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Erebus Kingdom

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Thu Nov 18, 2021 5:46 pm
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Haileyg21 says...

A small group of friends who go on an adventure to save their kingdom from the werewolves that have taken over. These friends will face many battles and go through the thick and thin to keep themselves and their friends were safe.

Character Information
Spoiler! :










where they sit on your persons body (their symbol)-

Make your character.

Spoiler! :
Werewolf- Most are against the Erebus kingdom and Will kill on sight the friends in our story.

Elves- The mass majority of people from the Erebus kingdom they are skinny tall people who live with the nature around them and are very skilled with a bow. They are relatively fair skinned and Thin built but are faster in speed then most and are smarter.

Dwarven- Short shout people who are usually found in the underground side of the kingdoms. They love to work with metal and hot places. Many fighter dwarves are found with Big battle axes or giant hammers. They are usually darker skinned and Have darker hair. They are slightly slower than most but have the strength of the legendary Giants of old. Taught from a very young age to take care of themselves and that the giants were their long lost ancestors.

Human- A small group of citizens in the Erebus kingdom. They usually are found fallowing the Elven around helping them with tasks. They Are Relatively basic living people with no real care for doing more. They Usually use magic or swords. They are Fair heighted people with skin/hair tones ranging in every direction. Their distinctive identification marking is usually a light eyed people. Blue, green and Hazel color range for their eyes.

Foren- The term used for A child of Elven and Human parentage, Or a child of Were and Human parentage. These children are unusual looking with dark birthmarks usually over their eyes or mouth that Identify them to the rest of the world. They usually take after their Human parentage in looks but for an elven child they with usually have light toned hair and A thinner frame. While the Were ones will have the ability of their were parent to shift into a wolf or they will have animal ears depending on what generation they are from the crossbreed. Many will have Mitch matching eye colors such as Blue and Dark brown or Hazel and Black.

Vampire- This race is one not often found and don't originate in Erebus. They were once human many generations ago but Witches changed our first vampires and gave them the gift of childbirth so that their race could continue. Either By birth or bitten Vampires roam around most commonly during the night and their looks are usually darker much like the dwarven but they have red eyes that shine brightest in the dark. They like to stay away from the other races and They usually fight with Daggers or small weapons as they aren't really much use.

Witches- Small covens live around the world but the one that lives in Erebus has the small number of only 100 members. Born into their roles many are put in positions where they look over a certain member of their community for their whole lives. Like guards they will fight with their lives for the people they protect. They are usually very good looking people, men and women alike, With a slight glow to them and their very unusual hair colors its easy to spot them. They send What are called guardians to watch over their wards (the people they watch over). All guardians have a animal form.

Guardians- Small creatures who watch over Wards for their masters. Usually small creatures like bunnies and snakes but some are large. The larger the Guardian the more powerful the witch that watches over you is. Some Guardian decide not to show themselves as animals but as small markings on their wards bodies.
All of our characters should have guardians. Unless you don't want them (its Up to you)

Our story takes place in the year 200. Many kingdoms rule and People die often. Our Characters are from the Erebus kingdom and Are trying to save it from the werewolves that are taking over. No matter your characters origins You fight for the Erebus kingdom on the adventure of a life time. Facing dragons, demons and Were's alike they will find the Secrets scrolls of Anubis to save Erebus. With the power of their guardians and their natural abilities. With the werewolves taking over and the War close behind they must find them before time runs out or the end will come.

The kingdom of Erebus has a royal family. The King, Remus, is a Elven man. The Queen, Lydia, Elven too. Lydia's Son Armin and Daughter Lucy. Along with Remus's Eldest son and Heir to the throne Nox. When the kingdom falls Nox escapes and finds Our Characters to help him. But Without telling them his Identity he helps them on his journey. If your character Figures out Nox's identity or not is all in Your hands.

Spoiler! :
Well he'll be a actual character with his information put up to but you get what I mean. His character will be at use of anyone and wont have and particular Post maybe at the very beginning but that's really it. So use his as you please (within reason) And try to work together with others.

Let our journey begin!


