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Lincoln Wood College Prep: Senior Year

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Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:40 pm
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Nike says...

Philip Masterson

Jessie was glowing as she took Adrian as her husband. And Colette was giving me a hard on with the way she was running her tongue over her lower lip, eyeing me from behind Jessie. I looked behind her, noticing Dafnie avert her sight from me and towards the people in the benches.

Fuck her.

The music was pumping as we danced on the floor, letting the alcohol dictate our decisions. Dafnie has been ignoring me all day and I could care less. I'm sure she's mad at me because I wouldn't fuck her, I'd fuck Colette.

Which reminds me.

I pulled away from the floor, pushing past all the people flooding it. I found my table, which had Dafnie there. It was a table for the Bridemaids and Groomsmen. She was seated with Isabelle.

"Isabelle." I breathed.

She looked over at me, the lights from above her maybe her skin look like it was glowing. Our eyes met and my throat felt dry.

"Philip," She said.

"Get the fuck out of here." I hissed, feeling my heart stop.

Her glance averted from me to Dafnie. My vision got a bit blurry, but I blinked it away, walking around the table, towards them. I took hold of her arm, pulling her up with all my strength. She whelped under my grip.

"You've never treated me this way." She hissed back. "Let me go, Philip."

My eyes bored into hers, trying to find some sort of apology. Nothing, just brown eyes filled with nothing. Her skin felt cold under my fingers, and her arm was so nimble, if I didn't let go, she'd break.

"You hurt me." I swallowed. "and I don't get hurt, I hurt people."

"Fuck you." She pulled her arm out, making the tension between us fade. "I'm leaving, okay?"

"You fucking better, hoe." I yelled.

Dafnie took my arm, pulling me down to her seated level. Isabelle had froze, standing just before us. I looked at Dafnie, watching her blue eyes fill with ice.

"You have no right to call her a hoe, Phil."

"I dropped being a fuck boy for her, and she did this to me."

She looked over my face, I guess reading how drunk I was. "You did this to you." The tension between us was growing thick, so thick I felt like I wouldn't be able to breathe soon. Our eyes couldn't stop meeting.

"Dafnie?" An older man called from above us.

Looking up, I saw Jessie's father. Dafnie let me go, so I stood up, eye to eye with him. Dafnie stood up as well, her cheeks extremely pink. I had noticed that Isabelle had left, thank God. People were pushing around us, they invited a million people, didn't they?

"Rupert needs you," he glanced from her to me. "I'm guessing a lot of people need you."

"I don't need her." I huffed, looking over at her.

She crossed her arms over her chest. "Thank you for letting me know, where is her?" she was poised.

"The bar..." He faced me. "And who do you need?"


He walked away, towards the bride and groom table. Dafnie had stayed for just a beat longer, until I took out my phone. The Lonely Island started to play, must've been some drunk ass kids here.

I found Kathy's number and dialed her up. The music and loud ass singing form these people was a little bothersome, but I could deal.

"Hello dream boy." She purred.

"I want to fuck you right now." I slurred.

"That's what I like to hear."

I hung up, turning around to see how the party was going. But once I did, I saw Colette. Her jaw had dropped, her eyes unable to get any wider than they had became. My heart stopped, as if I was embarrassed. When did that ever happen?

"What the fuck?" She asked.

Jessie's dad must have actually grabbed her... or she found me on her own? I don't know.

"You know we are casual Colette... I mean, you are my best friends' girlfriend. Do you actually think I'd get serious for you?" I asked.

I could see the vein in her forehead grow. "Ex girlfriend."

I let out a laugh, "I'll fuck you right now if you want, she can wait. I prefer your pussy anyway."

"What the actual fuck?" She seemed to sway. "What are you saying?"

I paused, taking a look at my sitaution. Cocky Philip wouldn't do. "You misunderstood my phone call... I'm just taunting you." I lied.

Her eyebrow rose, the lights flickering around us. "Somehow I don't believe you."

"Seriously," I took a step towards her, she took a step back. "I was making fun. I said I want to fuck you up right now... it was Rupert. He had the audacity to call and bitch his drunk ass off at me." I felt the rage grow in my voice.

