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Gossip Girl

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Mon Feb 06, 2017 2:29 pm
Gravity says...


"Nice to meet you Dylan! Your hair is absolutely stunning by the way, I wish my hair looked like that. I could never pull of that red but you do it so well! Anyway, I just wanted to come over and introduce myself and ask if you'd like to join my friends and I for lunch!"

I looked at the girl I didn't know and back at Claire and Emma who were gesturing into the building. Only the really popular kids sat on the met steps to eat, the rest ate at the courtyard in the middle of school, with the stone picnic tables and glass ceiling.

"Sorry," I said, "I'm sitting with my friends over there. I hope you have a nice day. Have fun on the met steps, Claire said that's where all the really popular kids eat."

"Oh," Isadora looked a little disappointed, but she quickly brightened up. "You too."

I put my turquoise coach bag back on my elbow and went back to join Claire when my phone beeped. I checked the message, and so did everyone else on the steps.

"Uh, Claire," I hesitated, reading quickly through the post.

"Yeah, I know. I'm reading it too," she murmured.

"Great," Emma said sarcastically, "Just great."

All eyes were on us and Claire gave a devious grin and stared back at everyone openly.

"Can we go inside now?" I asked, my breath feeling short. Between that creepy guy making those stupid comments about my "womanly curves", Avery and her queen bitches calling me fat, and Gossip Girl's brand new nickname for me "big red", I was done. I was self conscious and uncomfortable in my own skin, and I wanted to not be stared at.

I turned around and rushed back in the building, my red hair jumping behind my shoulder after I ran back in.

"Dylan?" Claire exclaimed and she followed me, but I ran into the first bathroom I could find and slammed the heavy, wooden, polished stall door behind me and locked it. I heard the door open and heels clicking on the bathroom tile and I assumed that was Emma trailing in.

"Dylan, what's up? The post wasn't that bad," Claire said, and I huffed.

"Not that bad? She dubbed me Big Red. Do you know how many people have commented about my weight today? First this creeper talking about how I'm supposedly a real woman, then Avery and her merry band of bulimics and now this. It's only day 2. How would you feel if you had people constantly criticizing your size?" I demanded, holding back tears. I was already "the fat girl" at this school, I didn't need to be the raccoon either.

"Gossip Girl has posted much worse, really," Claire said softly, "Nobody is going to think anything of it."

"That's the point! She's vicious. I want to go back to California. Don't get me wrong, there was a crap ton of drama at Lincoln Wood and a lot of the kids did stupid stuff like get pregnant or in car accidents or get pregnant and get in car accidents but at least there wasn't some omniscient asshole behind a keyboard writing shit about people anonymously under the guise of a name that happens to use clever alliteration," I gasped for air, both out of the anxiety and the long sentence.

"Was Lincoln Wood your last school?" asked Claire.

"No. School before last. My last school required me to have my uniform custom made because they didn't do anything about a size 8. How accommodating of them." Now the tears were flowing and I had to pray my mascara wasn't going with them.

"Go get Declan Irving," Claire whispered to Emma.

"From the post?" Emma asked,

"Yeah, go," and Emma ran out of the bathroom.

"You can't freak out after every time someone mentions your weight. It's not healthy for you, and you're beautiful just the way you are."

I slid down to the floor of the stall and tried to push away the hateful thoughts. We sad in silence for a second and I sniffled, trying to stop crying when the door to the bathroom opened.

"What's going on?" it was Declan's voice. "How long has she been in there?"

"Some girls were making comments about her weight and then Gossip Girl..." Claire trailed off.

"Who are you? Were you making comments? If you hurt my sister I-" Declan's voice was getting angry but then Claire cut him off.

"No, Dylan and I are becoming friends. I'm Claire."

He sighed and I imagined him running his pale hand through his red hair. "Dyl? This always happens when we move to a new school, you know."

I sniffled.

"Kids are cruel. They're gonna tease. In two weeks everybody will stop caring about your body and move on with their meaningless lives. You know this."

"I know," I admitted, "That doesn't make it suck any less."

"You've been working so hard at the gym and even if you weren't, you are beautiful just the way you are," he paused, "You are my twin after all. How could you not be hot?" This made me smile a little bit, Declan rarely joked. He was kind-of a serious guy but he really cared about me. Not many brothers were so focused on their sisters.

I reluctantly unlocked the stall door and I had been right before, Declan's red hair was tousled from him running his fingers through it out of stress. "People probably think I'm gay now because of you," he teased, "Either that or they think I'm secretly female. Do you have any lipstick on you, by the way?" A smile tugged at the corner of my lips and I swiped my fingers under my eyes to wipe away any rogue mascara.

I flicked his ear. "Perv. Get out of the girls' room."

He held up his hands as if to surrender, "Going, going," and then he backed out of the restroom.