1. Haileyg21 - Shade, Nox
2. winterwolf0100 - Synova
3. Soullessginger - Hemera

Spoiler! :
and I would like to make a spot for our 'fallen' comrade PixieStix. May they return in their own time
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Mon Jan 10, 2022 10:48 pm
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Haileyg21 says...


Despite being relatively peaceful, the Erebus kingdom suffered attacks on its borders. The kingdom's biggest threat was the Were's. With their attacks rising on the outside edges drastic measures had to be taken to defend themselves. Remus made sure that his kingdom was protected from the threat as much as he could. He had his oldest son Nox informed of the problem, as he was the heir. With months that passed the summer turned to winter and the battles roared on like the fires of the sun. The king grew worried as the battles killed more of their soilders. Many families lost their loved ones and so the kingdom grew to few.

As Nox stood beside his father waiting for the kingdom's royal soilders to return, a cold breeze brushed along the back of his neck. As the gates opened, five soilders stood. "Your majesty, these are the last soilders we have to defend the outer kingdom. All the others are protecting the city." King Remus sighed looking at his son he spoke, " Nox return to your room pack. Cloths, food and anything that will help you along im sending you to find out strongest fighters. We need them to help our kingdom. You'll leave in the morning". Box turned to his father.

"Father! I should stay and fight! Not just hide away! I'm the heir of this kingdom our people need to see me standing for them not running from the fight! If anything the little ones should go!" His father sighed loudly and turned to the boy.
"Nox my boy.. I must send you. It was your mother last wish that I would keep you safe. Your my heir and with that comes the responsibility to continue fighting even if I cannot be there with you. Now go do as I said I will see you tonight for dinner. Make sure to pack your mothers medallion its very important it cannot be lost. But before you leave I need you to take these" with those words a knight came up to them. The knight kneeled.

"you majesty! Here are the items you've requested!". The knight held out a large box. As the king opened it he spoke in a solem tone. " these belonged to our bravest knights. When you meet the bravest fighters give them to them" the box held colored strips of cloth. A symbol of high status among fighters was these very such strips. They were symbolic each with their own meaning. Six cloths. Red. Blue. Green. Yellow. Purple and White.
Red for the strength they hold. A second in command.
Blue for Cunning. A artist of the sneak.
Yellow for the brains. The strategist.
Green for the hope. The member who hold the hearts of everyone.
Purple for the brave. Heatr of a lion.
And white the color of trust. A member trusts their lives with.

"You will use the five you think fit. The six color will stay and be raised on our flag pole once you have brought the members back". His fathers voice broke. The once strong king felt deep regret that he wouldn't see his oldest son take the throne. He deep down understood that this war would take his life along with many more.
" Father I will take Red. Blue. Purple. White and yellow. Let it be known that if green flies there will be hope for us! I won't let you down father! This kingdom will stand strong! Long live the king!" The guards sang out a loud 'long live the king' from around them. His father closed the small box handing Nox the strips and tying the white one around his left arm.

"Good now go pack dinner will be soon so be ready!" Nox quickly fled through the castle to his room. As he did he called for a few maids. "Lou bring me food for a week and go to the vault and bring me a handful of each coin!. Ries! Bring me two pairs of cloths for myself and a small blanket. Lillian bring me my sword and hood! And my dagger!" The quickly swang open his doors grabbing his pouch, used for hunting normally, and put his mother medallion inside.

Half an hour later the young prince's bag was packed and he stood awaiting the doors to the dinning hall to open. As they swang open his father, mother and siblings sat at the table. "Ah Nox! My boy sit! Sit! Hurry! " his mothers strained voice said. He noticed that the atmosphere of the room seemed happier than he expected. 'ah the haven't told the younger ones' he though as he sat down. His mother, who sat a crossed from him gave him a silent pleading look. With a faked grin he looked at his family. 'If something happens to them ... I can't think of such things!' He mentally cursed at himself. As they ate light conversations broke through the air. "Father did teacher Niki tell you! I finally mastered piano!" Lucy's childlike voice sang. "That's lovely Lucy! You should play something for us one day" the brake in his father voice worried Nox. How could he a child find the bravest fighters of the land? He wouldn't know where to start. Dinner finished and Nox was left to his thoughts.

