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Are you writing a novel?

Are you writing a novel?

Pat Buchanan
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Wed Jul 13, 2011 2:18 pm
Kirahh says...

Well of course I am.
Am I ever not? ;)
It's one of the reasons I haven't been on this site for months.
I always like to finish the story then post it up (I always have last minute ideas and change up chapters)
I'm writing two currently. Still Doll (which will be finished soon) and Mea Culpa (Temp. title. I can't make up my mind)
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Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:21 pm
icebender28 says...

yes I am. I posted the first draft of the first chapter on YWS. It's called the Blazen. You can read it if you want. And if you do, PLEASE REVIEW!!!
Anyways, seriously, does anybody know what's with the third choice? I don't get it. :D
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Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:07 am
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Nebesah says...

I am! 'Tis called Nefarious Purposes. It's a slightly absurd light-hearted comedy about a high school girl with hopelessly embarassing parents, an evil ex-boyfriend, and a slew of hormonal peers. To help her cope she has her two best friends, her biting sarcasm, and all her ideas for mischeif and trouble-making.
It is what I (and you!) have been looking for in a book for all of time: comedy, a bit of adventure, some romance, and a two-man horse costume. What more could you want?
Reviews are welcome. Especially those filled with "You-can-fix-this-this-and-this" critiques. Those are my favorite!
If you don't want to read my work that's cool too. You can PM me and I will read and seriously review something of yours.
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Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:17 pm
JoyceSparrows says...

I got super excited about this and went ahead and posted the prologue of my novel; Rosemary The story is set in the Edwardian era in Ontario, Canada. It’s about this girl—Rosemary—who boards a train to go to her uncle’s place because he has arranged for her to meet a suitor. While on the train she reflects back on her childhood. The novel is mostly about those flashbacks. Sound interesting? Hopefully I will have the first chapter up shortly, as the prologue is only the letter that her mother receives (back when Rosemary was only 3) telling her that her husband is dead.
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Fri Jul 15, 2011 3:32 am
crescent says...

I don't know if I'm writing a novel. There's one sitting in my head, but honestly, whenever it's put down on paper I end up tearing it apart. Often times, published books seem to give me the illusion that writing a novel isn't thhhaaaatttt hard until you try doing it yourself and discover the word "editing" and "revising".

(My Imaginary Novel)
-Stella meets a boy online, and they develop this strong friendship.
-Vaughn moves from {place to be determined at a later date} to {area Stella lives}. His girlfriend, Caroline, has recently died in a car crash on her way to his farewell party.
-Vaughn is sent to an Art Camp/class partly because he expressed interest in drawing back in {insert place to be determined}, as a compensation for not being able to attend Caroline's funeral, and also so he can release the anger he has towards himself for Caroline's death on something other than his arms where he's etched her name.
-Stella looks like Caroline, and when Vaughn meets Stella he feels like Caroline is alive again.
-Stella and Vaughn bond.
-Tom is the boy Stella met online, and he also just happens to be Vaughn's older brother. Vaughn discovers this when he walks into Tom's room to borrow his laptop.
-Stella stops speaking to Tom, and lies to him about how she's really a 65 year old woman.
-So what happens when Tom and Stella figure out they're this close together?
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Fri Jul 15, 2011 1:01 pm
Tomboy044 says...

Which one? :lol: I have what I call 'The Vault' where I place all my ideas and develop them over time.
The sample I have put on YWS recently is an extract from a Novel simply known as 'New Story'. I can't seem to think of a name yet but give me time...
I got the idea from our modern society. It's dystopia and focuses on the idea of a society left without a government or a royal family after the government assassinated the royal family and became corrupt on it's own power only to later be overthrown by the people. The novel shows the remains of what is left yet has the different viewpoints of different characters.
First of all there is Ailia Clark: a bitter, cynical nineteen year old who grew up in an orphanage and spends all of her energy surviving the ruins of a destroyed democracy. Unable to handle the loss of her dearest friend and partner Fermina Romero she drinks and wallows.
One day she is fighting of an attack when an unknown man comes to her rescue. She flees before reluctantly returning to the scene to defend the man and help him get back to safety. The next day the man turns up at her door (now with protection much to her amusement) and tells her that he is looking for Fermina Romero, not knowing of her death. The unco-operative Ailia orders him to leave.
The man (Boda) orders one of his two bodyguards to keep an eye on Ailia so that she can lead them to Fermina. One of the men protecting Boda (Kain) watches Ailia for the night to see her mourn over a picture and get drunk before falling asleep.
The next morning the very hung-over Ailia gets a grip and leaves the house to once again be grabbed but this time by a teenage drug addict. Kain drops down from above and defends Ailia.
Later on in the story the reader discovers that Boda and his companions are part of an organisation that are trying to rebuild and reinstate the few remaining desendants of all the world's royal families and that they are looking for Fermina to join the rest of the royals and restore order before the corrupt rebel government organisation gets back in power first. (Wow that's a long sentence...) They are dismayed to discover she was murdered.
But are things all they seem. Fermina is dead but was it just a random group of thugs that killed her, like Ailia believes, or is ther more to it? And will her emotional scar ever heal?
...Tadah... Ok so seriously, what do you think? :D x
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Sun Jul 17, 2011 4:47 pm
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Alpha says...