"So that's your brother?" Claire asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yup." I exhaled. "He's my best friend, too."

"Good brother then," she said, still gazing at the door.

"Yeah he's the best. Please try to avoid putting him in the Gossip Girl crossfire. I know it's tempting but, restrain yourself."

"Hey, I can't help it if other people are watching you two carrot heads, but I don't turn my friends in. Unless of course, you give me permission." I shot her a look. "Okay," she conceded, "No tips. Got it."

I nodded my head, rolled my eyes, and then strode out of the bathroom, half expecting everybody to be photographing me with their phone cameras. I could just picture the next Gossip Girl headline: "Whale Drowns in Her Own Tears in the Bathroom After Being Called Big Red."

Claire was right behind me and we quickly found Emma. "You okay?" she asked, "I didn't want to follow Declan in. It already seemed kinda crowded there." Emma brushed a lock of platinum blonde hair out of her face.

"Yeah," I replied, "I'm fine now. People here are brutal."

"You're telling me," Claire said and groaned when the bell rang and students started moving from the courtyard/met steps to class. "We didn't even get to eat."

"I'm sorry," I said, legitimately feeling badly. It was my fault, after all.

"You're good. Let's just get to class and pray this day ends soon." And that was that.

Spoiler! :
And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own
It talks in tongues and quiet sighs,
And prayers and proclamations

-Florence + The Machine (All This and Heaven Too)

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Fri Feb 10, 2017 1:33 am
Nike says...

Augustus Kolbeck

It was the next day and all I could do is stare at the wall clocks in each classroom, counting down the minutes until I could head home and get drunk. My veins were already filled with a plenty amount of bourbon, but I wasn't drunk yet.

"One more class and we are home bound." I waggled my eyebrows at Sawyer, who was once again on his phone.

He looked up at me, rolling his eyes. "You're too excited August."

"You aren't excited enough, my good friend. It is the first party of the year, and we are the ones that are starting it."

"We've been throwing parties all the time, what makes this one so different?"

"Sawyer, you'll see."

The bell rang and I jumped up, practically sprinting out of the room. I had Sawyer in tow, as he grumbled under his breath. The halls got crowded as everyone got ready to leave. I got a few winks from some of the girls, I sure hope I invited them. It'd be such a pity if they never got to experience Augustus.

I caught sight of Jameson just across the hall. He was digging through his locker for his things. I approached him, tapping him on the shoulder.

"Jameson, it's go time." I smirked as he spun around, his eyes wide.

"Don't ever say that again," He laughed.

"Aren't you ready for the biggest party of your life?"

"I wouldn't say it's the biggest party..." He added on.

"Jameson!" I huffed. "You will not receive a letter of invitation then."

We started to walk towards the open doors just in front of us when I noticed the blue haired girl again, her name was Claire, right?

"Claire, Sawyer's friend!" I yelled above the crowd.

She jumped, glaring up at me.

"Party! Tell your adorable blondie and hot bod they can come too." I smirked.

Sawyer shot me a look that I knew meant he would slap the back of my head once we left the building.

"You wish!" She hissed back.


The house was prepared, mostly due to me making my siblings run around, getting everything in place. Sawyer and Jameson were in the basement, chilling by the bar, drinking my father's expensive whiskey. Expensive means, it's even more expensive than what you imagine.

"Valencia, get into your best dress... just not too revealing." I yelled up the stairs.

"Oh, of course my dear brother..." She laughed.

Rolling my eyes, I looked over and saw Jeremy running up the basement steps, his hair sticking to his forehead.

"Shower?" I whispered.

"You do not have to inform me, already on my way."

He was like a miniature me, except that he enjoyed grunge a little more than I anticipated.

"Your brother really knows what he's doing when he's making a drink." Sawyer pops up the stairs with a glass in hand.

"He's fifteen, he needs to know."


The first person came, and then my whole house was filled. The alcohol was in our systems, and the drugs were behind the curtains. My house resembled a beautiful mansion The Queen would love. But if she came now, I wouldn't think so.

It was in an old building just in the middle of the busy streets of New York City. My mother pick and chose everything for the house, you could feel how rich we were when you walked in. We had approximately six bedrooms, two living rooms, five bathrooms and a magnificent kitchen. I loved this house. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Most of us were in the basement. This was where I made my space. There were TV's everywhere, a glass bar, and comfy couches for the makeout-ers. I had called in a DJ to play for us, and he stood at the end of the basement, next to the bar, playing his EDM.

Spoiler! :
@Gravity I edited
“There is no need to call me Sir, Professor.”

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Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:25 pm
NicoleBri says...


Skaterboi18: Hello love, will you be at Augustus' party tonight?

My heart skipped a beat every time I get a message from this guy. I didn't know his name or what even looked like but he always knew how to make me smile. The crazy thing is that we both go to the same school but still chose not to meet up in fear of ruining what friendship we had.