*Late that night*

The silence of the night hung louder than any explosion. The only people out were a small group of guard patrolling the area. That was until a loud explosion rang through the air. The group of guards quickly ran towards the castle ready to defend the royals.
Nox was awoke when the explosion shook the castle. Had the enemy broke their line? His mind fumbled as he through his self out of bed to dress. His haunting attire was layer out for him so if this situation arose he would be ready. After he was dressed he grabbed his bag and ran to the hidden escape in the kitchen of the castle. His father words rang in his head. The year they spent training him rolled through his thoughts and he sprinted through the escape. At the end was a small hidden hatch just one the outskirts of the town below the castle.

He liked towards it. With wet eyes he cried as he watch everything he once knew slowly burn. His home. His people. His family. A deep burning sensation broke oh his wrist as he watched his home burn. A small star design grew upon his wrist and a voice broke his thoughts.

"Young master we need to leave. Your father has asked a witch to watch over you. I am your gaurdian. Todd is my name but enough talking lets go". A large fox grabbed at Nox dragging him along behind him. A hour later Nox was sitting on the fox as it raced though the forest. " sir tonight we will stay near the village of koru. I will find a suitable place to sleep please stay near here" Todd told Nox setting the numb boy on the ground. Nox slowly nodded but spaced out. Todd's soft steps sounded through his ears as he tried to shake his feelings. 'I'm Nox Erebus first prince of this kingdom. I must stay strong!". His voice came out cracked and broken. After a few.minutes he started to sift through his bag looking for this strip of cloth. White for himself. He hoped that everyone would trust him as he would put his life in theirs. 'I must find them Red. A strong warrior. The color of blood. Blue for the cunning person, A wolf. Yellow for the brains, A Feminine feeling came from the color. And lastly purple the color of the brave, The color reminded him much of a strong man someone who through thick and thin could hold strong.

The wind sent chills up his spine as he felt someone looking at him. Todd had ran off and wasn't back yet so who.. Was this person watching him. In his heart he felt a slight tug to them.

Spoiler! :
(who could it be??? Well you may notice but I have added something, the strips of cloth. One for each of you... I hope you don't mind the rolls I have place on you... Er I know I didn't ask and if anyone thinks their thing should be changed then please tell me. As you can probably tell the characters have small hints at who everyone is. Blood for a vampire. A cunning wolf is shade and so on. Uh if anything seems off please tell me and thanks. Also sorry for any spelling mistakes! I was rushed today!)
Love is love. Just flow with it and all will be happy. Also take a moment to smell the flowers my friends because thats all we need. ~Love your Bisexual Trans friend.

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Thu Jan 20, 2022 4:48 am
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SoullessGinger says...

Meran was exhausted. He had begun his traveling from Mori’Andres the following evening, keeping a brisk pace till he passed the capital. There, his tired eyes had been met with a worrisome sight. The image of the symbol of Erebus’s power going up in flames like some straw-made shack had deeply unnerved him. He had stood for half an hour maybe, contemplating what a breach of the capital would mean for his home. Nothing he came up with calmed his weary mind.

He had no great love of large cities, with their endless noise and grating promise of human interaction, but the capital held a special place in his heart. There, he had learned more about his gift of fire magic, from dusty books and his beloved mentor Rinnigan. A twinge of fear dashed through his body as he remembered that the old man made his home in the capital. He traced his chest where Emi’s tattoo was etched, seeking what little comfort the nervous habit gave him.

After much painful deliberation, he turned from the burning city towards Koru, the nearest village. He would get some rest before journeying home to warn his family of whatever chaos might follow a breach of the capital. He shivered, the cold biting through his well-worn leathers. He journeyed for an hour more, aware he was close to reaching the little town. Meran peered through the trees, straining for a glimpse of some man-made light.

There! A warm glow peeked through the trees far ahead, signaling there was shelter. He sped up, pushing his tired legs to their limit. Somewhere ahead, something rustled. He paused, suddenly on high alert. A muffled voice spoke, and then cracked, as though the speaker was going through some heart wrenching pain. Meran relaxed, his fear turning to curiosity. He walked quietly towards where the rustling had come from. There, sitting in the dirt, back against a tree, was a boy, around the same age as Meran himself. He looked like a wreck. He held multi-colored ribbons in his hands and muttered to himself. Meran couldn’t quite hear.