Her expression changed to more understanding.

"He didn't wanna tell me in person, coward." I added.

"You would make fun of me for misunderstanding you... I'm sorry." She let off a small smile.

I placed my hands on her shoulders, surprised by how warm she was. The Lonely Island kept on going, yup, this party was done for.

"I took you from Rupert because I believe that you deserve better. And better sex doesn't hurt either." I chuckled, she giggled in reply. "You came to me and I saved you."

"Let's fuck," She whispered.

Cole, and then Kathy... I'm good. Maybe I could get in some... what's that girl? The one that texted me this morning.

Spoiler! :
Here's the real Philip.
“There is no need to call me Sir, Professor.”

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Fri Dec 16, 2016 1:21 am
NicoleBri says...


I ran out of the door with tears flooding my cheek. Philip had a way with words.

"Hoe..." I let the word slip out of my mouth...

How could he judge me that way?

We were one in the same at one point and he had nerve to call me that. What he didn't realize is that I quit the way I was to be with him as well.

No one ever tied me down and I fell head over heels with him in a matter of weeks. We had moved to fast and now we were both hurt because of it.

I sat on the ground outside of the building on the side where no one could see me.

I was in no way able to drive home with all of this going on.

I heard foot steps.. I knew who it was because he was always there when I needed him the most.


"Iz, there you are. I saw your car still here..." He trailed off and came to sit by me.

"I love him. He obviously doesn't love me anymore..." My heart was aching and tears kept coming. I hugged James tightly not wanting to let go.

"He does love you Isabelle. Y'all had a little break up but once he realizes it.. He will come back." His words weren't reassuring, they pissed me off.

"You don't understand, I don't want him to have to wait to realize it... He is mine. He was supposed to stay by me through that rough patch in our lives... Even if I did break up with him he should have stayed. Showed me he cared. But he didn't... And now it is too late!"

I pushed James and ran to my car. I was done with tonight and just a little tipsy. All the alcohol probably came out through my damn tears.

I started the car and peeled out of the driveway.

Nicole Bri

Nic Bri

Bri Nicole

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Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:56 am
Gravity says...


Wanted to give you a heads up, Ciblio asked me to post for Jessie so we can start wrapping up wedding posts. Once wedding posts are done, school will start.

I'm a married woman now, I thought to myself, staring into Ade's eyes as we danced. I was exhausted and tipsy, I probably looked like a mess, and I suspected Isaac was being passed around the room, but I didn't care. Well, there was a nagging voice in the back of my mind that worried for Isaac, but I knew he was fine. The rest didn't matter. I had Adrian, he was mine forever, and the only person I loved as much as him was Isaac.

Adrian suggested we leave soon, but I needed to say goodbye to a few people.

"Daddy," he turned around, he'd been trying to keep the peace between Phil and Rup and Colette and everybody else who was causing drama. I was mildly annoyed, which grew when I saw Isabelle.

Ugh, Isabelle, I thought, Everything always has to be about her. Even at my wedding. I pushed the thoughts out of my brain, I wanted to enjoy the last few minutes of the happiest day of my life.

"Hi," he said smiling, turning around. "You're a mess," he laughed, his deep voice cutting through the general noise of the party.

"I know," I said, giving him a smile. "Adrian and I are going to take off soon. I just wanted to say goodbye to everyone first."

"Okay, Jessie." he drew me into a hug. "I know I didn't always do the greatest job of being there for you but... I'm here for you now. If you need any-"

"I know," I told him. "I'm just glad we figured things out."

"I'm so proud of you," he said, and I felt my throat clench. It seemed like I messed up time after time. I never had good grades, before my son I was a party girl, I had a teen pregnancy. I wasn't exactly a goody two-shoes. This was the first time anybody had ever been proud of me, and it meant so much to me in that moment I found myself pushing back tears so I could finish saying goodbye to those who really mattered.

"Cole, Dafnie," they turned around. "Ade and I are gonna take off. Thank you so much for your help."