PrincessAna18: I wouldn't miss a party. ;)

I sat my phone on my dresser and began the search in my huge walk in closet. What would I wear tonight, there were so many choices and I wanted to wear them all.

Knock, Knock

I peaked from my closet,

"I'm home dear!" It was mother.

I ran into her arms, she was hardly home so when I got the chance to see her I was very happy. Being by myself all the time got a little lonely.

"You act like you haven't seen me in a year," mother laughed. "What are you getting all dressy for?"

"Augustus is having a party tonight---"

"No ma'am. It is a school night. I might not be home but you don't need to be out and about late at night."

Mother was never this strict, but I hadn't ever asked to go to a party before, normally I would just go and leave a note on the fridge.

"Mother, I am going to this party. It is the first one of the year and anyone who is anyone will be there. You're never home, you don't get to tell me what to do!" I was beyond furious at this point.

"Vada Marie Collins, I don't know who you think you are but I am your mother. You better be glad your father couldn't be home right this second or you would be punished. Do not speak to me that way."

I walked into my closet and slammed it shut. I am going to that party and she will not do a damn thing about it.


Mother left before I came out of the closet without saying good bye, like always. I ended up wearing a lacey blue shirt with a black tank under it and black jeggings with my black hooker heels. I looked FABULOUS.

Getting out of the car, I think I was one of the first few people at the party. I walked up to Augustus' door and let myself in.

Pretty soon people started piling in, I sat on the couch, my anger was still raging in my blood from the fight with my mother.

I got up from where I was sitting and went to find more booze, I wanted to drink and dance. I got one of the beers from a chest and went back to where people were dancing, I wanted to have some fun tonight!

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Nicole Bri

Nic Bri

Bri Nicole

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Sat Feb 18, 2017 4:07 am
fictionfanatic says...


Within in an hour of the party starting the house was packed, the music was so loud the floor vibrated beneath our feet, and the alcohol was flowing more than people's dance moves. The heat radiating off of everyone's liquor-filled bodies was building up and becoming almost unbearable. That is, it would have been if I hadn't already had a decent amount of alcohol as well. With the sleeves of my black button down already rolled up to my elbows I reached up to the collar of my shirt and undid a couple of buttons to let out some more of the heat, an action that would make my father disown me if he could see me.

"Hey boys!" I heard Isadora call enthusiastically, crashing into my side as she grabbed me in a hug. Her cheeks were flushed and her accent thicker than usual, a tell-tale sign that she was getting drunk. That and the mysterious liquid sloshing around in her cup. "Augustus told me to tell you guys not to wait for him because, and I quote, 'A real woman just showed up and he's got more important things to do.'"

Jameson, and I exchanged knowing glances. It was, of course, about the new red-haired girl. His interest in her had been made apparent to half the school when he approached her in class the other day. At St. Jude's there are no secrets. That is, at least not for very long.

"Well," I declared in jest, dumping the contents of Augustus' cup into my own and lifting it towards my friends, "To August!"

Cracking a smile, Jameson lifted his cup and laughed, "And to the rest of us who do the same!"

I couldn't help but laugh and we all drank. But, as the smooth liquor ran down my throat I couldn't help but look around the room, wondering if August trying to charm Big Red meant that her friend was somewhere here. After all, she and I had a date with some whiskey.

Spoiler! :
I know it's a little short but I don't want to flash too forward into the party! Post for Isadora coming soon and more posts for Sawyer as well.
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Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:44 pm
Gravity says...


I was really worried about Dylan after she started crying. That is, until she and Claire decided to ditch school to go shopping. Dylan wasn't a super spontaneous person the way Claire was but I knew shopping and trying on clothes in general was something that made her feel good about herself. Most people felt insecure about their bodies when trying on clothes in dressing rooms - including myself, but I think Dylan just sorta got lost in putting outfits together and that helped her calm down.

After school ended and I got home to see shopping bags littering the living room, I knew everything was good.

"Dyl?" I called out. I figured we should probably get the mess cleaned up before Mom and Dad got home. No way in hell was I doing that myself.

Dylan emerged from her room with curlers in her red hair and different eyeshadow on each eye.

"We're experimenting," she explained.

"Yeah well, you might want to pause the shenanigans long enough to get the bags in your room. The only thing Mom and Dad hate more than children who exist are children who make messes." Our parents didn't really pay that much attention to us, unfortunately.

"I know, I know," she drew me into a hug. "Thank you for your help earlier." Dylan and I were very close, but I wasn't necessarily super huggy with her and she knew that, so she must've really needed me.

"You're my sister. I'm the big brother, I gotta take care of you."

"Oh please," she scoffed, "you're older than me by less than ten minutes."

