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Supernatural Hierarchy (Open/Accepting)

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Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:15 am
DivinePrincess says...

Can your character handle the unyielding forces of the highest powers?

The "Hierarchy" and It's Purpose

Spoiler! :
Or better known as "The Superiors" are a known group of individuals that maintain only the highest amount of power.
In this new world, the hierarchy is only known to the regular man as a mythical or, shall I say, whimsical story that was told by those throughout centuries. In reality, The Superiors are most definitely existent and rule over those with talents. This supernatural humankind is easily roaming the streets, disguised as innocent civilians and are forced to obey The Hierarchy or The Superiors.

The council that contains all three members of the infamous Hierarchy have lived for millions and millions of years, and have indeed been proven Immortal, just as those roaming the streets freely are.

They posses the most valuable gifts, that are left to rule over those that are weaker than them. It's time to meet the Hierarchy.

Meet The Superiors (Your Enemy)

Spoiler! :
Oliver "Jackpot" Usain: Known to the supernaturals as the brave hero who protected their kind. Is approximately two thousand years old and is the youngest of all Superiors, gaining the third highest position in the Hierarchy after his father was killed in battle. Is perceived as bossy, influential, and most of all: Cocky and greedy. He possesses the power of strength and combat, therefore taking down his enemies by any physical means.

Naomi "Precious/Medusa" Wallace: Possibly the most known council member, she is also the most beautiful. She draws in every gender, and never gets the answer no. Her bleach blonde hair and black eyes are hypnotizing and they do just that. She brings boys in to her quarters, and some servants even say that they never come out. She feeds on the souls of others in order to keep her beauty sustained. She has earned the second highest Hierarchy seat in the council. She is trained in combat and can paralyze a person with just one wrong look, being the second most dangerous council member.

Julius "Crimson" Carter: Known to the supernaturals as the most aggressive and alarming council member. Rumors have said he has died over 300 times, but has always came back due to the fact he 'made a deal with the devil'. His eyes are ice cold, and his personality is evil and corrupt; destroying anybody that comes in his way with the blink of an eye. Nobody has ever seen Crimson in person, being as though he hides away within his quarters and sends people to do his deeds for him. He is the highest spot in the Hierarchy, earning his way to the top by manipulation and blood. He has the power of darkness: the capability to control the dark forces like lightning, pain, and mind control.


Spoiler! :
Can your character defeat the forces of the Hierarchy? A special group of supernatural humans will be brought together by the underground rebels to bring down the unfairness and stop the mistreatment of their kind by The Superiors. Only the best of the best is recruited.

There will be drama, romance, and heartbreak on the road to the Hierarchy, but the deed MUST be done in order to regain their freedom.


We need at least five characters, but more are definitely welcome.


If you would like a spot, simply drop your filled character template in the comments or reserve a spot! The Discussion Topic page is displayed in a link at the top right of the page.

1."Leader #1" (Female) Lydia: DivinePrincess
2."Leader #2"(Male):
3. Member:
4. Member:
5. Member:
6. Member:
7. Member:
8. Member:

Character Template:
Spoiler! :
Age (18-30):
Talent (No God modding, but be creative with your characters abilities):
Appearance (attach a picture and provide a description):
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Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:54 am
DivinePrincess says...

Name: Lydia "Dia" Taylor

Age (18-30): 20

Personality: Lydia is the daughter of Naomi Wallace. She is cunning and smart, as well as somewhat determined. Once she puts her mind to something, she is to complete the task and never look back. She believes that everyone has good in them no matter what. She has a huge heart, but people should be damned if they take that for granted because even though she is a natural leader, she could just as easily throw you out of the pack. People look up to her because of her undeniable wisdom and is barely caught crying or thinking negatively. She is always going to protect the people she loves, regardless of the circumstance and will ALWAYS do her best to set a good example. She is the complete opposite of her mother personality wise: She does not take advantage of anybody and will always spread love. She has slight attitude and sarcasm when she wants to, but also has a sense of compassion and wholeheartedness when it's needed.

Talent (No God modding, but be creative with your characters abilities): Is given three unique abilities:

1. Paralysis Shock: Taken from her mother, she is able to temporarily "freeze" a person if she stares at them long enough. It lasts up to a minute and a half.
2. Super Intelligence: She knows the unknowable, knows every fact in the book and can memorize ANYTHING within seconds.
3. Fire Manipulation: She is able to manipulate and conjure fire, a gift she received from her late grandfather.

Appearance (attach a picture and provide a description): Lydia looks nothing like her mother. She is seemed to be even more unique and beautiful, with hair that is black as night and grey eyes. Her skin is a caramel tan, and her body is curvy. She is very fit, with strong legs but a feminine figure. She dresses somewhat scandalous on her free time, but when it comes down to business she definitely dresses like a business woman.

Spoiler! :

1. Beauty'
2. Intelligence
3. Physical Strength
4. Fire
1. Trusts too easily
2. Will do anything to protect the people she loves
3. Water
Other: Is interested in love ;)

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