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Halloween is ...

Halloween is ...

Pat Buchanan
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Fri Nov 17, 2006 6:14 pm
Sharpfur says...

Halloween is an amaizing afair with kids going trick or treating and many people have fun and have good laughs. it is a cool occasion and is NOT satanic in ANY way.
Sharpfur 8)

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Sun Dec 17, 2006 5:18 am
Mr. Everyone says...

Halloween originated as a pagan holiday...!

keep writing guys and =) happy reading (=

=) *wave*

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Thu Mar 27, 2008 4:43 am
casey_kent says...

FUN! weeee! Candies! Lots of candies!
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Tue May 13, 2008 10:42 pm
helpless42 says...

think about it, free candy!

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Thu May 15, 2008 4:37 pm
El-lyncho says...

It's definitely a great time for ideas and fun, but in my opinion overall it's slightly stupid..

It's derived from an age old tradition concerning superstitions, and yet we still do it annualy. Maybe a little fun for the children, but many people who do not participate are often forced by slight fear to participate - e.g elderly people afraid of houses being egged, vandalised.

It also seems to have no real meaning or feel, and is slowly commercialising more and more.

But I never really liked trick or treating.
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Thu May 15, 2008 4:39 pm
October Girl says...

Halloween is on my birthday that's why my username is OCTOBER girl :wink:

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Sat May 17, 2008 4:06 pm
helpless42 says...

go free candy! 8)

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Sun Oct 05, 2008 10:52 am
Reuben A says...

In South-Africa we don't even have Halloween.
So stadig loop ons deur die pers Jakarandas wat val,die bome word kaal Pa staar na die beeld van Botha wat reis op sy perd,Hy wonder was bloed soveel werd.Soveel jare dra hy aan die naam van 'n plek,Soveel jare moet ons nou laat gaan,Is die naam dan so erg,so bitter en sleg?Hoekom gooi jul dit weg?

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Sun Oct 05, 2008 3:06 pm
Carlito says...

I think it's really fun but also really scary.
I'm easily scared and my friends like to make fun of that...epically on halloween :D
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I want to read your work!

Ask me anything. Talk to me about anything. Seriously. My PM box is always open <3

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Sun Oct 05, 2008 4:24 pm
silverSUNLIGHTx says...

I like the candy and costumes. But I hate the scariness of it all.
I'm freaked out very easily.
And I hate how all freakin month long there's nothing on TV but scary movies and ghost shows. I can't watch those or I get night frights.
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Fri Dec 26, 2008 11:59 am
BeckFletch. says...

It's ok. There was an "Other" button. It's no 'all of the above' button but it'll do
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Mon Mar 02, 2009 5:14 am
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LowKey says...

Necropolis SB / Necropolis DT

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Mon Mar 02, 2009 5:55 am
MeadowLark says...

Halloween is my birthday, but that isn't why I love it.

The real meaning of any holiday is forgotten and nowadays it's all about the presents, the candy and the chocolate. Do your research and you'll find out where Halloween came from and what it actually is about. Better yet, I'll post some information on here so you all know:

The festival of Samhain is a celebration of the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture, and is sometimes[6] regarded as the "Celtic New Year".[7] Traditionally, the festival was a time used by the ancient Celtic pagans to take stock of supplies and slaughter livestock for winter stores. The ancient Celts believed that on October 31, now known as Halloween, the boundary between the living and the deceased dissolved, and the dead become dangerous for the living by causing problems such as sickness or damaged crops. The festivals would frequently involve bonfires, into which the bones of slaughtered livestock were thrown. Costumes and masks were also worn at the festivals in an attempt to copy the evil spirits or placate them

On Hallows' eve, the ancient Celts would place a skeleton on their window sill to represent the departed. Originating in Europe, these lanterns were first carved from a turnip or rutabaga. Believing that the head was the most powerful part of the body, containing the spirit and the knowledge, the Celts used the "head" of the vegetable to frighten off any superstitions.[12] Welsh, Irish and British myth are full of legends of the Brazen Head, which may be a folk memory of the widespread ancient Celtic practice of headhunting - the results of which were often nailed to a door lintel or brought to the fireside to speak their wisdom. The name jack-o'-lantern can be traced back to the Irish legend of Stingy Jack,[13] a greedy, gambling, hard-drinking old farmer. He tricked the devil into climbing a tree and trapped him by carving a cross into the tree trunk. In revenge, the devil placed a curse on Jack, condemning him to forever wander the earth at night with the only light he had: a candle inside of a hollowed turnip. The carving of pumpkins is associated with Halloween in North America,[14] where pumpkins were not only readily available but much larger, making them easier to carve than turnips. Many families that celebrate Halloween carve a pumpkin into a frightening or comical face and place it on their doorstep after dark. In America, the tradition of carving pumpkins is known to have preceded the Great Famine period of Irish immigration. The carved pumpkin was originally associated with harvest time in general, in America and did not become specifically associated with Halloween until the mid-to-late 19th century.

The term Halloween is shortened from All Hallows Eve (both "even" and "eve" are abbreviations of "evening," but "Halloween" gets its "n" from "even") as it is the eve of "All Hallows' Day",[10] which is now also known as All Saints' Day. It was a day of religious festivities in various northern European pagan traditions,[11] until Popes Gregory III and Gregory IV moved the old Christian feast of All Saints' Day from May 13 (which had itself been the date of a pagan holiday, the Feast of the Lemures) to November 1. In the 9th century, the Church measured the day as starting at sunset, in accordance with the Florentine calendar. Although All Saints' Day is now considered to occur one day after Halloween, the two holidays were, at that time, celebrated on the same day

The imagery surrounding Halloween is largely an amalgamation of the Halloween season itself, works of Gothic and horror literature, nearly a century of work from American filmmakers and graphic artists,[15] and a rather commercialized take on the dark and mysterious. Halloween imagery tends to involve death, evil, the occult, magic, or mythical monsters. Traditional characters include the Devil, the Grim Reaper, ghosts, ghouls, demons, witches, pumpkin-men, goblins, vampires, werewolves, zombies, mummies, skeletons, black cats, spiders, bats, owls, crows, and vultures.[16]

Particularly in America, symbolism is inspired by classic horror films (which contain fictional figures like Frankenstein's monster and The Mummy), Elements of the autumn season, such as pumpkins, corn husks, and scarecrows, are also prevalent. Homes are often decorated with these types of symbols around Halloween.

The two main colors associated with Halloween are orange and black.[17]

From Wikipedia. I've found this information on many other sites but this one was the easiest for now.

It isn't about the candy and the dressing up. It was about the souls of the departed. About them. It isn't stupid or boring. It's fascinating. This is why I love All Hallow's Eve in all its ways. It has that mysterious and creepy feel about it, but it's above all my favourite holiday. It also doesn't even feel like my birthday.

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Mon Mar 02, 2009 5:57 pm
velvetnight1313 says...

I enjoy dressing up as fictional beings/ characters.

But I don't like it when people dress up as evil things. Creeps me out!

The FREE candy is my favorite part of the holiday though. My parents don't
let me and my siblings have sweets, so on Halloween we all pig out on candy :)
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Thu Oct 22, 2009 9:05 pm
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Young gun says...

I have no Halloween experience.
Too bad we don't live to experinece death

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