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Sun Jun 25, 2023 1:56 am
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Omni says...


Once in a generation, a powerful and ancient artifact called The Grimoire's Eye begins to cry, announcing to the world that it is time to begin the Grimoire's Contest.

What is this contest? Well, hundreds of the world's best soldiers, mages, archers, and warriors come together to compete in The Grand Arena for the chance to win the favor of The Grimoire's Eye. Whoever wins the competition will be granted an audience with the Eye, gazing upon it as it opens. For this victor, they will be granted one wish.

You are a part of the most elite fighters to have entered the competition. You have fought hard to win your way through the dozens of lower competitions and rose through the rank to be, finally, a part of The Grand Arena's main event. You are amongst the last 16 contestants in The Grand Arena's final contest to see who gets that wish. You are closer than ever. You just have to win... right?

How it works

  • First, you Create your character
    • You can create multiple characters! After all, there are 16 contestants
  • Once all characters have been created and the roster is full, a randomizer will be used to create the first brackets.
    • Note: I will try my hardest to make sure characters from the same writers will not face off in the first round of fights. This depends on how many characters you want to include in this roleplay (ie: if you have five, the chances of you fighting yourself is harder to avoid)
  • Before each fight is started, a randomizer will be used to pre-determine the winner.
    • This is the most balanced way to have this roleplay play out. As a writer, there's the tendency to want your character to win, we all have that, but writing knowing your character will lose in the end is just as important as writing knowing your character will win.
  • This process will continue until there is one victor left!

How it Works - The World

The world and the lore of this roleplay is not the focus for this story -- unless we want it to be! The Grand Arena itself is a large floating island resting above the tourist town of Vildavel. While the competition itself is the main draw for warriors, the spectacle brings thousands of people from all around the world to view the competition.

Some of the ways we can include more lore into the story:
  • An exit interview for each of the losers
  • An intermission between brackets by the announcer
  • More worldbuilding around the city, the event, and the world itself

And more! Right now, I'm not planning on including much lore at all into this roleplay. This is only if everyone wants more lore. The theme for this world is high fantasy and steampunk. Magic is in the world, and the goal for this is to not ask too many questions. You can drop in a character from any one of your worlds as long as you can justify it being in a fantasy setting. We'll just say there are a lot of faraway countries that people are coming from.

How it Works - The Fight

  • Each Arena fight has two stages.
  • Stage One:
    • Stage one starts with a much smaller circular arena bisected by a black line. Surrounding the arena is an invisible and impenetrable magical barrier.
    • Each contestant is portaled in to either side of the circle.
    • The goal is to knock your opponent into the barrier three times.
    • Once someone has been knocked into the barrier three times, the fight enters Stage Two.
  • Stage Two:
      The smaller arena collapses and the contestants fall into the larger arena. This arena is tailored by the victor of Stage One.
      • Before the combat, all characters will fill out important questions in their character profiles. Two of these are "One Environment your character excels in" and "One Environment your character struggles in".
      • The stage will be tailored in this way:
      • There is a small circle in the middle of the arena, similar in size to the arena in Stage One.
      • Half of the stage will be an environment the loser of Stage One struggles in.
      • Half of the stage will be an environment the victor of Stage One excels in.
      • The environments will be on the opposite end of where each contestant started Stage One in.
    • The goal of Stage Two is to "kill" your opponent.
      • Every contestant who enters the arena cannot die, due to the powerful magic of the arena. While the goal is to eliminate your opponent, they will revive at the arena's infirmary.
    • In Stage Two, utilize any and all strategy to your character's benefit.

Character Roster

  1. Tunda - Spearmint
  2. Reserved by winterwolf0100
  3. Měi Lián - KocoCoko
  4. Rivanon Lunn - AceassinoftheMoon
  5. Zahira Elmyra - LuminescentAnt
  6. Patriciana (Patina) Aurelius-Faberi - Ventomology
  7. Yirzi Qichosh'teil - WeepingWisteria
  8. Jason Skylar Torres-Bennet - herbalhour
  9. Izaiah C. Townne - herbalhour
  10. Gear - yoshi
  11. Avon S. Harks - APoltergeist
  12. Luxu'dawnon'ohenkeno'scelenoc unta'tie'contare nour'sunadowe - JazzElectrobass
  13. Silver - Avian
  14. Strawberry Shortcake - KateHardy
  15. Lilith Vesper-Elara Bloodrose - Ley
  16. Ozurden - Omni

Character Profile Template

Spoiler! :

Code: Select all
[b]Name: [/b]
[b]Age: [/b]
[b]Pronouns: [/b]

[b]Appearance: [/b]
[b]Personality: [/b]
[b]Brief History: [/b]

[b]Fighting Style: [/b]
[b]Weapon: [/b]
[b]Abilities: [/b]

[b]Strengths: [/b]
[b]Weaknesses: [/b]
[b]An environment you struggle in: [/b]
[b]An environment you excel in: [/b]

[b]Other: [/b]

Current Standings

Hello contestants! Our roster is now full! The Grand Arena has begun!

Here are your current standings!

  • Měi Lián


  • Zahira Elmyra
  • Jason Skylar Torres-Bennet


  • Patriciana (Patina) Aurelius-Faberi
  • Tunda


  • Avon S. Harks
  • Izaiah C. Townne


  • Luxu'dawnon'ohenkeno'scelenoc
  • Gear


  • Lilith Vesper-Elara Bloodrose


  • Silver
  • Ozurden


  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Rivanon Lunn


  • Yirzi Qichosh'teil
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