He walked into the clearing till he was standing next to the boy. “You alright, friend? Looking a bit worse for wear.” He chuckled, studying the boy’s face, “Need any help?”
P.S. Remember to do at least one nice thing for yourself today! I’m glad that you’re alive :)
[call me ell, or ellen, or Soulless, or Ginger, the list goes on]

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Fri Feb 04, 2022 6:38 pm
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winterwolf0100 says...

Synova Sterndust

The squeak of Fidget startled Synova awake, the fruit bat beginning to come awake as the moon rose into the sky outside the cave. Synova jolted up, disoriented for several seconds as she tried to understand what was happening and why Fidget was going crazy. After several seconds, memories flooded back into her brain, and she laid back down against the cave wall, resting her head against it and closing her eyes with a small sigh.

Fidget began to go wild again, diving towards her and flitting around the mouth of the cave like she was trying to get her attention. Synova opened her eyes again, feeling too tired to move but mustering the energy anyway as she stood and crept slowly towards the entrance to the cave. Her short curly hair was frizzy and matted with dirt, and the dirt on her skin made her more closely resemble her mother than her mixed father. As for her clothes, they were so stained she couldn't tell what color they'd been originally, and even in the dim light of the moon, she could see how dirty she looked. She squinted her eyes into the darkness, her sharper vision easing the strain. The cave at the top of a valley, so it was the perfect place to get a few of the forest. That was the reason Synova had chosen it.

Her stomach growled when she spotted a rustle in the trees, likely a rabbit. She was going to have to find something to eat again soon. The more pressing matter though, would be the need to feed. Her fangs began to press into her mouth at the mere thought, and she barely pulled them back in time to stop them from cutting into her own lip. It had been several days since feeding, and at least a full day since eating. She had a small skin of water, but that wasn't going to last much longer either.

"There's nothing there," she whispered to Fidget, who landed on her shoulder then moved her way down Synova's arm. She sighed and extended it, and Fidget swung herself upside-down so she was hanging on it looking outwards. Synova began to move back inside and Fidget chirped again, letting go of her arm and flying in front of her. "There's nothing there!" Synova repeated, "and all your noise is only going to attract something!"

She squeaked indignantly and flew back to the mouth of the cave. Synova followed her in exasperation. "I told you, there's--" the words died in her mouth. Her eyes widened as she finally caught sight of the figures she'd been trying to warn her about. Two wolves, zigzagging through the trees down below like they'd caught onto a scent-- but they were way too far south for it to be just two wolves. "Werewolves," she whispered, then bolted back into the cave and began shoving things furiously into her bag. Why were they this far out from town? They'd made the Erebus Kingdom fall with great satisfaction, but there was no reason for them to be this far out! There were no armies to fight back, no spies ready to ambush them. It would be foolish to send out soldiers this far away from their base! Her mouth dried. It didn't matter why they were here. What really mattered was that she needed to go. Now.

She whispered, "Fidget, we have to go." Fidget chirped and flew out the entrance. They'd have to go around the cave and behind. It would leave both of them exposed for several minutes, and if they were seen, there was nothing either could do, but it was also the only way that might provide some shelter from the werewolves if they managed to go unseen. Synova shouldered her bag and crept out of the cave, crouched. Her eyes scanned the woods below, and she froze. Everything looked peaceful and empty. Where did they go?

A sudden rustle to her left, and she was thrown to the side, the full force of a wolf pinning her to the ground. She struggled and shook back and forth trying to break their hold, but they held on fast, and behind her, a man said, "what do we have here?"

Synova couldn't breathe, a steady thrumming pain in her ribs matching the wolf's heartbeat above her. Her sudden panic was dizzying as the man walked around her and into her field of vision, crouching down next to her. The wolf on top of her began to morph, until she was being pinned down by a young, grinning pale man, the other young man's tanned hand reaching out and stroking her cheek. "Looks like a little scared girl," he murmured. "You know it's not safe to be out in the woods all alone, don't you little girl?"

