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Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:59 am
Amnesia says...

Congratulations! You've been reincarnated....though this means that you can't remember anything from your past life. Though your past injuries (that may or may not have caused your demise in previously lived lives) have stayed with you in the form of other slightly less severe injuries. You can also recall familiar faces and landmarks (though you won't know what or who they are at the time you see them). You may even be a different gender than you were before. But one fact remains the same, you can't pass on to the next level of your after life till you figure out who or what is holding you back. You will keep reincarnating until you find your soulmate or....whatever you were looking for in your very very first life.

Rules of engagement:

Let's all be fair here guys reincarnation isn't a joke. You can't make the same choices in every life so spice it up a little and maybe the Gods will bless you with a longer life span.

You do have a choice, you can either be in limbo (ie: reincarnate a million times or whatever) or be sent to the underworld of your chosen religion. But believe's not gonna be fun....or painless so you best stick with your reincarnation.

You're gonna live in different countries....different continents...hell even different time lines, but the fact of the matter is that you're gonna live so don't you think that complaining to me will do anything for you.

After every life you get to see me again. I'm the one that you report to, if you finished whatever had you reincarnating then I'll allow you into the next level, hell I'll escort you myself. But if you didn't then I'm gonna turn your butt around and toss you into another life...of my chosing.

Don't curse my name or the God's names...Seriously....I will have no choice but to bring a world of hurt onto you and you know, I'm lowkey very sadistic and will probably cause your death.

If I send you to the underworld don't argue with me....I don't have time for it and the nice men with the guns over there by the door don't either.

Have fun in your lives...Seriously I don't really enjoy watching people waste their lives being boring (I'm looking at you Markus)...

So that pretty much sums up the idea of this place called Limbo...and if you wanna stay here you're more than welcome but eventually you're gonna forget everything...even the reason you stayed, and after that I won't be able to help you anymore my friend...You're gonna end up least in the underworld you have a very slim chance of redeeming yourself (it's very rare but it does happen at times)

oh and one more thing, I'm not completely without kindness here...for your first life I'll let you chose your appearence...I'm gonna remind you now though, if you make yourself too perfect I will literally pick out what you look like myself and believe me you're not gonna like that.

Spoiler! :
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Gender: (can be anything, but reminder that we're starting in the super ancient times before civilization so for the first few lives you have to pick a Bianary gender)
Sexuality: (Anything you want basically but keep in mind the timelines so you don't die too early if you accidentally expose yourself)
Personality:(literally will not change much as your personality goes)
Appearence: (remember the warning)
Other: (if any form of back story is warranted put it here for the first life you need at least a childhood backstory, if you need my assistance let me know and I'm happy to help this is unneeded for any lives beyond the first one so don't sweat it)

I will personally private message you all after every life span is over and done with and tell you what injuries and fears and whatever else you will carry on to your next life....this is very experimental Storybook and I hope you all stay and remain interested in it. It's gonna be a roller coaster of so many emotions and lives leading up to the end!

Spoiler! :
inspired by the book Reincarnation
"Something big I feel it happening, out of my control" ~Shawn Mendez
Spoiler! :
my sister got it stuck in my head

<3 Formerly Remembrance <3

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