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Use of Profanity

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Mon Sep 19, 2016 2:03 am
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Xorsudite says...

The reason why curse words are considered offensive is because they're usually tied to a subject that a large group of people are sensitive about. That is why the n-word is such a dangerous word to use; because of the immense emotional baggage it carries. Also, I'm assuming everyone here has read Harry Potter, or at least seen the movies. Remember how nobody was allowed to say "Voldemort"? The more taboo a word, name, or phrase is to someone, the bigger punch it packs. Every language--not just English--has forbidden words.

[Shrugs] That all said, one word that might not bother the average person may very well brass off an outlier for whatever reason. It's all about points of view.

Genetically, mature just means you're fully grown. Any other sense of the term is ultimately a matter of perspective. Since the words are taboo, children often consider themselves "cool" for having the nerve to use said words. But like previous posters said, it just gets stale after a while.

Personally, I say the word "damn" a lot; not because I'm cross or anything, but because it's just a common word for me. I usually don't use other curse words, simply because I find them to be clichéd. I prefer to find more creative ways to be prickly.
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Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:00 am
DauntlessDagger says...

I think if you are writing a book for older kids (Over 12? 10?) and you have a character who would swear, you can do it. Just don't use anything too bad. (F word doesn't belong in any book)
Also, racial slurs are perfectly fine if you are writing a book to show how bad racism is.
If you are writing a fantasy/sci fi book, you should just make up the swear words. Far more creative and doesn't often anyone.
Dauntless Dagger

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Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:46 am
Radrook says...

Battle Star Galactica series Starring Olmos as the ship's captain substituted the word "frack" for another four-lettered word.
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