Hell yeah!
I'm writing a novella, not a novel, but whatever. It doesn't have a name yet, and I've only written about 14 pages. (Well, I started yesterday!)
The one I finished last week is called Chained Maiden. It's 160 pages long, a YA romantic fantasy about a girl with a lost memory. She can talk to the wind and the sea, and it's set in 1888, invaded Venice. (No, I made up the invasion. The invading country is called Angria and it's the setting for me previous novel (Allegiance) and my current one, too. The Bronte siblings created it.)
The very weird thing about me novellas is that they are all hand-written. Don't ask why.
Feel free to ask about it! (lol)
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Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:35 pm
writingruff says...

Yes I am

I have written a seventeen chapter children/young adult fantasy novel that I began at age fourteen. I am in the process of editing my novel and polishing it up, however I only have three chapters posted on YWS. This is the first volume to my War of Time Trilogy. I have worked with my seinor English teacher who is also a professor at our local college. Writing is in the blood, as many of my uncles are either editors, publishers, or journalists. My grandmother has published one book, and my dad has self-published three.

Synopsis of The War of Time: The Destiny of Themeus:

Themeus, only a young man likes his life the way it is. One wizard, who Themeus thinks is his father, one day has no choice but to inform Themeus of his destiny as king. Together, Themeus and two other companions travel to the castle of Plastil in the Realm of Oscarth. While traveling, many evils will rise, many questions will be pondered, friendships and betrayals will set in, characters will arise again, doubts will encompass them, love will enter, and the fate of The Dawning Age will never be the same

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Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:00 pm
Arisu2533 says...

Why, yes I am writing a novel. It is a fantasy, action, adventure, and romance.

Fact 1: Human's lives rely on a chain (Revealed why and how it came later in the story)
Fact 2: There are people called non-humans(later in the novel revealed name something else)
Fact 3: Many humans hate the non-humans.

A human boy left three years ago. He knew what was about to happen from a recent call to his mother. He left behind Emma a non-human he loves, and a person he doesn't know to concider a friend or a enemy. Now that he has return he has a new power. The humans are dissapearing and are dying, being changed, and also being used. With the help of his schoolmates he will help fight the people or person doing this. He also has a problem of his own, but will he solve it with enough time to save the humans?
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Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:25 am
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sarahjane97 says...

Yes I am! :) I've been working on my novel Live Ten for over a year now and I've finished it. Now I'm just going back and editing each chapter before posting them here on the YWS. I've already put up the prologue and the first chapter and the others will be following soon! I'm excited to hear what everyone thinks about it!

Live Ten is basically about a thirteen year old boy named Jonah whose mom recently died of pancreatic cancer. Before she died though, she created a list called Live Ten with ten directions to help Jonah live life to the fullest. The list introduces Jonah to a blind girl named Shannon, a hippy named Travis, a bully named Bryce, and the mysterious Max. The chaotic whirlwind of events that result from those ten things push Jonah to his limits, causing him to do things he didn't think he was capable of (jumping off a cliff, driving to school in a hippy van, etc.)

I hope some of you guys will check it out! It's called Live Ten and it's a General Fiction novel. :)

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Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:12 am
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Vanadis says...

I just always answer Pat Buchanan.
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Fri Jul 22, 2011 10:35 am
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Esmé says...

I am writing a novel. I hate my novel. I hate it. I mean, I like it it, but I hate it. I've been writing it for the last, oh, what, 5 years? Yep. Honestly, I hate my novel. Which doesn't mean I don't enjoy writing it.

I mean, now I am actually writing it - as in writing, really writing - but it might be... you know. It's happened before. Like, three months of super excited writing, and then - deflation. Nah, I won't write anymore? Why? Why won't I? Oh, I don't know.

