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Boy Crush? (Kanome and ThatGeekyGirl)

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Wed May 02, 2018 8:49 pm
Kanome says...

Blaine Larr

The next day came. Saturday. Blaine was dreading that this day won’t come, but he knows that he has to study for midterms, even if it means getting help from the smartest person in biology, Jake Steele. Blaine looked at his phone, seeing the time was 12:37 PM. He had plenty of time to clean up his room and make snacks for his guest. Blaine got up from his bed, walking out of his room towards the kitchen. He noticed that his parents weren’t around. They did tell him that they had to go somewhere important today. Blaine sighed as he looked through the cupboards, seeing a bag with chocolate chip cookie mix printed in the front. He smiled to himself as he pulled out the bag, following the instructions on it. After he placed the pan with the cookie batter inside the heated oven, he headed back upstairs to change into a black collared shirt with blue jeans, slipping on his green socks. He placed his bangs up with a pin, getting ready for the dreadful study session that is going to come.

Time had passed. It is now 1:45 PM according to Blaine’s phone. The cookies were ready to go for his guest and he even made some cherry kool-aid for him. It has been a while since anyone he knew came over to his own house. He usually goes to Raen’s but he never knew the reason why he would only go there and not hang out in his own home with his best friend. The thoughts lingered until he heard the sound of the doorbell. Blaine got nervous, but this was for his grade. He walked to the front door and opened it, seeing the guest of honor. Blaine’s heart skipped, the sight of him made him speechless. Blaine still did not understand why the feeling only shows with him around. Blaine breathed in and smiled at Jake.

“Come in.”

Jake walked inside the home, looking around his surroundings. Jake was wearing a blue tank with blue jeans. He slipped off his shoes by the door as he was still carrying his bag with him. “Nice house you have here.”

“Oh. Uhm. Thanks. You can sit in the living room. I’ll be back.”

Blaine headed over in the kitchen, grabbing the plate of cookies with two cups of kool-aid on the plate with them. He headed back in the living room, seeing Jake sitting on floor in front of the coffee table, taking out the chemistry textbook and his notes. Blaine placed the cookies and refreshments on the table.

“You can go ahead and eat if you want. I’m gonna go grab my textbook and stuff.”

Jake nodded as Blaine headed upstairs to his room. He grabbed his textbook and journal from his bag. Blaine looked in the mirror in front of him, seeing his cheeks flushed in red. Blaine was extremely nervous, but is trying to play it off by being himself. There was something about Jake that made him go nuts, but what was it, he wondered? Blaine grinned to himself and headed back out towards the living, ready to face his issues head on.
Knight of the Green Room

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Tue May 15, 2018 5:28 pm
ThatGeekyGirl says...

Jake Steele

Jake watches him go, then reaches for a cookie. "Smells good." He says to himself.

He bites into the cookie, then starts to chew. "MHMM. Is good." He smile, and reaches for the cup of kool-aid.

Cherry. Bummer.

I hate being allergic to cherries.

Jake burps and grabs his folder out of his back pack. "Remember! MITOSIS!" He yells to Blaine, remembering his red face, and smiles.

He is like a little schoolboy. Or that is what grandpa would say. Jake thinks as he reaches out and grabs another cookie and shoves it in his mouth, and Blaine comes bouncing back into the room.

"Mitosis." He holds up his book.

"Good." Jake cant help but to look at Blaine's chest, his shirt sticking to his chest. "Lets get started, shall we?"

Spoiler! :
I am literally a walking sarcasm vending machine!

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Wed May 16, 2018 10:38 pm
Kanome says...

Blaine Larr

Blaine and Jake were sitting across from each other near the coffee table, books and journals already on it. He looked at Jake, who took a bite on the cookies he made.

“Are they good?” He noticed that few of the cookies were gone on the plate.

“Extremely. You baked these?” Jake took another cookie off the plate as he nibbled on it.

“Yes. Baking is my speciality after all.” Blaine smiled as he opened his textbook to the chapter about mitosis. He also noticed that Jake didn’t drink the kool-aid he made. “You don’t like that flavor?”

“I’m allergic to cherry.”

“Oh. I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s fine. You didn’t know. Now let’s get to studying.”

Silence fell for a few minutes as they prepared their notes. “So do you know the phases?” Jake stared at Blaine, having head rested on his palm.


Jake sighed softly as he kept looking at him. “Interphase, prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase.” Blaine nodded as he wrote down the phases in his journal.

“I’m assuming since you don’t know the phases, you don’t know the definitions, right?”


Jake sighed once again. “You’re hopeless. Do you even pay attention in class?”

“I try to! It’s just…” Blaine averted his gaze from him.


“I just… don’t understand it. No matter how hard I try to comprehend it, it just slips away from me.”

Blaine always lacked self-confidence when it came to his studies. No matter how hard it tried to bring up his grade, it seemed not enough for his parents or even himself. When he looked up, Jake was close to his face, staring him down. Blaine moved back, startled from the sudden closeness between the two.

“W… What the hell are you doing?!”

“Messing with you.”

“L… Let’s just get back to studying.” Blaine looked down at his textbook, reading the functions of the phases of mitosis. He kept reading the same information over and over, trying to have it imprinted in his memory. He did wonder though. What does Jake like? What does he dislike? It made him wonder about Jake more as time passed.
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