"Don't miss your flight," Cole said, then she walked off to be with Philip. Once again, I tried to push back my annoyance.

I finished saying my goodbyes before finally retrieving Isaac from Thorne. She'd been nice enough to take him the night before the wedding and as much as I wanted to spend my wedding night alone with Ade, I missed my son.

I felt Adrian come up behind me and put his hands on my hips. "Let's go, love," I nodded and let him lead me discreetly away. We'd only told the essential people we were leaving. We didn't want all of the distant relatives and whatnot to throw a big fuss or draw out the goodbyes, we just wanted to book it.

Once we were in the limo with Isaac sleeping in my lap, I finally relaxed. My feet hurt, I was a mess, and as much as I loved my wedding gown, I wanted it off my body. The rocking motions of the limo were so soothing and I could feel Isaac's tiny heartbeat against my chest. My eyes grew heavy until I couldn't keep them any longer, and I succumbed to sleep's sweet bliss.


"We're here, my darling." I awoke to discover Isaac was no longer in my arms and my heart raced with panic until I saw Adrian right next to me.

"What?" I said, looking around. We were parked in front of a mostly secluded house surrounded in trees. Through the trees I could catch a glimpse of lights, but other than that we were completely alone. The house looked small, only one story, with a cobblestone driveway and a brick cottage look to it. Ivy crept it's way up the exterior, trimmed back from the windows.

"Home," Adrian said.

"We're going to the airport." I said, still confused.

Adrian chuckled a deep throaty chuckle and shook his head. "That's tomorrow, sweetheart. I've been sneaking off while you sleep late to get things figured out with the house. It's not exactly a mansion but-"

"It's beautiful!" I said, itching my nose, "I want to go inside."

He nodded and helped me out of the car while still holding our sleeping baby. I was careful not to let my heels slip on the cobblestone walkway as I gazed in awe at the garden outside. Adrian took out a key and unlocked the front door. I noticed his hands shook a little bit out of nervousness. Typical Adrian. Getting married was no problem but he was afraid of what I would think of our new house.

The minute I stepped in, I immediately felt at home. The front door opened into a little foyer with a sitting area and a table with a vase of flowers (silk, not real) and photos of Adrian and I together with Isaac. We walked down the hallway and I gasped. It was one of those houses that was much bigger on the inside than it looked. The kitchen was open and bright with white cabinets, blue walls, and real granite countertops. The kitchen opened into a living room with beautiful furniture, a big book shelf and a television. There was even a big porch that was closed off by glass French doors.

"Where are the bedrooms?" I asked, looking around for stairs. Adrian opened a door in the hallway that had looked like a closet to me.

"I had the stairs and everything baby proofed," he said, grinning. He led me down the stairs and into a wide hallway. There was a bathroom, two bedrooms, and a less formal living room/game room. He opened the final door.

"Our bedroom," he said, beckoning me inside. I smiled the moment I walked in. It was small, but cozy. There was a bathroom hidden by a pair of tasteful sliding doors, and the whole room was done in peaceful green colors. The entire house felt like a dream.

"Is this really ours?" I asked, peering out the window and into the big backyard. The house was built on a hill, so even though we were in the "basement", there were doors leading outside onto the green grass. "This must've cost a fortune." The house looked like something you'd find on HGTV. I half expected the Property Brothers to pop out of the closet.

"It's not huge by any means, and I know it's less than you're used to. I had to take out a mortgage on it obviously but-"

"I love it," I interrupted, looking at him. He was right, it wasn't a huge house, but we would absolutely have enough space. It was way better than the cramped apartment Ade and I shared before.

"Tomorrow we'll go on our honeymoon. I know it was supposed to be two weeks but with the house we can only afford to be away for one. I'm sorry," Adrian said. But my chest already felt like it was going to explode from happiness.

"We get a whole week of just family time, plus an amazing house plus-" I paused, "Plus an entire lifetime together. Believe me, this is perfect."

"Good. Well, Mrs. Beaumont," he said, reaching around to unzip the back of my dress, "shall we?"

I kissed him. "We shall.'

