in the magical world, the two may stop arguing long enough to actually save the world.

I don't think I described any of these like how they are in my head, but that's ok. We're working on it. Now I just have know. Write them.
with love ((;

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Sun Jun 24, 2018 4:11 am
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rosette says...

Yes, it's only when I stop posting my novel on here that I decide to talk about it. :P
But it's my current project, so here goes.

The Novel: Cedar Ravine
Genre:: Realistic / Dramatic / Religious / (And a touch of Mystery because mystery <333)
The Story: Mmmkay, so basically we got this family who moves to a creepy little town in the middle of nowhere to pastor an abandoned church. (former pastor guy kinda just up and died)

It wouldn't be so terrible if the "church" didn't outright hate the new pastor and his family at first sight and seek to destroy them AAAAANNND it also wouldn't be so terrible if the town wasn't founded by a cult, and those creepy cultish beliefs still seep into the town's everyday life... but hey, life happens.

Seventeen-year-old Maddie is the oldest daughter in the family, and I tell the story through her very cheery and positive point of view. HAHAHAHA. No. Actually, she's um, quite bitter and angry, and that only becomes 200x worse as the story progresses. But I do believe that's kind of my fault because I do rip her family apart, and take away the one person she started to think of as a friend, and have the "church" do unspeakable things to the family, and well... I torture her. So. Yeah.

I label this novel Religious because as things go more and more downhill, Mads eventually has to come face to face with the person who put her family in this town, and deal with all that hurt and anger inside.
That person being, very obviously, God.
And honestly, that scene with her at the altar is my favorite scene ever. <333

Okay, now I'm on the verge of rambling, so I'll just stop there.
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