"And I'll never let you forget it," I said, giving her a cheeky grin. Dylan laughed and began gathering up the bags. I went behind her just to make sure there weren't any bits of tissue paper or loose tags on the ground.

Dylan retreated back into her cloud of powder and hairspray and I plopped down on the couch, turning on the TV. It probably wasn't the kind of couch you plop on, but my parents spent so much money on it I figured somebody should enjoy it. Most of the time they watched television in their bedroom, wherever we end up living. Exhaling, I grabbed the remote and the TV guide. New penthouse, new channels.

I flipped through the channels as the sky outside the huge penthouse windows began to fade into an orange color. Dylan finally emerged from the room. She was wearing a turquoise bluey-greeny color dress with heeled boots and tights. Her hair was pulled back into a sleek ponytail and on any other girl I'd say it was sloppy but whatever she did to it was nice. Her hair looked straight and earrings dangled from her ears.

Claire emerged afterwards wearing a silvery dress, a leather jacket, and blue doc martins to match her hair. Speaking of hair, hers was straight too. She did something to her eyes too, some kind of makeup. Eyeliner? Contour? Dylan threw those terms around with me and assumed I knew what they meant. I just did my best to nod along and pretend I was listening.

"Why aren't you dressed?" Dylan asked. I looked down, I was still in my school khakis.

"Because it will take me like 5 minutes to get dressed. Maybe 10 if I decide to gel my hair a bit."

"Nah, wear it tousled," she advised, "and wear that blue button down." I shrugged, retreating to my room. I just put on grey converses and black jeans before rifling through my closet for the button down. Everything was hung meticulously based on season, sleeve length, and color. Not by my own doing, the maid does the laundry and then puts everything away. Pants and pajamas in the dresser, shirts and suits hung in the closet... everything had been scrupulously placed. Unless Dylan decided to mess with it. Which she did sometimes if she felt a collar hadn't been starched properly or noticed a loose button.

I sighed and opened the door, "Dylan, what did you do with my blue button down?" I asked.

"Um," she said, "Let me see if I mended it or something," she said, "Oh and put a shirt on," she teased before walking into her room.

"Uh," I said, not sure what to say to Claire, who was perched on a bar stool by the island in the kitchen, running her fingers through her now straightened blue hair.

"Um," she replied. She was my sister's friend. Awkward. I was suddenly very self conscious about the fact that I was shirtless in front of a girl I didn't really know.

"Here it is. Now can we go?" Dylan threw it at me and I slid it on and buttoned it up.

"Yeah, we're good. Let's go." Dylan and Claire grabbed their purses and we left for the party.

"Oh, we gotta get Emma," said Dylan in the elevator. I shrugged, it didn't matter to me. We were going in the town car. I was only going to keep track of Dylan and to be honest, the penthouse seemed really empty and cold to me. I didn't want to be there by myself.

"Got your camera?" Dylan asked Claire.

"No. Camera is way too obvious on a night like tonight. My cellphone is getting the all action. What's that use in trying to record heinous acts of debauchery when people can obviously see you recording such acts and then pretend to be innocent angels when you walk by? No point, that's what." Dylan chuckled and shook her head. I knew she certainly had her girly moments, but I don't think she would ever really understand Claire's obsession with "recording heinous acts of debauchery" as she'd put it.

We stepped outside into the cool evening air, the autumn wind blowing more fiercely than it had been earlier. I inhaled and smiled to myself as a sleek black town car pulled up to the curb. No matter where you went, the big city smell was always a mixture between car exhaust and mulch.

Dylan opened the door to the town car and paused. "Oh," she bit her lip, "We won't have room for Emma. Only 3 seats in the back."

"I'll take shotgun so you ladies can have your fun," I offered and Dylan smiled in gratitude. The two girls slid into the back seat and I opened the passenger side door, vaguely startling our driver. He was an older man in his 60s and always wore earbuds to offer some semblance of privacy.

We continued driving for a couple of blocks and I leaned my head against the cold glass panes of the car. Dylan and I were born in New York but we hadn't lived here since we were small kids. We'd jumped from New York to Chicago to Miami to Orlando and then to Atlanta. Then we went from Atlanta, back to Chicago, then to L.A. Finally, we moved to Seattle and then to New York. We'd lived in several major cities in the U.S. I didn't realize how much I had missed Manhattan.

We stopped outside another apartment building and the girl with short platinum blonde hair emerged. I recognized her from Dylan's freak out earlier. She'd been the one to come get me.

After Emma was buckled into her seat we drove off and I exhaled as the girls chatted. I didn't understand how girls did it. They were strangers one moment, best friends the next. I hadn't met anybody at St. Jude's I actually liked and wondered if I would, apart from Dylan.

Careful Dec, I thought, If you only hang out with girls somebody might think you're gay. I chuckled at that. Stereotypes.

