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Ley [DT]

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Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:07 pm
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Lumi says...


I. The Land
    a. Mor Daihe, a deciduous-forested land ruled by the monarchy of Queen Divain. A rather isolated land, the government has long-left chiefdom to the officers of its small villages. All things considered, Mor Daihe is popular for those looking to escape, as the government refuses to extridite, nor prosecute pirates in her waters. Due to this, the coasts are renowned for their hardy, dangerous harbors.
    b. Metihv, a mountainous land whose gems are widely traded, from whom most good iron derives, and whose power is shattered among a dozen or so kingdoms fighting for control. The kings (most often former merchants), often called the Diamond Lords, reside in their mountainside palaces, sabotage their neighbors' mines, and hire mercernary armies from Kah Amir.
    c. Kah Amir, a desert land separated by mountains to Metihv to the east, and Dorom to the north. Known for its many skilled tradesmen and hunters, Kah Amir is a rich land, despite lacking agricultural prowess. Operated by a senate of tradesmen and commonfolk known as the Hightower, one would be hard-pressed to find unrest in Kah Amir--unless looking in the shadows of alleyways, or the scars of the land from wars of attrition.
    d. Dorom, a long-frozen land of little resource and prosperity. The peoples of Dorom were once conquerors dwelling in the long-gone nations among Metihv; however, upon the Third Great War, the Empire of Dorom was eliminated, and the then-refugees fled to the northwestern wastelands where they discovered a treasure that trumped that of plentiful food or trade: Aubrium--a fuel that rebuilt their empire and advanced their technology beyond that of any other nation. In the common era, Dorom is to be feared and hated, as their empire knows only to steal what they lack. Controlled by the iron fist of Cazar Ibrahm XI, the Imperial nation now turns its focus on the invasion of their northern neighbor, Elocues.
    e. Elocues, meaning "peaceful," was once adjoined to the supercontinent of Aseon; however, due to a great sundering along Ley Line Rabanonne, the nation became an independent entity, spanning the entirety of the new continent, Ibelle. Over the centuries, Rabanonne has been consumed and filled by seawater, though a grand canyon remains between Aseon and Ibelle, leading to the technological revolution in Elocues, the birth of airships and automobiles in the east, and the common use of electricity, though these things are scarce outside of Elocues.


II. Ley Lines & Mythos
___a. Skyley
_____i. Ever-shifting and as unpredictable as clouds themselves, Skyley surrounds the Earth and carries mana on the breeze. It is for this reason that wind may soothe and assuage pain.
_____ii. Skyley contributes to magicks that call upon wind, fog, lightning, and thunder. However, as with all ley-based mana in the realm of Gondawan, the manifested ley-mana is useless without a conduit in the hands of the medium.
___b. Geoley
_____i. Sturdy and predictable, Geoley is known as the easiest of the manas to wield; however, unlike the other Ley Lines, due to their static nature, distance from a Geoley Line will diminish one's affluence and prowess, though upon drawing from an immediate Geoley Line, unbridled power may be released.
_____ii. Geoley contributes to magicks that manifest in earthen powers, druidic spells, natural attunement, and communal being with the planet. There have been historical accounts of Geoley overlapping with that which produces pyretic magicks, though these accounts are rare.
___c. Sealey
_____i. As the ocean sways, so must the medium attuned to Sealey. These magicks require an inner purpose, but as the sea itself, not tranquility. The most emotional of known Ley Lines, Sealey flows through rivers, evaporates into clouds, and returns to Earth in a cycle of mana. As such, the manifest is at its strongest when in a place of emotional conduit.
_____ii. Sealey attributes to magicks of water, vapor, ice, and mist. Historically, more uses have come of Sealey than all others due to its versatility.
___d. Solar Ley
_____i. The most volatile and destructive of Ley Lines, yet that which scholars believe birthed life in the primordial moors. This has, of recent, been contested by religious leaders and minor clergy alike as the forgotten mana source of the gods was exhibited. These Ley Lines rise with the sun and wane with the moon; however, the presence of Solar Ley Lines remains, giving rise to the theory that a secondary source fuels spells that merely lose potency during the night.
_____ii. Solar Ley manifests through combustion mana and the presence of fire. This power has oft been abolished from society, but the need for its raw power in times of conflict ever-resolves its shunning. The Solar Ley Lines themselves are invaluable to plantlife upon the Earth, and though Druids draw primarily from the Earth itself, a portion of their power manifests from each of the Leys--particularly Solar.
___e. Holy Ley
_____i. Nothing is known regarding this Ley but one man's appearance in the Sixth Great War twelve years ago, which brought an immediate calamity upon the Imperial Army occupying Northwestern Metihv. Before the man could be heralded, he vanished, and no further displays of this "God-Like Energy" has been recorded since.
_____ii. Religious Scholars believe that the Man of Intervention was, himself, a god, and several sects of the Orthodox Church revere him as a medium of prayer.
_____iii. It has been theorized that Holy Ley, however or from wherever it comes, is the provisioner of mana sourced for healing and battling with the Light, as Paladins are wont to do. Others argue that Paladian Light is a form of Solar Ley that merely adapts to a phenomenon dubbed Lunar Ley during nights.


III. Cast of Characters
___a. Tulsa Marshall (@Lumi)
___b. Talia Marshall (@soundofmind)
___c. Ilia Karzdahn (@Omnom)
___d. Romulus Fuhren (@Ventomology)
___e. Phoebe Kanaris (@TheSilverFox)
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Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:45 pm
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Lumi says...

I have posted my character and subscribed to both the main thread and the DT!

That said, I don't think Tulsa deserves a sub-arc just yet because the main arc revolves around him. In volume 2, this will definitely change, so then will be a good time for Tulsa sub-arcs.
I am a forest fire and an ocean, and I will burn you just as much
as I will drown everything you have inside.
-Shinji Moon

I am the property of Rydia, please return me to her ship.

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Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:51 pm
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Omnom says...

Lumidarling you are trying to give me a heart attack xD

buuut subscribbeldooed to both and I'll think of a story arc for my main man Ilia
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Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:29 pm
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TheSilverFox says...

Yep, subscribed to both of these and got my CP up. Since Pheobe's goals include finding her dad, there could be a subplot where she gets an anonymous tip about someone who either looks like her or has something that resembles an item that's special to her. Because I'm mean, the person in question turns out to not be her dad, and she gets into danger in the process. :P
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Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:06 am
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soundofmind says...

Subscribed to both and got my CP in! Will have to think of arcs in a bit, hmm.

I'm thinking for a sub-arc for Talia... hmm, well, I'm figuring anything I'd want to happen w/her would be before she gets kidnapped in the first arc.

I have one little idea. I'm thinking, maybe she breaks a string on her lute in a little street-side performance and has to go get a new string because she's out? And when she goes to the shop of the guy who sells/repairs/whatever instruments maybe he has a new apprentice and there's a little mini crush formed. A crush that, of course, will be short lived because of kidnapping. But that might be fun? Maybe she gets nabbed right before she gets to go on a little date or something. No love life for Talia. Not when outside forces are conspiring against her.
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