"Seems like she might be lost," the man above her said. "Not safe for little girls to be out here all on their own. You can get hurt, don't you know?"

Synova stayed silent and still. She couldn't say anything that might offend them or set them off. Suddenly, a smell hit her nose and she inhaled sharply. Blood. Someone was bleeding. She thought through when she'd gotten knocked over. Had one of her arms landed on a branch and gotten scratched? No. No, no, no, no, no. Her fangs began to slide out from instinct and she nearly whined trying to keep them in. In the effort to keep her mouth closed and keep them hidden, she felt them slice into the inside of her lip, and she began to bleed. Despite her efforts to keep the blood inside her mouth, it trickled out and down her chin.

The werewolf on her side tilted his head and murmured, "What happened there, little girl?" Using his thumb, he pulled back her lip and let out a laugh even as the other growled out, "Vampire."

"Such a little one," the one beside her said, "so small and fragile. How long's it been since you fed for your fangs to pop out like that, huh? Well don't worry. That can't stop us from having a little bit of fun," he whispered in her ear, and she squirmed, trying to break the iron grip on her.

"Don't worry," he reassured, "this'll only hurt a lot." He pulled a silver knife out casually, twirling it around his fingers and finally just resting it on her arm, not cutting in. She screamed, the silver burning away at her skin like acid.

"Squirm all you want," the one on top said, "it won't help."

"Maybe we should find a church to do this in," the one with the knife said thoughtfully. "I know it hurts your kind a lot, but in what way, do you think? Do you think it burns? Do you think it freezes? Do you think it'd cancel out this pain, or do you think it'd add to it?"

He moved the knife slowly up and down her arm and Synova sobbed, trying to move away from it. All he did was shush her gently. "The more noise you make, the longer it goes," he advised.

A flurry of movement passed through Synova's peripheral vision, and Fidget dove down, scratching at the werewolf holding her down. He moved his hands away from her to swat at Fidget, and Synova took the chance to grab the knife by the leather handle and shove it into the wolf on top of her. She yanked it out as he fell to the side, and the other snarled, "you bi--"

She stabbed the knife through his throat, and the words gargled in his mouth as blood began spilling out. He fell to the side, dead. Synova was crying, trying to get a hold of her breathing. With her shaky left hand, she reached up and wiped her tears away onto her sleeve, and she threw down the knife held in her right hand. She tried to pull herself to her feet, but staggered. She really needed blood. She looked down at the werewolves, one dead and one on the brink of it. She never drank people's blood... but she couldn't even get up to find something else. Slowly, she crawled over to the dead one and sunk her fangs into his neck.

As soon as she swallowed, she knew something was wrong. She hacked and coughed, spitting it all back up. She didn't have any food in her, but if she had, she'd have thrown it up. It tasted bitter, like a poison just touching her tongue. Synova collapsed to the side dry-heaving, and whispered hoarsely, "Fidget. I need blood."

Fidget flew down next to her, then took off. Fidget was only a fruit bat, not even a foot tall, but even a few mice could work for now. Fidget soon returned with a dead mouse in tow, and Synova drained it in seconds. "More," she croaked, then laid her head back on the ground, resting her eyes. This continued for a half-hour, Fidget bringing mouse after mouse after mouse with the occasional squirrel. Though it wasn't optimal, it did help, and soon she had enough energy to at least stand up, though she still felt weak from dehydration and an empty stomach. A stack of small rodents lay beside where she'd been, and she grimaced before turning away to face Fidget.

"Thanks," she whispered. "You can rest now." Fidget chirped, then swirled in the air and disappeared. She touched on the back of her neck, covered by her hair, the scars where she'd first been bitten. Now, Fidget rested there in the form of two lines connecting the circles and hiding the mark as an ordinary scar.

Synova wasn't sure what she'd done to gain a witch's trust, but she owed everything to her, including Fidget, a guardian who, most of the time, resided on her skin as a mark and occasionally chose to escape in bat form. She tried to push down the pain at even thinking of the witch, because now she was gone too. Everyone was gone now. Erebus had fallen, and there was nothing that Synova could do about it.