We drove a ways through the glittering lights of the city and pulled into one of the large, exclusive, gated communities. The house was a mansion with a fountain out front and lush landscaping that looked beautiful, even in the fading light.

"Ready, Dec?" Dylan asked, reaching forward to touch my hand.

"Ready as I'll ever be," I replied, opening the door to my car.
And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own
It talks in tongues and quiet sighs,
And prayers and proclamations

-Florence + The Machine (All This and Heaven Too)

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Sun Feb 19, 2017 8:02 pm
Nike says...

Emma Bobek

Declan, Dylan, and Claire picked me up in a nice town car. They smiled at me as I hopped into the back seat, revealed to be out of the cold air. I lived in the busiest part of the city, in a town house with my parents. It wasn't anything too fancy, but it did show some status. When I say some, I really mean a lot. My parents shit money. But they enjoyed being humble, so I never acted like I had money growing off the trees in my backyard.

We drove out to Augustus' house, talking non stop as if we have known each other for years. The home was amazingly huge with a fountain just before it. He lived in a gated community, of course. There were more than just a few cars standing around the house, on the street and on the driveway. Kids were both inside and outside the house, downing cans of alcohol as if it were water.

My heart felt heavy as we got out of the car, ready to spend the night forgetting our mistakes. I looked over at Claire and smiled weakly, trying to push away what I did last year. Or rather, what I let happen to me last year.

"You look terrified." Claire giggled. "What's going on?"

"Oh, nothing. I'm not terrified." I played my smile up. "I'm just excited for the night. This bitch needs vodka."

"That's what I like to hear Ms. Emma!" Dylan smiled.

Declan led us towards the door. The music was roaring, you could hear it from outside. This wasn't just any party, this was almost like a college frat party. The four of us dressed in our best, dressing and ties and all. Maybe we over dressed.

But to my surprise, I was wrong.

The door opened with a drunk Augustus in a fancy grey suit. He had a wicked smile on his face and a bottle of whiskey in hand.

"My fellow classmates, welcome, to Casa A La Kolbeck." He laughed. "You do look fine this evening, come in, take off your coats..." He walked away from the door, giving us space to get in. I noticed him eyeing Dylan with a smirk. "... and anything else you want to take off."

Oh Augusts.

Once we stepped in, the house took my breath away. Not only was the exterior magnificent, the interior resembled a castle. Everything was neat and very expensive. But it seemed like he didn't have a care in the world about it. It's like he was a prince. All the teens were walking around with no responsibilities hanging over them as they danced about.

I left my coat with the others, on the coat rack next to the door which I'm sure was made of glass.

"Hey, let's get some drinks." I suggested to them.

"I will need one after that pass..." Dylan cringed. "Why can't he give up?"

Augustus had left us a few minutes ago into the living area. I saw him from where I was standing. Sawyer was next to him in all his glory. I felt my skin tingle as I stared at him, knowing full well he could catch me.

"Dylan, he's in love with you." Claire mocked as we made our way to the bar. "Come on, he's hot, go get him."

"I'm not into assholes." Dylan smiled. "But you can go ahead."

Some really beautiful girl was talking to Sawyer. I believe her name was Isadora? I might be wrong. She was attached to his hip as they drank out of whiskey glasses. I thought I'd be drinking whiskey with him. I couldn't actually be jealous. I didn't even know him too well.

The three of them were on arm chairs around the fire, looking like business men.

"Can you stop staring at him, you're making me uncomfortable." Claire said, cutting me out of my trance.

I turned to face her and Dylan, and they were already drinking. The music around us was really setting the mood of drink and fuck life with it's EDM. Most of us were dressed to impress while others were dressed to just party. That's what I liked about being here, no one will judge you on what you wear when you're at a party like this. Of course, if it was a high class party, we'd all have to be in Gucci. But Augustus didn't make a dress code, he specified to be comfortable or to be fuckable.

"I'm sorry guys... I looked stupid." I sighed. "I don't know what's wrong with me."

"There's nothing wrong, you just really like the guy." Dylan explained, taking a sip of her drink. "and he doesn't seem all too bad."

"But he's with that girl." I said.

"Emma, Sawyer doesn't commit. You seem like a good girl, do you really want that?" Claire asked, pulling up her camera.

"You don't know me that well if you're calling me a good girl."

She looked up from her camera, raising an eyebrow at me. My skin felt hot as I took a deep breath, trying to push the memories away.

"I don't know you that well. We all don't know each other... but that's why we are becoming friends, to know each other." Claire started. "So, you're telling me, you don't commit either?"

"More like I used to not commit at all... but I do want to change that."

"Well, maybe Sawyer wants to change too." Dylan added. "We can think that. But you'll only find out if you ask."

