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What is your favorite way to procrastinate?

What is your favorite way to procrastinate?

Netflix/TV binge
Good ol' exercise
Listening to music
Chatting with friends
Staring at the screen for hours and wondering, quietly, if the screen stares back
Browsing YWS!
Pat Buchanan
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Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:32 pm
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regismare says...

"... for when you gaze long into the screen. The screen gazes also into you."
-Friedrich Nietzsche
awaiting world war three

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Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:43 am
Pamplemousse says...

Poopsie wrote:league of loogies

When you die, do people hock a loogie on you?
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Sat Mar 11, 2017 3:35 pm
RavenBlack says...

Well usually I play video games but that option wasn't there so I chose the TV show option. Any Quantico fans out there? :?:

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Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:14 pm
Feltrix says...

I was really close to voting browse YWS, but that counts as staring at a screen. I suppose Netflix does, too.
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