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Need Some Help With A Piece

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Fri Mar 16, 2018 1:34 am
Daenyss says...

Hi! I'm currently writing a 1D fanfiction piece, and at the moment it has a bunch of unresolved tension that I've been building across plot arcs for around six chapters. I'm having trouble knowing where to go, though - there's so much tension that more would be painful to write but not enough that I feel like I should write its resolution! Anyone that could help me would be greatly appreciated.

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Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:10 pm
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Mea says...

Hey there! I'm afraid I don't know much about 1D, but hopefully I can help re: the tension and pacing.

I honestly tend to find in stories that more tension is better, and there isn't much of an upper limit. Even if it's hard to write because it's so intense, it'll be that much more intense for your readers as well, making for a much more memorable story.

That being said, it *is* really important, as you're building tension, to allow the characters (and the reader) to have a bit of a breather every now and again. You probably know what I'm talking about - think in a movie, there's often a funny, light-hearted scene right before/after a big battle or a big reveal. It gives the characters space to react to what's happened to them and it lets the audience catch their breath. My guess is you need a few of those moments/scenes in the story you have so far, and that's part of why you feel like you almost have too much tension.

So, when do you think you'll have enough tension to have a climax and then a resolution? Build to there, and allow small "breather" moments in between to give characters readers a break. Once you've got to that highest point of tension? Time for your epic resolution. :D
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