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What Are You Writing Now?

What Are You Writing Now?

A novel / novella
Short Story
Grocery List
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Mon Jul 13, 2009 3:58 pm
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Pacific_Sky14 says...

I love my realistic- fiction story called Saving in Reythoria. Three friends and their allies go on an adventure to finally burn the Map of The Universe and bring humans back to Earth before Reythoria is destroyed by the Terran Organization. [Setting: In Space]...
( Emma, Joseph, Roy.)...[ Adventure/Romance/ Mystery/ Fant. Fic.(Si-Fi)]

At the near end of novel:

My hair felt like water running over my shoulders. The wind almost pushed me off Griffon's back. I held on to Joseph, afraid and feeling insecure. We are trying to find Selhua Village. I don't see anything but plain dirt below.
" Why did God give us a Griffon? Why couldn't he give us something a giant bird?" I said trying to get my mind off how high we are off the ground.
" I don't know, but he said he'd only give us one, so don't kill it." said Joseph obviously trying to think about something else, making it seem like I distracted him on purpose.
" Oh but it looks like a big chicken." said Roy being stupid sitting in the front behind the griffon's neck. "Everything to you is food, isn't it?" Joseph had to ask.
" Guys, I'm afraid!" I said looking down.
" Don't be, we are almost to Selhua where Fexworth and GeoClyde will be waiting for us. Tell her, Roy... nothing to be afraid of a griffon." Joseph looked to him.
" Yea, just think of it as a big chicken. It looks just like one!" Roy said laughing.
Suddenly, my brain felt like it flipped and my heart was racing. The griffon began soaring ninty degrees straight down. Then, it stopped and we flew forward amazingly fast. " GREAT! YOU"VE MADE IT MAD!!" Joseph yelled holding on the griffon's neck.
"Yea Roy, nice job!" I yelled sarcastically. (Lesson 1: Never ride a Griffon with Roy.)

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Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:17 pm
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BlackMoonWhiteSky says...

I put other because I'm working on multiple short stories, novels, and poems right now.
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Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:26 pm
Teufelshund says...

I'm in a bit of a dry spell now, alternating between having far too many projects on my mind and writing nothing at all. I have a few distant plot ideas and poems, but I'm mostly just putting thoughts on paper right now.
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Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:53 pm
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Crysi says...


I'm working on an outline for my NaNovel (you can never start too early). The working title is Convictions. Here's the first draft of my summary:

Keith Manors has one hell of a lot to deal with. As an atheist, when demons begin to terrorize him, he immediately seeks mental help. But when the demons follow him to the psych ward and he sees he's not the only one affected, he's open-minded enough to realize something very major is going on. The victims increase in both number and aggression, and Keith sees only one way to stop the invasion: someone must outsmart the demons, and it most likely will be him. One phrase rings truer than ever as he searches for the key: Ignorance is Bliss.
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Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:45 am
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SteviexOctopus says...

I picked novel because I've been working on a novel forever... but have been feeling the epic failness of never finishing one in all this time... plus I have have issues with beginnings and writing things out of order - which is a major problem. =] But I have a deadline... I have to finish this novel by NaNoWriMo so I can write the sequel, or whatever brilliant plot bunnies that come to me, without feeling guilty or too attached. *sits back in chair watching the tiny pin point of my deadline slowly coming closer - drinks soda and goes back to ignoring it*

I still have plenty of time. *turns on House*
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Tue Jul 14, 2009 12:23 pm
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afeefah says...

I picked novel. I am writing at the moment but I have no idea where it's going. My characters are controlling me! *Screams and runs away* *Comes back and starts writing frantically* :D

Afeefah :D
I am who I am. I wouldn't be me if I wasn't. :wink:

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Tue Jul 14, 2009 12:48 pm
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GryphonFledgling says...

Novel. I'm actually working on the in-between stages of two NaNo novels: editing last year's and planning this year's. I is uber exciteded!

I am reminded of the babe by you.

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Tue Jul 14, 2009 5:50 pm
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Aina says...

I am preparing to write a novel so I took that.

The first thing I am going to put online! I am so exited!
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Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:00 pm
vox nihili says...

I am writing so many different short stories right now, I can't even remember all of them until I go back and pick up the notebook! I'm really bad about writing a chapter on story A here and then a chapter or two on story B and then start to write story C and then switch back and forth.... I never really finnish anything, but I love writing.

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Tue Jul 14, 2009 10:52 pm
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Chloe says...

Other - not really sure what it fits under. It's just a narrative I suppose. It's basically the content of a poem but without the structure.

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Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:06 am
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Sabine says...

I'm slowly picking away at a novel... thing.

Main character's father has just died. She comes back home to tie up loose ends, and in the middle of the reception after the funeral she walks through a door that had never existed before and lead to a different sort of reality. But by that time she's nearly stopped sleeping and can't tell if she's going crazy.

she befriends a neighbor who had been a friend of her father's only to find out (much later) that this woman is an important person in certain group of people with a certain set of interests, of which her father had always been a member. Those people's interests have a lot to do with her sudden ability to open doors that don't exist into places that don't exist.

'perception and will' based magic.

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Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:28 pm
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TexanWriter says...

Apple juice...
Air filters...
Garage sale tags... Done. Finito! Oh, wait, darn! I should've done this poll after I was finished.
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Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:37 pm
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Yatta! says...

Ah, I'm working on a grocery list.

Dishwashing Detergent
Peanut Butter
Bug repellent
Alcohol swabs
Bruces Baked beans
Chocolate chips
Mouse trap

.......this doesn't really look like a grocery list anymore :/


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Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:13 pm
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Angels-Symphony says...

Working on my second trilogy, the Kingdom Series (until renamed). I'm kind of being lazy with it, though xD

Also some short stories and poems for my writing class.

I don't write grocery lists O_O
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Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:58 pm
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Greyed says...

Just joined this website! Just wanted to say thanks!
As for me, a short story. It was based of lyrics "I'd swim the ocean for you." And it made me think "Which ocean exactly?" [im stupid, i know]
but its about a gorgeous, just totally different lady, that no man can get. Many propose to her, etc. In part of it, i just wanted a man to say "I'd swim the ocean for you." When she asks which one, he says something along the lines of whichever one you want. She says "The one thats too big for you to swim"
i dont know, just very strange and popped into my head. Not much of a story at all, and not planned out much.

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