She picked up her bag from the ground, leaving the dead bodies where they lay and stumbling around the cave and behind it, heading for the river nearby. She needed to wash all the blood off, and clean her clothes as best she could, and try to get her hair untangled and unmatted before she made it any worse. And then... she didn't know. She'd been in that cave for over a week, since the werewolves had finally taken over the border town she'd been hiding in for several months. She needed to go somewhere not controlled by them-- yet, at least-- and lay low until she could figure out what to do next. But where would that even be?

She reached the river after a half hour of walking slowly, too tired to speed up and reach it faster. She looked around carefully for anyone else. It was the dead of night, and no human or elf or even witch would be able to see in this level of darkness, especially with the trees blocking out the moon. Still, dwarves would be able to, werewolves would be able to, and other vampires could too. After feeling for certain that no one else was anywhere near her, she carefully slid her clothes off and put them in the water, scrubbing them with her hands and trying to get as much of the dirt out as possible. It was a fast-flowing river, which meant it was safe to drink, but it also meant that it was easy to wash things without muddying the water.

She laid the clothes out to dry next and slipped in herself. It wasn't deep, but she wasn't tall, and the water rose to around her shoulders. All she had to do was crouch slightly for it to reach her hair. She didn't have anything to use to wash herself, her hair, or her clothes, but that was the farthest thing from her mind right now. Getting the surface level of dirt off her skin would be good enough for now. She could worry about the rest later.

After several minutes of washing in silence, she was beginning to pull herself out when a sudden spark of light lit up. It had to be a good ways away, but there was no doubt that it was a fire. Which meant people. And she hadn't heard them moving, which meant they knew their way around a forest.

"I think I hear something," she heard a whispered voice say. "That way."

The people moved closer towards her, and in desperation, she took a deep breath and crouched completely in the water, submerging and pushing herself against the bottom. She hoped it was too dark for them to see anything in the water.

"Clothes?" She heard the first voice say faintly, the sound distorted by the water.

"The river," another voice said, then called out, "Who's there? Show yourself!"

She didn't move though, not moving a muscle beneath the water even as her lungs began to burn. Her stomach still hurt from the wolf landing on her, and she felt like something had been at least bruised, if not fractured or cracked.

"There's no one here," the first voice said. "We should get back to the fire before some wild animal finds it."

Yes, please, go back to the fire! Synova begged in her head. She was beginning to feel like she'd burst if she didn't get any oxygen. She heard them move away, and finally moved slowly to the surface, taking in a nearly inaudible breath and trying to keep her movements as quiet as possible.

"You should get out," A voice said from behind her, and she jumped. "The water's freezing, I'm not sure how you can stand it."

She stayed frozen as she watched the other person, an older boy, walk back into view. They'd tricked her. "I can't," she said finally, her voice quiet and meek, watching the boy holding her still soaked clothes. They dripped onto the ground, but at least she could faintly see their colors again.

"You can't get out of the water?" The voice behind her, she was nearly certain it was another boy, asked. "Why not?"

"Well for starters," she whispered, looking between the two of them and keeping the majority of her body under the water where she knew they couldn't see, "I'm naked." She pointed at the boy standing a few feet away. "And he has my clothes."
And when the day shifts to night,
The wild wolf calls to me,
And I am not afraid.
I fear the darkness far more than I fear his claws


Pronouns are oVeRrAtEd (they/he/she)

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Sat Feb 19, 2022 6:39 pm
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Haileyg21 says...


The night sky grew crimson. Flames consumed everything that once stood. Shades eyes welled up with tear for the first time she had cried since she was a baby. Her father held a straight face holding her youngest brother, stood strong next to her.
"sha.... Shad..... SHADE!" her mother belted out at her. Shades eyes shifted from the burning house to her siblings and mother. "Get in the cart. We're leaving" her voice softened as she witnessed shades tear filled eyes. Shades eyes glazed over again before her expression became cold.

Sixteen years of her life were gone. Before she knew it she was alone, abandoned. When shade finally got up Shade knew they would leave her. As they wouldn't wait for the oldest to get herself together. It was dangerous. Shade was dangerous. A half werewolf like her would bring danger to them in this time of war. Shades legs lead he to the woods.