It's called Meriadossa. I've posted the first chapter some time ago, except I scrapped that some time later :D

And while we're at it, I have a character called Rinnie, who just eiudhfewdhnbx. She's been a governess, a prostitute, a priestess, a prophet, a leader, and traitor, all seperately, but now is sort of a mix of the second and last, except, maybe not.

Meriadossa. I want to finish this before I hit my middle age crisis. Please. Pleaaase.

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Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:14 am
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Nightfallwriter says...

I do write a novel. To be honest, I write two at once and I have one outlined plot ready to be written when I'm through with my debut. Since I'm not a native english-speaker, I do obviously not write in English. That's what you think - I do write in English. I write one novel in English, complete with plot, characters and all that stuff obviously, but I only write it to improve my English, both for writing and for reading it myself - because I am a fan of my own writing (lol). I know, I know, this probably sounds a bit odd to you, and it's not easy to explain. However, my mainlanguage is German, but I detest it. Really. There is no uglier language than German (well, perhaps Swedish, but that is a matter of opinion, really)... I grew up with it, so naturally I write my novel in German. Here's what they're about:

The English one: 'The death rebel' [Currently on chapter 4]
In 'The death rebel' the world's belief is turned upside down. God is evil, the devil is good. To make that clear, otherwise you wouldn't understand.
Jade is the first one Fallen for 50 years, and named in a horrible prophecy. She wants to change the world - end the fight between the Fallen and the Angels, and bring peace back. The novel is about her journey towards her goal, her escape from her Hunter ( an angel sent and bound to a Fallen with the task to kill the Fallen) that sadly is no other angel than Johnny - the guy who loves Jade from all his heart and is torn between his evil and good side... And Jade is forced to make a hard decision: to kill or love her only true love? And that is no easy decision to make when you're, just by the way, trying to save the world without many followers and preparing for a speech with the devil himself...

The death Rebel can be read here: . Just search for the category (on the right side of the page) 'novel', and ignore all the other posts I have on my blog. (:

The German one 'The destiny of Nul'tamais' (a rough translation of the original title 'Das Schicksal von Nul'tamais') [currently on chapter 8]
This one is my complete writing pride - a 100% cliché fantasy novel. And I've re-written it about 10 times already. So what? I like fantasy-clichés. It's the usual:
A prophecy, three chosen warriors, an evil king to defeat.
There's Helice - an orphaned girl who doesn't know her origins. But as soon as she's out of her little village, she realizes that people either dodge from her or try to kill her when they see her hair. Just a little mystery to solve along the world-saving progress...
Nevis is a friend of Helice - nineteen years old, a soldier in the village-defense. In Nul'tamais (the world where it takes place), women are underrated, discriminated, and not rarely beaten by their husbands. Most women get forced to marry at an age of 12-16, but they can choose to become a soldier instead. That's what Nevis did - and now she earns even less respect than before. She travels along with Helice because they've been best friends for years. Nevis is what I consider normal - she doesn't have a weird mystery to solve nor isn't she hiding anything. Or is she...?
Then there's Trivin, my favourite. He's pretty much racist, hates women, is a strong warrior and basically not kind to anyone. His mother died in his arms when the king burned down his village and killed all women. He promised her to never give up, but there seems to be a little more that happened that night... And soon he learns something new, something that turns his world upside down - he learns to love a person he could never have...

Yep, so that's basically what I'm writing. If you want to know more, feel free to contact me. I'd also agree to translating a chapter of two of my german book, if you liked that one. Also, I think it's awesome to read what y'all are writing - your ideas are awesome :3

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Fri Jul 22, 2011 4:26 pm
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SophiaBurnette says...

Yes, and I'm about to post the prologue on YWS. :smt001

I have no idea what it's going to be called, but it's the beginning of a historical fiction series. It's about an eleven year old girl who leaves her home in London to go to a boarding school near the small (fictional) town of Peterford. Her family is lower-middle class, but her rich relatives pay for her tuition and board. It is the first co-ed boarding school in the area and is met with some dissent (just a note, the school is co-ed, but the dorm rooms are separated between boys and girls). She meets a boy named Theo Allen, and they become best friends. One night, they go to see a play a Wade Road Theatre, and an actor dies onstage. The death is written off as an accident, but Elizabeth believes there is trouble afoot. The series begins in 1928, and I'd like it to follow Elizabeth as she grows up.
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Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:32 pm
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katngo73 says...

I have a question, what does Pat Buchanan mean?
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