And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own
It talks in tongues and quiet sighs,
And prayers and proclamations

-Florence + The Machine (All This and Heaven Too)

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Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:46 pm
Gravity says...


The alarm went off and I groaned, reaching out to slam my hand on the off button. I was exhausted from a summer full of nonstop dance. It had been 6 hours of dance on weekdays from 8 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. I was thinner, fitter, and more toned than I had ever been previously. I didn't even go down a size in clothes, whatever I lost in fat was quickly turned into firm muscle.

"I have no idea what Bash even sees in this," I muttered, looking at me in the mirror. I missed the little bit of softness I had before the summer.

I pushed the self-loathing thoughts out of my brain and smiled. It was the first day of school, and knowing Bash, he had found a way to get us in most -if not all- of the same classes.

Knowing Bash, he probably even blackmailed the teachers to make sure we'd get assigned seats together. The thought made me smile as I slipped on white denim shorts, a loose black and white polka dotted tank top, and red high tops.

After styling my hair in loose waves and finishing my makeup with some red lipstick, I was ready for school. I had trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that I was a senior and going to graduate in 9 months. With any luck I'd be at a dance academy or company or something of the like in only a year. Maybe even sooner than that, depending on the recruiting times of schools and companies. I might even be gone by the end of June.

The thought made me simultaneously giddy and excited, but was soon forgotten when my host mom, Martha, called for me to get in the car. I hastily turned off my curling iron and snatched my book bag up from my bed, schedule in hand. They had been mailed to us earlier in the month.

I texted Bash while in the car, and when I stepped out onto campus.

Just got here, where are you? I typed, hitting send as I approached the front doors.

I adjusted the strap of my book bag before my phone chimed again.

Look up, read the text message. Sure enough, Bash was standing a few feet away from me, dressed smartly in khakis and a polo shirt with aviator shades.

"Hi," I said,

"Hey there," he responded, the corner of his mouth lifting in an amused smile.

"So which classes do you have?" I asked hopefully. He handed me his schedule.

"We have one class together at the end of the day," I said. Advanced chem, evidently.

"Is that okay?" he asked.

"It's a little disappointing, but we can't be together all the time. Plus, it looks like we have the same lunch period."

"I pulled some strings," said Bash, "Muriel in the front office didn't stand a chance against me."

I chuckled, biting my lip and shyly took his hand. Things with Bash over the summer had been so simple. Why did it feel so awkward now? Whatever discomfort I felt vanished immediately as he slipped his hand out of mine and placed it on the small of my back. Bash wasn't a super affectionate hand holder, especially not around people he knew, but that gesture was just so... Bash.

"We also, coincidentally, have lockers right next to each other," Bash said.

"Poor Muriel," I said, smiling.

"Careful, Jules, you could blind someone with that thing," he teased as he brushed his thumb against the corner of my mouth.

We continued walking down the hallway to homeroom, where we would undoubtedly get mountains of paperwork, locker combinations, etc. Thankfully, we wouldn't have to do actual work.

"See you tonight?" he asked, hooking his finger through a loop in my shorts and drawing me close.

"Of course," I gave him a peck on the cheek and vanished into my first period.

Spoiler! :
This is honestly so bad but I tried XD @TheForgottenKing
And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own
It talks in tongues and quiet sighs,
And prayers and proclamations

-Florence + The Machine (All This and Heaven Too)

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Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:05 pm
TheForgottenKing says...

The first day of school. I rolled my eyes, adjusting my backpack, as I got out of my car, breathing in the crisp autumn air. I glanced around as my fellow schoolmates chatted excitedly, greeting old friends, introducing new ones. I made eye contact with a couple of the guys i knew from lacrosse.

Now don't get it wrong, I was a social guy. But put me in school with people's who hormones are going crazy? I preferred to be left alone besides a few of my closer friends. Namely Sirs Kyle and Luke. I greeted his friends with a handshake before whipping out my schedule.

"I do declare my good sirs, that I doth hath Ms. Granderson for first period." I said, feigning a southern drawl.