"You're right Dylan. It's not like I'm asking to sleep with him, I just want to grab a drink with him." I smiled.

People were pushing past us left and right, as if this mansion wasn't big enough. The smell of boozed up teens was hitting me, as well as the cologne they wore to try to cover that up.

"Just, be careful dude. I wouldn't trust him." Claire suggested as she clicked through her camera.

"I don't trust anyone." I scoffed. "I have trust issues."

"We could tell." Dylan smiled. "But I don't either, so I understand you."

I Smiled up at her, finding a new common ground. She has a lot more hidden under that beautiful face. Speaking of beautiful faces, Augustus came up behind Dylan, smirking down at me with drunk written in his eyes.

"Hey Big Red," He smiled.

He already fucked up.

Dylan spun around, a glare written on her face.

"Oh, I like them feisty." He licked his lips.

I looked over at Claire and couldn't help but laugh. There was no point in yelling at him. You couldn't cool down a drunk jock.

"Oh, Emma, Sawyer is looking for you." He added, suddenly sounding less drunk than five seconds ago. "He didn't say it, but I could see it. That guy is so easy to read."

I smiled, feeling my cheeks get hot. He smirked at me and then looked back at Dylan. A flash came from my left, and I knew full well it was Claire's camera.

"Claire!" I hissed, turning towards her. She had a huge grin on her face. "Why?!"

"You really like him." She mocked me with kissy faces.

I huffed, shaking my head. Oh Claire, she's the death of me. I looked over from the bar to the other end of the living area where Sawyer was with Isadora and Jameson. The were sitting by the fireplace, enjoying the warmth. Isadora was talking to Sawyer, but he wasn't looking at her. He was looking at me. My stomach started to burn as I kept on looking at him, unable to understand why he even lied eyes on me.

Waving over at him, he smiled at me and waved me to come up. My heart stopped as I pushed through the crowd of teens, making sure they wouldn't spill any of their drinks on me. I reached them, happy for the fire. The house may have been warm, but this fir made it a comfortable warm that you could drink hot cocoa to.

"Hey," I smiled. "You have an extra glass for me? I miss Mister Whiskey."

Sawyer cracked a smirk, making the hair on my skin stick on end. "Surprisingly, he was waiting just for you. Wouldn't let me take a sip before you came."

I could jump on him right now. "Oh, how nice of him."

Isadora smiled at me, as well as Jameson. "Hey guys, how've you been?" I asked.

Sawyer cracked open the bottle next to him and started pouring some whiskey in two glasses. The brown-orange color brought a spark to my eyes. I had to be easy with that... whiskey liked to get me in trouble, just like vodka.

"I'm good, very good. August was right, everyone showed up!" Isadora slurred.

"I can see that August will never be wrong." I smiled, watching Sawyer put the bottle back onto the ground.

"Here you go, m'lady." He said, handing me a glass. "And sit down, you don't need to be standing around like that."

I took the only empty seat just in between Isadora and Jameson, cause of course Isadora was sitting next to Sawyer. The fire crackled with the music, leaving me glad this whiskey was the finest. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now.

Well. Maybe on top of Sawyer, But that's the part of me I didn't like.

“There is no need to call me Sir, Professor.”

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Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:07 am
Gravity says...


10 minutes into the party, I was already somewhat over it. August had taken full advantage of my Gossip Girl earned nickname, Claire had already taken enough photos for a Gossip Girl essay, let alone a post, and Declan looked like he was ready to die. Or stab August in the face. Maybe both?

I sipped at my beer, trying to smile and joke and laugh but neither the alcohol nor the false smile was doing me any good. Claire cast a concerned look in my direction and I tried to reassure her but I wasn't fooling myself, let alone anybody else.

"Come on Dylan," Claire said, taking my arm, "It's just August. The guy is literally never sober. Don't let him get to you?"

I sighed and ran my hand down my sleek ponytail in annoyance. "That's true."

"We can be expecting a GossipGirl blast in just a few minutes anyway," she said, smiling cheekily.

"You sent in your tips?" I exclaimed.

"Don't worry, I didn't send in anything about August annoying you. But not gonna lie, somebody else may have. You're fresh meat, prepare to get cooked."

I exhaled. "Yeah, okay. Where's Declan?" We both turned around, searching for him, but he was nowhere to be found.

"Bathroom?" Claire suggested.

"Either that or he found a library. I'll send him a text and make sure he isn't up to anything GG worthy."

I pulled out my phone and sent a text to Declan. But, as Claire had predicted, GossipGirl had sent out a post.

"Oh great," I groaned, "What now?"

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And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own
It talks in tongues and quiet sighs,
And prayers and proclamations

-Florence + The Machine (All This and Heaven Too)

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Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:07 am
Gravity says...


