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What is your favourite short story collection?

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Sun Nov 20, 2022 11:52 am
Liminality says...

Let's revive Fiction Discussion! :D

As I grow older, I'm beginning to realise just how much of my life was dominated by reading short stories. Outside of maybe that one time I never really had a book series I was 'obsessed' with, nor have I had the patience to finish 600-page novels (at least, not yet ;) ).

One of the short story writers I remember loving through childhood and through being a teenager is Neil Gaiman. I have his collection, 'M is for Magic' sitting on my desk right now. The introduction to the book is one of the few things that moved me recently, when I was re-reading it. Each of the stories in this book focuses on some fantasy / sci-fi/ speculative scenario and creates a vivid world and lore in just a short period of time.

Some of my favourite random things from this book:
- a plot revolving around a scam in a fantasy setting
- a cat (who's a hero)
- a character who eats lightning bugs (if I remember correctly haha)
- the Holy Grail showing up in a charity shop

So what are your favourite collections of short stories? (Or if you've never read a collection or anthology before, feel free to name individual writers or even individual short stories you remember enjoying!)

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