Kyle cleared his threat." And I do declare my good sir, that you're totally screwedeth." Luke raised an eyebrow." Not sure that's actually a word Kyle." He said. Kyle shrugged his shoulders as I nodded in agreement. Kyle clutched his chest." Et Tu brute?" He said, feigning heartbreak. I rolled my eyes as I swung at him, which he ducked quickly, grinning. The three of us headed into the school.

"So, any news on the girl front?" Luke asked curiously. I smiled brightly." Well, she and I have gone on several dates." Kyle leaned over." So that means you two are boyfriend and girlfriend? In looooove." He teased. I shrugged." I can't deny I really like her. And no, I haven't asked her yet. I just... I'm actually nervous." Kyle blinked.

"So you're telling me that Bash Trapani, a nation renowned lacrosse player, a possible valedictorian of our senior class, is scared to ask a girl to be his girlfriend? God I think we're in 5th grade again." Kyle said. Luke rolled his eyes before turning to me." Don't worry about it man. It took me forever to ask out Lydia. And man was I scared. Me. Than perfect her. What's a guy supposed to do?" He slapped my arm playfully." You'll know when the time is right."

I say up as the bell rung, signaling first period. Kyle pointed at the Luke and I." I will catch you two losers at lunch. Quad. I love you. The sisters I never had, but always wanted." Luke flipped off Kyle as I rolled my eyes, before turning around, to turn to see one of the most beautiful woman in the world look back at me. Luke squeezed my arm, before walking off.

I approached her, watching the curve of her lips, the way her makeup was done for the first day. Gorgeous. As always. God I wasn't worthy.

I extended my arm before smiling." May I escort you to class Ms. Santos?" My smile reaching towards the sky. Her smile sent my heart bouncing in a thousand different directions as she took my arm." Happy senior year Jules." I said, as I took a look at her schedule, before leading the way.
"I make my own luck"- Shay Patrick Cormac

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Fri Jan 20, 2017 9:24 pm
Nike says...

Dafnie Leto

"Dafnie?" Philip had said.

I opened my eyes, the grogginess still filling my mind. It was good not to be at school for so many months, and now sitting in class, I wanted to sleep all the time.

"Can't I nap for like two seconds?" I hissed, lying my head back down to the desk. The cool surface startled me as I lifted my head, placing a jacket on top of the desk. I lied back down and shut my eyes again.

"We are all tired, Leto." He huffed. "Please get up."

I looked over at him and saw his eyes getting wide. He was facing the front of the class. I sat up, wiping my eyes with the back of my hands. There stood a really pretty girl with golden blonde hair and freckles like a Weasley.

"You know her?" I questioned Philip.

"I met her at Jessie's wedding." He paused, licking his lips, still not looking at me. "She's a beaut."

"You make her sound like a car." I chuckled.

"Welcome back to Senior Year class!" Our professor came in with a wide smile but tired eyes. He was around his fifties' but kept a good figure. His tan skin allowed him to always look younger, and maybe his working out helped as well. "Please give a warm welcome to our friend, Ag... Agne-sh..." He was reading off a clip board as he tried to say her name.

She was facing his and laughed. "Agnieszka Topor, but you can call me Aga." She had an odd accent, and I knew it wasn't a Polish one.

"Agnieszka, wow, what a name." Our Professor, Mr. Campbell laughed. "Must be hard for you to say it too, or read it off someone." He said, causing our class to give him a confused look.

"I have gotten used to it... I had to deal with it all my life, but thank you for the concern Mr. Campbell." She smiled, her accent still not ringing a bell.

"Class, I will ask you nicely to talk to her by facing her. She is Deaf. Try to enunciate everything you say and treat her like anyone else. Aga is like all of us, just that she has the power to read lips and we don't." He smiled and she nodded to him, reading his lips.

"Thank you Mr. Campbell," She blushed as she looked over the class.

I shifted in my seat, unsure if I should offer her my friendship. Would she like someone like me? Who would know honestly?

"You can sit next to Isabelle right up front." Mr. Campbell smiled.