Good evening Upper East Siders,

In case you lost track of your phone, or, you just live under a rock, August Kolbeck's party is tonight and the naughty kiddies have been up to no good.

[insert photo of Isadora, Jameson, Emma, and Sawyer, with Emma looking at Sawyer wistfully]

Looks like we've already got a love triangle going on. Well, more of a love square. Isadora seems to be Sawyer's right hand woman with Chicago on the sidelines. Will we see a catfight by the end of this party? And where does Jameson fall into all of this? Is he a part of the action or just barking up the wrong tree?

Speaking of, August seems to be doing just that with Big Red, with Knight in Shining Armor nowhere to be found to defend her. Dylan and Declan seemed to be thicker than thieves today, but that might not be the case after all. Not that I don't care about sibling drama, but will Dylan keep her legs closed? Or will she succumb to the August Kolbeck charms we all love to hate.

[insert photo of Dylan looking angrily at August with Claire standing next to her and Declan nowhere to be found]

Enjoy your night, my lovelies, you'll face your consequences tomorrow.

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And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own
It talks in tongues and quiet sighs,
And prayers and proclamations

-Florence + The Machine (All This and Heaven Too)

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Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:34 am
TheForgottenKing says...

I glanced up from my iPad as my driver pulled to a stop in front of the school. I glanced up at the sign. St. Jude's. I rolled my eyes at that. If there ever had been a saint, they were long gone. I placed on my sunglasses as the door opened and Luca, my bodyguard, greeted me with a smile.

"Ready for another year piccolo capo?" Luca said. I rolled my eyes. All of my fathers made men called me that. Little boss. He nodded at me as I left him behind, making my way into the school, dodging students left and right. I quickly made my way to the auditorium right as the headmistress was finishing her speech. The usual. It piqued my interest as the Headmistress brought up the gossip girl blog.

I wasn't interested in looking, and I had my reasons for it. But it must be bad if the headmistress was bringing it up on the first day. I fooled around on my phone for a bit as the students dispersed before making my way to the main office. The receptionist glanced at me before returning to her work. A moment later headmistress Queller entered the room. She glanced at me.

"Into my office Sebastian. Please." I followed her lead to the back, where I took a seat in her office. She sat down behind her desk before gesturing for me to take a seat. I sat down nonchalantly, before gazing at the woman. She smiled.

"On behalf of the faculty at both Constance Billard and St. Jude's, I'd like to thank the Trapani family for their generous donations at last weeks gala. You're parents are always too kind." I nodded at her." I'll relay the news to my parents. They've always been happy to pour money into both schools, for my sister and I. Perhaps it may continue with generations of Trapani to come."

Headmistress Queller responded thinly." And both schools will welcome them with open arms. Now, off to class with you. And none of this gossip girl nonsense. Don't need a good boy like you being involved in that drama." I laughed as I got up." Don't worry ma'am, I wouldn't consider the thought. I live by my code." I paused at the door way as Queller glanced at me curiously. I felt a smile, but it never reached my eyes.

"I'm a Trapani. And we don't play in the dirt."
"I make my own luck"- Shay Patrick Cormac

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Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:36 pm
HazelGrace16 says...

Claire Deveney

As if in sync most people in the party scrambled to see the new post on their phones. After a moment I look up at Dylan who is furrowing her brow. Even with the music still pumping, and the occasional drunk person making a fuss, there seemed to be this eerie silence in the room. Eyes trailed to this posts victims, and the party became suffocating. I can tell Dylan feels it too because she starts and I grab her wrist.

"Dylan-" She pulls away from my grip.

"Can you just...give me a moment." She downs the rest of her beer and sighs.

"Where are you going?" I ask.

"To the bathroom."

"Do you need Declan?"

"Look, I promise I'm fine. Just give me some space." I follow her to the bathroom and where she quickly closes the door. I lean there for a moment waiting to see if Dylan would emerge. After a few minutes of nothing I sigh.

"Dylan. I'm gonna go try and find Emma and Declan. I promise we can get out of here after that. Please promise me you'll stay in here till I come get you." After a long moment of silence I hear a small squeak from the bathroom.

"Okay..." She says. I start off through the crowds trying to find the rest of my friends. Telling from the smell, it's easy to say the amount of hangovers will be off the charts tomorrow.

"You've really outdone yourself this time August." I mumble to myself.

"Claire!" A slurred voice calls out. I turn to see Andrew Lukins approaching beer bottle in hand. "What's up baby?"

"Andrew." I give my best fake smile. "You look as sleazy as ever."

"Oh come on. No need to be feisty it's a party. Loosen up." He grabs the fabric at the edge of my dress. I slap his hand away.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I ask taking a step back.

"I am just trying to have some fun. See what's under that dress of yours. You know everyone is dying to know." He laughs reaching for it again and I hit harder. "Come on. It's just a joke. Have a drink, and come chill with me."