"Timber come" shades tired voice range through the quiet air. A bright green glow came as a large wolf popped out of thin air. "Which way? I trust you take me somewhere safe" the wolf pointed it nose to the left. The forest grew thicker as shade traveled. And the day turned to night. Shades legs began to give as she hear the voices or rather a cry of pain. Shade crept towards the sound smelling a group of werewolves. The loud sound of her heart racing scared her as she crept closer.

'Timber what are they doing?' Shade whispered to her wolven pal. 'One is attacking a small child and the others are around the fire. Shall we take them out?' Timbers Deep voice growled. 'Ill get the werewolves around the fire but keep an eye on the girl. If she can't save herself then help her. Shade quickly took out the werewolves by the fire and regrouped with timber. 'She had a small guardian to save her' shades head dropped as she fell down. Timber ran to catch her. 'Sleep ill find us a place to rest.' Shades world went black as she passed out.

What felt like minutes passed and shade awoke to timber shaking her. 'Wake up. There's people... I feel their Gaurdians. Well observe them and see if they are truly who they seem. Shade nodded tiredly before standing up with a small stumble. She grinned at timber before breaking off into a light jog. The presence of a boy caught her attention as she slowed and got up into a tree.

Below was a boy. His body shook as he cried and let out his bottled emotions. She watched with calculating eyes and smirked when he looked in her direction. Before she could show herself another person walked into the area. Their words were hard to hear but she decided to keep a distance. She followed them for a while before they came soon the girl shade had come a crossed earlier.

The girl hid underwater as the boys approached her. Shades calculating eyes watched intently before timber threw a rock near the boys to distract them. One boy turned before saying, "maybe we should go back to the fire?". With that shade ran away from the group having timber direct her to the nearest village.


Nox spine shivered more as he felt another person. His shivers were cut off when a voice spoke.
"You alright, friend? Looking a bit worse for wear.” A boys voice spoke coming into the light. “Need any help?” Nox turned to the boy quickly. " hello?" Nox questioned. The boy was rather large and burly. His stature held a friendly aura but Nox shifted away. "I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm Meran... What happened to you?"

Nox shifted before saying, " I'm nobody important. But I want you to join me. On a journey. A quest of sorts. The kingdom has been attacked. I've been sent to find people. I sense your one of them. Please join me. Ill explain more after we find The other ones we need". Merans face showed confusion.

He nodded lightly before they sat around the fire. "Since you've joined ill tell you. Call me Fox. Ill be with you and the others along the journey. First thing is we need to find them. As I'm sure you know, by the look on your face, the werewolf kingdom attacked. I'm trusting you with a lot of valuable information. Do you get that you cannot tell anyone outside of our group?" Nox, Fox as of now, spoke in a authoritary voice.

Meran nodded lightly before a small splash was heard. Meran stood before leading Fox over to the sound. "This way. I heard something" Nox said. They looked around the river before nox noticed a small bundle of cloths. "Clothes?" Meran spoke. "The river! Who's there?! Come out!" Merans voice called. Nox smiled slightly getting an idea. He flicked his hand towards Meran and said, "there's no one here. We should get back to the fire before wild animals find it".

He motioned for Meran to walk away slightly and they walked to the other side of the area. As they left a girl popped up. She was shivering and quietly coughing. Meran walked back into view. " you should get out" Meran told her. "The waters freezing I don't know how you can stand it" he said and I dropped her cloths. "I cant" her frail voice spoke.

"you can't get out of the water?" Nox's voice cut through the air. "why not?"

"well for starters," her voice rose to be louder. "I'm naked. And he has my cloths" she pointed at nox. His face shifted in realization before picking up the cloths and analyzing the soaked garments. "Have this" Meran pulled a shirt and pants out of nox's bag. Nox nodded at her as Meran set the cloths down and they turned away.

Twenty five minutes later they were around the fire and talking. Nox filled in the girl, whose name He found was synova, about everything. Not long into filling them in Todd came back.

'Nox I found a village close by.. Tomarrow we can go and see if we can find anyone else.' Nox nodded at Todd. "this is Todd my Guardian. Todd this is synova and Meran." They all sat comfortably around the fire, guards up to the world around them as they tried to get some sleep.

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