She nodded and walked over to the empty desk next to Isabelle. I cringed just seeing Isabelle. She has been sitting in her own world ever since the wedding and I didn't know what to do with that. Maybe I could get her to be friends with me again?

"Hey, Daf, befriend Aga." Philip winked.

"Lip," I sighed, "There's no way you can force a friendship."

He twisted in his seat so he'd be facing me, his smirk lined up sweetly on his face. The class started to quiet down as Mr. Campbell turned on the projector. I guess it was presentation time.

"But she's hot." He said.

"And I care why?" I sighed.

"Come on Daf," He tilted his head to the side like a dog. "Do this for meeeeee,"

I rolled my eyes and turned to face the front of the class. There was a picture oh Shakespeare looking back at us as Mr. Campbell started to type something up on his computer. The class was whispering to each other, eager to leave school.

"I hate you Lip," I huffed under my breath, still looking at the board.

"So you'll do it?" He asked, the happiness to obvious in his voice.

"Yes," I sighed, crossing my arms over my chest.


It was lunch time and I wanted to avoid everyone. And I mean everyone. I didn't need Philip to be on my case with Aga, and quite honestly, I just needed to breathe. My anxiety was on high alert today and I needed some time alone to just be me. I got into the library, seeing a few students walking around or reading something.

It was a three story library and you could see all the way up from the bottom, that's because the stairs circle around the elevator in the center and the flights are like circles, leaving an open space in the middle. I found my way to the computer lab, it was an open area between the book shelves on the bottom floor. That's when I saw Merrick. My throat closed up and my heart started to race. Get a hold of yourself Leto. But I couldn't. He's the only guy I've liked in a while that wasn't going to cause my issues. He's a guy I wanted. I felt like he's a guy I needed... but Thorne had him. She had him good.

He was typing away, I'm not sure for what, but I couldn't stop staring. He was perfect in any sense of perfection. I shook my head, clearing away this trance. He would eventually notice I was here and that I was staring, so I had to stop. I cleared my throat after I got my composure back and he looked up, his eyes wide.

"Dafnie, hey there." He smiled, making my skin tingle. "What's up?"

"Nothing really, just wanted to go somewhere away from everyone." I smiled back.

He rose an eyebrow, "Bad day?" He questioned.

"More like tired and not-ready-to-be-with-people kind of day." I chuckled.

He let out a short laugh and smiled. "Join me, I'm not too bad of a person."

I hesitated, unsure if I really should. To him I was his friend. To him I was Hawthorne's best friend. To him I was platonic. So, it shouldn't hurt and nothing would happen. I'm just afraid that if Hawthorne saw, she's get the wrong impression.

Fuck it.

I walked over to him, placing my backpack on the ground and sat down on the rolling chair. My computer lit up in front of me, asking for my user name and password. I typed it in and turned on Chrome.

"Homework or pleasure?" I asked Merrick.

"What kind of student would I be to use their school provided computers for pleasure?" He asked sarcastically, causing me to laugh.

"A very terrible student indeed." I laughed.

He was so close now, just next to me, that I wanted to touch him. But I couldn't and I didn't. My phone vibrated on the table and I looked at it noticing a snapchat from GG.

Who's GG?

I swiped my finger on the screen and opened it, revealing a picture of Merrick and I laughing and looking at each other. It looked like more than it actually was, and my stomach was flip flopping. The text over the picture read The best friend going for the boyfriend? How awkward.

"What is it Dafnie?" He asked.

I showed him the snap and he sighed. It disappeared, so I locked my phone and faced him, his head was in his hand. My stomach flip flopped again as I felt guilty. I didn't do anything, but it looked like I did do something.

"Ignore those people and block them Daf, they are not worth anyone's time."

Spoiler! :
@NicoleBri @AlmondEyes

I decided to bring in @Gravity 's story for just a second to show my support! It would be funny to have these guys go into that GG world, since they are already rich and spoiled. But no, a new story means new charries and I am ready for that. I'm gonna be there too guys! Go join. I am hoping we can still continue this as well.
“There is no need to call me Sir, Professor.”

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