"You're drunk asshole. Leave me alone." I step around him, and he grabs my wrist. I prep to kick him in the junk when Jameson comes out of nowhere and pats Andrew on the back startling him.

"Andrew! There's a new round of shots being poured over at the bar, why don't you go join in?" Andrew hiccups and throws a fist in the air.

"I'm on it!" He takes his finger and tries placing it to my lips, but once again I slap away his advances. "I'll be back later baby." He stumbles off blending back in with the crowd.

"God, Andrew has always been such a sick sloppy drunk." I turn to Jameson. "Thanks..."

"Of course. I mean it's not that I don't think you could've handled yourself against him, and you defiantly were going to, I just don't think I could see him get humilatied anymore than he already has." We both laugh.

"Trust me, I don't think he'll remember anything tomorrow." I laugh. "Since when did you care about Andrew Lukins humiliation?" I raise my eyebrow.

"What can I say? I'm a good guy." He smiles placing his hands up.

"Yeah, you've always been a good guy." I smile, and he looks at me a moment before clearing his throat. He clearly has been drinking but he isn't drunk like most of the party goers.

"I mean I can't blame him." He jokes running a hand through his hair. "You look great tonight." He says gesturing to my outfit.

"Oh, thanks. You don't look so bad yourself." He smiles. "By the way, have you seen Emma?"

"New girl? Yeah, she's over hanging with Sawyer. I think our boy has taken a liking to her." I look past Jameson to see Emma laughing along with the group, a glass of whiskey in hand. I take out my phone shooting Emma a text.

Me: Hey! Dylan isn't doing great so we might head to a pizza place a few blocks down. But I can see you're busy so we can meet with you later. Raincheck? ;)

It takes a moment for her to reply but when I see her message it's enough to get the point.

Emma: ;)

Me: Make good choices

I put my phone away, and turn back to Jameson.

"Well I should probably get back to searching for Dylan's brother now that I've found Emma. Thanks again for stepping in."

"No problem. It was my pleasure to save you from a drunk disaster." We both laugh.

"See ya." I touch his arm, and move past him back into the crowd. From my brief knowledge of Dylan's brother, I know he wouldn't ever be to far from his sister, and I also know he seems to uptight to actually drink or enjoy the party. So if I was a protective recluse where would I hide?


Not again.

Only this time it's not Andrew, it's Rachel. And from what I can tell by her tone she was the bitchy type of drunk.

"Why were you talking to Jameson?" She asks.

"Why are you so clingy to your ex-boyfriend." I impersonate her nasally voice.

"We're on a break!" She says flustered.

"Well I don't think he knows that. And for your information Jameson and I are just childhood friends. So do me a favor and don't join the band of Jameson's crazy ex-girlfriends." Her jaw drops, and I turn away blocking out her next comment.

Back to the search.

The first room I try is one of the first bedrooms. Inside is not Declan, but some couple making out. I groan and shut the door moving on to the next room. Once again I'm left at a dead end. Eventually I open a door to the study where Declan sits in one of the chairs reading a book. He must have got lost admiring Augustus' in-home library. It's strange. Watching him sitting there I realize Declan is actually kind of know in a cute nerd way.

"Hey!" I call out. He looks up from his book, and stands quickly.

"Is Dylan okay?" He asks.

There is that twintuition again.

"There was a new Gossip Girl post...let's just say she loves targeting the newbies."

"Dammit. I swear if you had anything to do with-" He pushes past me.

"Hey!" I call out. He turns back annoyed. "I gave Dylan my word that I would never throw her under the bus or hurt her. At this school you keep our friends close-"

"And what? Your enemies closer. Yeah I've heard the saying." He interrupts.

"No. You just keep your friends close, because in the long run you end up being your own enemy." I run into his shoulder. "Don't you ever accuse me of tipping a post about your sister ever. I may be a bitch at this school. But I'm a loyal bitch." He says nothing more, and follows me back to the bathroom. I knock softly.

"Dylan...I'm back, and Declan is with me." She quickly opens the door, and sighs. Her face is red. "If you want, we can leave." I offer.

"You know what? No. I am not gonna let Gossip Girl bully me into a hole. I'm gonna enjoy this freaking party if it kills me." I smile. "As Eleanor Roosevelt said, 'No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.'" We share a smile.

I'll admit it. Girl's got guts.

"Are you sure you'll be okay?" Declan asks. Dylan nods smoothing her dress down.

"Yeah. I'm good." She smiles, and grabs both of our hands pulling us back into the crowds.

I remember my first Gossip Girl hits. And I did not handle them well. Back when I actually cared.

Suddenly, seeing Emma laugh, and watching Dylan dance without a care made me realize something.

Gossip Girl may be a major bitch, but tonight is not hers. Tonight belongs to my friends.

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